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04-30-2008, 02:03 PM
Ok so today's the 30th... a little late starting the thread but here goes...

Monday I did BSS4 with Pam - weight work to start my week.... I did yardwork all weekend!!

Yesterday I did Stepboxing - I love the way I feel after this workout. My core feels so tight!:D

Today is probably a FIRM - not sure but want to keep the momentum going.

VERY cool weather this week - in fact we had frost last night:(

We have off on Friday and so I will be spreading mucho much mulch!!!:)

How's everyone else doing this week?

04-30-2008, 03:20 PM
Hi Charisse! Thanks for starting this. I think our old thread fell off the first page. Great workouts! I know I asked you this before, but which Stepboxing DVD do you have? Is it her first one or second one? The second one is longer and has both a vertical and horizontal section.

Hmmm, what have I done this week?? I can probably remember easier if I go backwards. ;) Today was Mindy Myrlea's Energy Action Circuit, yesterday was Tracey's new Circuit Zone, Monday I was doing Stepboxing with you Charisse! Sunday was Angie Miller's Strength and Core Fusion (it's a new one and it's great!) The stepboxing DVD always leaves me sore, which is a good thing! I also did Sharon Twombly's Athletic Step Jam in there somewhere - I think I have my days and workouts mixed up! I need to check in more often!

We had frost last night and the night before, too. I think it's moved your way.

Hi to everyone else! Stop in and say hi!

04-30-2008, 07:57 PM
Hi, ladies!! ((waving enthusiastically))

Joanne, too funny you asked about the Stepboxing. My question, Charisse, is who is the instructor? Sounds like a cool DVD!

Joanne, frost in April. Isn't that bizarre?!? The midwest has had some crazy cold winter weather this spring!!

This week I haven't done much :p Yesterday I did Cathe's Basic Step with the lower body add-on. Today, I gardened for an hour and a half. Tomorrow will bring a new workout, thought I don't know what yet.

Friday, I'm hoping I get a spot in Cathe's August Road Trip. I made sure I had no plans so I could be home at noon when on-line registration starts. I'm a geek ;)

I weighed myself for the first time in a month -- down 5 pounds. And I bought a pair of capris in early March; they were a bit snug, but I kept them. They fit now!! Motivation is easier to maintain when you see those types of rewards :D

Hope everyone is having a great week!

05-01-2008, 09:43 AM
Alleycat, the instructor for the stepboxing is Kelly Coffey-Meyers. I think her website is coffeyfit.com. Wow, how fun to go on the road trip! I hope you get in. I want to hear all th details if you go! You're not a geek :) - I'd love to do it, too. It would be so awesome to workout with Cathe in person. I bet she's even tougher live! Great job with the 5 pounds!! :)

I decided to do an old rotation of Cathe's and picked April 07. It's "intense cardio/heavy lifting/clean eating." I have a feeling the clean eating will be the toughest. :o I started today with Gym Style Legs and the stability ball abs from Butts and Guts. I forget how torturous GL Legs is! Tomorrow is Step Blast.

Hi to everyone else!

05-01-2008, 03:37 PM
Thanks for the instructor's name -- I'll have to check that out (Mother's Day IS coming up :)).

Sadly, the clean eating is what gets me too. I love to bake, and even better, I love to eat what I bake!! Good luck with the rotation. Eager to hear your results!

Working out with Cathe live is SO fun!! I went to the 2005 Road Trip, and had a great time. I didn't know a soul, but still keep in touch with 2 of the women :) Cathe is really petite (maybe 5'1"), and almost shy if you can believe it. She's very personable, but not overwhelming. Cedie was startled when she walked into the one class, as a loud roar erupted followed by a thundering applause. It was funny to see the Cathe Crew react to the enthusiasm of the crowd LOL

05-02-2008, 10:07 AM
Hi all! I've been back this week but didn't spend much time online. Today I am getting my new 'replacement " treadmill. :D:D this was a long haul but precor is finally doing it. they are sending a crew out here to take down the defective one and set up the new one. The electrical shocks I was getting are better with the wiring defect taped, but not gone. so it's replacement time!

In the meantime we had an easy vacation. we did 2 desert type hikes in eastern washington. we did two skis,a snowshoe and a hike in yellowstone. We did not get very good weather. Loads of snow left and plenty of wind. More snow than I would have expected at the end of march and this was end of april. we saw a bunch of deer, elk, bison mostly outside the park. we saw a huge herd of pronghorns and bighorns just inside the park. saw wolf tracks and bear tracks but no actual critters. Lots of winter kills scattered around in the park. It was a very hard winter and winter wasn't near over. we left in a snowstorm! Also sandhill cranes, bluebirds, many hawks and eagles. Our camper heater was rebellious and refused to work but then decided to come back on anyway after making us think the comfort factor was leaving us. we froze up our water system one night too. but no other difficulties.

Since I've been back I did several sessions of treadmill/ elliptical, and KPC but nothing difficult. I need to get back on program. My jeans ( in contrast to stacy's capris) are tight again. sitting and driving plus wine and chocolate does damage, alas.
Glad to hear you've all been sticking with the program. Tell me, is step boxing the same as kickboxing? my vast boxing experience is KPC.

05-02-2008, 01:03 PM
Boy, am I late to the party this week! I typed a post one night then lost it and haven't had time to get back online. Not that there's anything stellar to report!! :cool: I did manage to do CTX Step & Intervals on Wednesday and CTX Kickbox this morning. That's about it. I will get do something tomorrow and I'm committed to getting up Monday morning. There. I said it in writing; I have to do it now!

Valerie -- Yeah on the new treadmill!! Hope this one is less shocking! Sounds like you had a few challenges on your vacation but still had a great time. Wine and chocolate always make me feel better -- especially with heat that's iffy. I can't believe there's still so much snow! I wish I could claim the baggy capris but that's Allison :). Wish it were me, though!

Allison -- Congrats on the 5 pounds! And I totally agree -- it's the clean eating that gets me every time. I like to think that all the exercise (well, usually) would allow me to eat whatever I want. Sadly, I know better. Hope you get a spot on the road trip. That would be too cool!

Joanne -- How are your legs today? I also call GS Legs "the dreaded GS Legs". I've learned the legs are the body part I like to work the least. That rotation looks tough but I'll bet you'll be tickled with the results.

Charrise -- You've done so well this week! Great job. Enjoy your day off today - hope the weather cooperates with you mulchfest!

Have great weekends everyone!!