View Full Version : Attention Austin Alton Fans!

06-10-2002, 08:22 AM
(From the BookPeople site)The celebrated star of the Food Network's hit show Good Eats, ALTON BROWN, presents his new cookbook I'M ONLY HERE FOR THE FOOD

BookPeople, Tuesday June 11th- 7pm


I am so there :D

06-10-2002, 08:36 AM
As someone who made it through the Atlanta visit to Borders, be sure to get there early. You might call the bookstore to see if they have seating for how many people. Some places evidently are letting people sign up for the seated area...some places are first-come/first-served.

Have fun...and think of a question before you get there!!! He'll try to answer anyone who has an arm in the air. I was sitting about 10 feet away from him and couldn't think of anything to ask so just enjoyed the other questions and all his answers. VERY entertaining!! Have a great time!!

06-10-2002, 10:56 AM
Cool! I'm going to try to be there. Melinda -- if I go, I'll let you know so we can say hi.