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11-10-2001, 11:41 AM
I'm throwing a party for two friends of mine. They just got married. One girl is English, the other girl is American. It's a Sat night Dec 1, from 6-9 ish. Husband is being very patient with all the planning but guys, any one know of any English touches I can throw in there? It's not dinner and not hors d'oeuvres, it's some great platters of great food so people will have eaten enough for dinner but not had a big meal.

I've been rec'd plowman's platter (enlgih cheesey biscuit thing) and one girls not a chocolate fan she's thinking raspberry and lemon. I'm thinking a couple of small cakes one choc one raspberyy lemon white cake thing. English girl (I found this out secrectly) isn't terribly fond of tomato stuff like pizza and spaghetti sauce stuff. Though I've been assured they are both so grateful they'll eat anything and don't want me to go to any trouble.

I kind of want to go to some trouble. They are two amazing women.

Any ideas or party touches you can think of would help me tremendously. Thanks!

11-10-2001, 01:58 PM
You should try to track down some flags to use as decorations. You can go with a pub theme: Guiness beer, hard cider, etc. For dessert, you could make a beautiful English trifle. Make sure you have English tea as well as coffee. Of course, I have only been to England once. I hope you get some advice from a native!

11-12-2001, 12:02 PM
Hiya....I spoke with a British friend of mine, and he suggested pork pies, potted shrimps, and a dessert called (I kid you not)Spotted Dick. He says it's a pudding that has currants in it, that's eaten with custard. And you can always go all out and do Roast Beast with Yorkshire Pudding, but I think that's supposed to be a huge undertaking, isn't it? ;-) I asked him to think it over and let me know if he comes up with any more bright ideas, and then I'll pass them along to you.

Susan :cool:

11-12-2001, 12:16 PM
Hiya....I spoke with a British friend of mine, and he suggested pork pies, potted shrimps, and a dessert called (I kid you not)Spotted Dick.

OK I'm still laughing. I think the roast beast would be a bit much but I would love to know any more ideas your pal has. It's amazing th names of some of these, uhm...dishes. I loved the fact that a cheese and biscuit dish was simply entiled plowman's platter.

Thanks Susan, I am really looking forward to hearing any more ideas. I love the pie ideas

Shirley Ekstein
11-12-2001, 12:41 PM
Hi clarksmom. There are several possibilities you could try - fr'instance, a simple pork pie - not the raised sort that uses hot-water pastry, but a simple shortcrust one that can be made, and is all the better for being made, a couple of days in advance (tho' mind you, the raised sort is actually dead easy.) Then maybe Parmesan biscuits? Realise Parmesan doesn't sound very English but it is an old English recipe - we've had certan Italian imports for centuries. (These would go fabulously with your Plowmans - which we spell 'Ploughmans'!) Then if you're being really Brit-buffet-style you must have some sort of Smoked Fish - preferably Smoked Salmon (which can be stretched by making it into a paste, and delicious it is) or Smoked Mackerel, if you can get it, which is equally good made into a paste (both for spreading on crackers or toast or good bread.)
As for sweet things, Spotted Dick is a superb stick-to-your-ribs suet pudding, but would have thought absolutely NOT for a buffet, as it has to be served hot from the pot! But you could maybe do a proper English treacle tart? Or maybe a coffee and walnut cake? Or little jam tarts - or hey! - I know - it's coming up to Christmas, so what about mince pies!!!!!!!!!
Anyway - if you need any recipes for anything here or any other advice I could give do, please, gimme a shout.
Whatever, have fun,
love, Shirley.

11-12-2001, 06:18 PM
Shirley - I love your ideas.

I'm meeting with my girlfriend who is helping me throw this event. I'll let you know what we're doing and pass your ideas along as well.

Thanks so much for all your input. Sounds great! I'll keep you posted, (no pun intended)


11-14-2001, 09:34 AM
Hey, y'all...my friend (his last name is Chadwick--so British--I love it!) also suggested Scotch eggs...what the heck are those and how in the world do you make them??? I'd be inclined to forget the eggs and just drink the Scotch. Then I'd *really* start giggling about Spotted Dick! :p

Shirley Ekstein
11-14-2001, 12:32 PM
Well. Could tell you about Scotch Eggs - and give you a recipe if you really wanted one - definitely NOT light food.
My husband and I, when we were first married, used to make and eat them with a bottle of cider as a treat on Saturday night. Am glad to say that both our palates and our culinary skills have moved on a bit since then!

(Or should I say our palates and MY culinary skills.)

Yes, I should.

11-14-2001, 12:44 PM
The December issue of Bon Appetit is themed "Christmas around the world" or something like that, and one of the featured meals is a British Christmas dinner. Maybe there would be some good recipe ideas there. I remember a pear trifle that looked really yummy.

I was going to suggest doing a British tea, but then I read that your party is from 6-9, so I guess that wouldn't work. :)

11-14-2001, 01:30 PM
...You could make a haggis.

I mean, the real item, using sheeps' lungs and such (I've got recipes, too, with instructions on how to cook the lungs so that they don't explode all over your kitchen...:eek: )

Then at the appropriate point you could 'pipe the haggis'. Truly impressive.

You could also make a starry-gazey pie...