View Full Version : Has Anybody Tried Book Swim?

03-10-2009, 11:13 AM
It is an on-line book rental site: http://www.bookswim.com/

I have a coupon for a free month, so I might give it a try. But, I was just curious if anybody had any experiences with them.

The library is just not the place for me....I go through moods and by the time a book I want becomes available I may not want to read it - or I will miss the deadline to return and end up running up late charges (or as I call it my contribution to the local library).

I have tried on-line swapping - like paperbackswap.com, but I have found that the selection of books that I want are few and far between.

So...I thought this might be a happy medium. Has anybody had any luck with other on-line book rental sites?