View Full Version : New food discoveries

Gina O
07-09-2001, 01:16 PM
As we have all been doing things other than reading the BB lately, I was wanting to know of any recent food discoveries, mainly from restaurants or the grocery store.

One of my latest discoveries is the veggie pizza appetizer from Applebee's. As I am usually not a big fan of this chain, I was quite pleasantly surprised by this wonderful pizza. I have no idea of its "light" qualities, but it sure was tasty and helpful in meeting my meatless goal.

Another "discovery" for me that has been around a while and was a lifesaver on my 3 week business trip is peanut butter Ritz bits sandwiches . They made a great meatless breakfast, lunch or snack, are filling and quite tasty. I realize that some purists in the group would cringe at them, but they worked great for me. :)

Lastly, Special K Red Berries is nearly perfect in my opinion! Very yummy.

So, what else am I missing.... I would never have discovered Pirates Booty without this board! Gina