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05-05-2010, 09:09 AM
Often people will mention that they loved a recipe from the CL bulletin board. When I do a search on Roasted Sweet potato salad with red pepper vinaigrette for example it comes up with many messages containing any of those words....but not the recipe itself. Is there a better way to find the recipe? Thank you.

05-05-2010, 09:18 AM
Use this (http://www.google.com/cse/home?cx=018187912605640363751:piy9ljr98cc)search engine. One of our board members set it up for us.:)


heavy hedonist
05-05-2010, 09:20 AM
It sounds like you're doing a Forum search, when you should be doing a search on the home page of this site. Give the name of the recipe as specifically as you can. sometimes they don't come up as easily because of something as small as a misplced hyphen, though. You might have to try it a couple different ways.
like, broccoli and apple salad. or broccoli-and-apple salad.

heavy hedonist
05-05-2010, 09:24 AM
Use this (http://www.google.com/cse/home?cx=018187912605640363751:piy9ljr98cc)search engine. One of our board members set it up for us.:)


ooh-- excellent!

05-05-2010, 11:01 AM
I use Google advanced search, which is the same as what LMG posted - but requires an extra step. I don't look in the "Hits and Misses" threads, though, as they don't generally contain recipes.

05-05-2010, 11:20 AM
I wish Cooking Light would put Google custom search on their page (a lot of forums do this and there's room for it). I realise, of course, the IT department already has a backlog of things to do.

I keep it handy as a tab, but a lot of new members won't know that the custom search exists.


05-07-2010, 05:00 AM
ooh-- excellent!

Gosh, this is GREAT! I often have the same problems when searching through the Great Food Forum for recipes. Thanks to the member who made it possible.