View Full Version : ISO: vegetarian clayware recipes

07-19-2001, 04:09 PM
hi, all --

one of my more regrettable dust-collecting, storage-space-sucking kitchen items is my terra cotta clayware pot. although i own the little book that williams-sonoma sells, i'm a bit clueless as to where to start, especially since the most glamorous recipes involve meat. and now, innumerable years later, the thing has seen zippo use. :o

does anyone have any favorite meatless recipes that use this gadget, and any tips for its general use? thanks much!


07-19-2001, 05:15 PM
OOOO, I'm interested in this, too. I bought one this summer, and only made one chicken recipe in it, which was a disappointment, I must add. It created a ton of smoke (or was it steam?), and there was a ton of water in the bottom of the clay pot from the chicken. That's when I realized the whole chicken I bought had been injected with some sort of solution "to keep it moist". Well, it sure was moist...swimming in water!

So...I'd be interested in trying it again with a winning recipe!