View Full Version : Substitute for real turkey drippings?

11-19-2001, 01:55 PM
OK - I know this will be frowned upon - but I am getting my turkey pre-cooked from the grocery store. (No time to cook it in the new house with the tiny, awful stove that I'm not even sure yet if it works.) I am making everything else though - including the dressing, which calls for turkey drippings. What do I do without them? Should I add anything else to make up for it? Is There anything I can do with the turkey skin to make up for it once I get the cooked bird?
Any ideas appreciated.

11-19-2001, 02:07 PM
A couple of years ago I just did a turkey breast and had no drippings. I think I just added a little more chicken broth to make up for the missing liquid from the drippings. Everything came out fine.


11-20-2001, 06:16 AM
We grill our turkey and therefore don't get drippings, but I still like to make gravy.

So, I usually buy some wings/necks/giblets from the butcher (very, very cheap) and then saute them (in a regular, not nonstick pan) with a little butter and simmer with store bought chicken broth until it's reduced somewhat. Then strain out the goodies and you've got drippings without all the fat but with the flavor.

11-20-2001, 08:10 AM
Thanks dmcgreevey. I will try that.