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12-11-2008, 03:58 PM
I just found a Amana Browning Skillet at a Thrift Store.

How do you use it?

12-11-2008, 04:11 PM
Amana browning skillets are considered vintage cookware. You will find the skillets, and also the browning skillet cookbooks, on e-bay and other sites.

"Amana MW-10 browning skillet made expressly for use in the radarange microwave oven made only by Amana by Corning. 1975."

Instructions-MICROWAVE BROWNING Skillets / Platters
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How to Use the Corning Ware Microwave Browning Skillet, Grill /Platters to GRILL Fry SEAR Saute BAKE Broil.
You have a Corning Ware Browning platter or pan? Baffled as to how to use it? You are SAVED! Read On! A Microwave Browning Skillet or Grill / platter is clearly marked on the underneath side, usually on the handle underside. Do not cook on the platter glazed or grid gray side, ever. There is a drip well on the cooking top of platters to collect juice from food to keep spatter to a minimum.

Of course all Corningware can be used in a microwave, except those marked Rangetoppers, but these are made solely for use in the microwave to brown up your food. The skillet has feet of sorts rather than the flat bottom of the Corning Ware skillet & casserole dishes. 8-inch, 10-inch Browning Skillets were made mid to late '70s. Browning Grills or platters vary in size from 9 x 9-inch, 11 1/2 x 12-inch, 12 x 7 3/8 to 12 x 14. A shallow 6 1/2-inch covered Menu-ette Browner MW-83 and a round 12-inch Pizza Crisper might also be seen on eBay. Corning Ware made these great pieces. Corning also manufactured some for makers of microwaves such as Litton, the Amana Radarange & Sears. These same instructions apply for all of them.

Perfect for cooking without heating the kitchen; Made especially to expand your cooking pleasure by allowing you to use your microwave to Grill ~ Fry ~ Sear ~ Saute ~ Bake ~ Broil; now found in re-sale usually without accompanying Instructions! But your are SAVED!...read on


2. Set the timer and Pre-heat time called for in your receipe. The BROWNING Skillet/Platter temperature is self-limiting and is less than 600 degrees F. which approximates the temperature you use in your conventional oven.

3. REMOVE the BROWNING SKILLET using mitts if heat has transferred to any handles.

4. Use a kitchen fork to place food to be browned or seared in or on your BROWNING Skillet/Platter. If food normally spatters when cooking, use the glass lid or a paper towel to keep the inside of the microwave clean. You will need to turn food over to brown the other side.

Your food will cook in 1/4 the normal time!

12-11-2008, 08:12 PM
Thanks, that's sounds different.

I wonder if I can only use it to warm up soups or stews in the microwave.