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08-01-2002, 07:12 AM
First of all - shame on you people for posting on the very long July thread when it is now August! ;)

SusanR - it took Mason 5 months to learn to roll over, at least on purpose. You have quick learners!

Shelley - oof on getting up 16 times that one night! I hope things are better now. We ordered out pizza that same night you did. And I hear that Marisa had ordered out pizza the night before that. Us gourmet cooks here!

Marisa - do you have any Prozac around your house? If Amanda gets fussy, maybe you could give some to her.

baby playing in computer cords - gotta go!

08-01-2002, 07:42 AM
OK, I put Mason down for a nap. He woke up at 7am, then fell asleep while I was nursing him (yay - I clipped his nails!) and slept until 8, and then he was acting tired at 9:30. Sleepy kid today.

I like the idea of the Valentines day cruise, too. Do they have any 4 day cruises at that time? Now, girls, since we were talking about baby #2, you guys know that you have to wait until after our cruise to get working on that one! Or maybe you could bring home a 'little souvenir'. ;)

I thought I had more I wanted to add, but my poor mind has gone blank...:rolleyes:

08-01-2002, 08:36 AM
Originally posted by beacooker
He woke up at 7am, then fell asleep while I was nursing him (yay - I clipped his nails!)

wow - you can clip the nails while you nurse? you ARE talented! :p

amanda woke at 3am because the sprinklers went off and the pump is outside her room :o it used to go off at 5am, and then she'd be up for the day :( we have GOT to come up with a solution because either our grass will die, or I will die from sleep deprivation. on a better note, she slept in until 8:15am. we went to my mom's neighborhood pool this morning and she had a blast!

susan, brenden really IS a quick learner! geez, at this rate he'll be walking at 5 months or something! and good thing for not letting up on kyle. maybe he is afraid of getting his blood drawn :rolleyes:

yes, i will admit that we ordered pizza the other night. we get it about 1x per month, which is all i will allow. ;) DH could probably eat it every night! although he is really grateful and happy that i plan all these 'fancy' meals each night!

ok cruise update. valentines weekend is good timing, but the rate was actually the highest at that time (it was just that disney happened to be cheaper than rc). when i say "high", i mean about $1050 for a family of 3. the other dates were about $965. keep in mind there are still additional costs on top of that (tips - about $10/day/person, and i'm still trying to find out if they want that full amount for babies too), plus the babysitting costs, drinks (alcohol), anything you want to do on shore, and probably something else i'm forgetting. disney has a special nice restaurant only for adults. i was thinking we could go to that one night and put the kids in the babysitting and have a nice quiet meal together! but that is like another $10pp. so you can see that even though the cruise is pretty much all-inclusive, there are still other costs involved. oh, and pictures - they take pictures all the time on the cruise, but they can be very pricey to buy - like $25 for one 8x10.

i also heard that may is a good time to go, just before school gets out, but after easter. i'll see what i can find out. the weather in jan/feb is really awesome - not cold at all. well, maybe me and shelley will think it's cold - it should be in the upper 70s or low 80s ;)

about the 4 night cruises: the problem with most of those is that they sail monday through friday. so essentially if you're looking to minimize the # of days you miss work, you might as well just go for a 7 night cruise, because you will still miss the whole work week. some 4 nights go thursday to monday, but they go to key west and cozumel only. this 3 night disney (or rc) goes to nassau and to their private island. if you like beaches, this is a REALLY nice place. we went to rc's private island twice and LOVED it. it was the best part of the trip.

so there are a lot of +'s to disney, but i feel like it is sort of pricey and i don't know y'all's tolerance for mickey mouse. on one hand, i think it could be cute and fun; but maybe it is enough to make someone else crazy! :eek:

let me know what you think. anna, what have you found out?!?! :D

marisa :)

08-01-2002, 08:37 AM
Hey, thank goodness for August, if only to start a new thread. Part I was a good idea, Anne!:p I have always trimmed Truman's nails while he's awake, just hanging out playing. It's not as easy as it used to be but I want him to get used to the idea that we have to do it regularly. My theory is that when he's old enough to understand, it'll be easier because he'll hold still. It takes way longer than it should since he wiggles about right now. We'll see. :rolleyes:

MrsReber, glad to hear you got out of the house. I'm sure that makes all the difference in the world some days. Also glad to hear you're keeping on DH's case about the insurance. Are you feeling better? I have managed to catch what Tru has so am not feeling quite as perky as usual. Oh well, it'll go away soon.

Marisa, that woman is crazy, feeding her kids that crap! You were far more polite than I would have been, that's for sure! :D You need to join that play group just to give us more stories!!:p The time frame for the cruise sounds great for us. I think the 3-4 day is better for us than the 7-day. Also, I too wonder if it'll be warm enough to swim. Not that we have to, of course, I'm just curious.

Krista, I hope the birthday party is fun. Is it going to be a big crowd?

SusanD, I hope the house situation is going well. Hang in there...the end justifies the means.

Tru and I found a garage sale this morning and hit the jackpot with books! We found a couple of toys but no clothing. :( I'm going to set the books out to bake in this hot sun and then go at them with the Lysol. I can't believe how much a new book, even the small square cardboard ones, cost these days. It's SUCH a ripoff!!:mad:

Marisa, have you tried rollerblading with Amanda yet? I've given up taking Truman for awhile. It gets really hot early in the morning now and I still have to fight him to wear his helmet. I just go before Dave leaves for work because it's so much easier. I haven't given up on taking him, though. It's really a great way for us both to get out and enjoy the day.

Tru can now climb up the one step from the family room to the kitchen. I'm sure you guys know where I'm talking about. You probably have my house memorized because I've inundated you with pictures! :o

08-01-2002, 08:42 AM
Originally posted by beacooker
Now, girls, since we were talking about baby #2, you guys know that you have to wait until after our cruise to get working on that one! Or maybe you could bring home a 'little souvenir'. ;)

I thought I had more I wanted to add, but my poor mind has gone blank...:rolleyes:

Now who's punch today? Eh?

08-01-2002, 08:51 AM
Emma's taking a quick snooze here in my lap so I can finally catch up. Hooray! We're getting ready to go make the icing for The Cake Mix Doctor's caramel cake. We're having another couple over for dinner tonight and they have a 15 month old. Our big experiment is going to be getting the girls to bed before dinner. Wish us luck.


I cut Emma's nails whenever all the cuts she's made on my face and arm start to sting. It's an ordeal, but I've gotten used to it. I never do it while she's sleeping because I'm too scared to wake her. Oddly enough, our biggest battle these days (besides sleep) is diapers. Emma is so wiggly and she constantly rolls over on her stomach or tries to crawl away. Do any of your kids do this?


Sounds like you and Tru made out like bandits at the garage sale. I love it when I can get used books at a low price. I collect those Southern Living Annual Cookbooks and am always looking for those at tag sales. We also have a Goodwill near my house where some friends and I poke around for baby bargains. Some days are better than others. One day I found an Escada sweater for 6 bucks.


Here's what I've done this morning. NOTHING. I've been too busy trying to vacuum and clean. I'm still very partial to Disney, even if we have to pay a little more. It's just hard to go wrong with Disney and I've never heard anything bad about their cruises.

Also, I'm glad to hear the weather in February is nice. That really sounds like something to look forward too.

Todd is actually kind of excited about this cruise thing too :).

Gotta cut this short. Time to go make the icing. No one has responded to my post in "The Cake Doctor" thread so I'm curious to see how this stuff turns out.

08-01-2002, 08:51 AM
Originally posted by claire797

Now who's punch today? Eh?

It must be that bottle of wine that I drank last night...just kidding - I had a glass, and felt a bit tipsy. :rolleyes:

Mason is STILL napping!

Marisa, how about running your sprinklers (at least the zone outside Amanda's room) late in the evening instead? We run ours at about 10pm. She may still wake up, but at least you will still be up so she won't be waking you up!

08-01-2002, 08:54 AM
One day I found an Escada sweater for 6 bucks

I guess I'm not as hip as I thought I was. What is Escada? :confused:

08-01-2002, 09:01 AM
anne, thanks for the advice on the sprinklers. i didn't think about the evening like that. i'll tell evan and see what he thinks. at this point, he's already up to researching what a new 'quieter' pump would cost, or how to move the pump away from her room!!!!

the other pro about disney is that the ship is very new, maybe only 2-3 years old. on the other short cruises, the lines usually put in their oldest ships and save the new ones for the long and more expensive cruises.

i found a message board www.disboards.com and am reading all kinds of interesting information. i think may will have nice, warm weather, but at that point, we're getting into the rain-every-afternoon season, and plus, it's too far away!!!!!! maybe today i will call the cruise agent who is handling my family's october trip under the premise of asking her some question about that...and then i'll ask her about pricing for disney.... :cool:

oh, and DH files amanda's nails when she is nursing before bed, or if we are sitting quietly on the couch reading books. usually, it is a 2-person operation....

marisa :)

ps anna, amanda did the same squirming/flippig thing while trying to change diapers. it is VERY VERY VERY frustrating. try to make funny sounds or funny faces, or give her a small toy to play with. anything to distract her from flipping over. there were times i had to put amanda on the floor and actually hold her down with one leg and then somehow contort myself to get her diaper on! now how's that for a mental picture!?! :eek: but now she is really good and holds still while i change her, so i guess it was just a phase. have fun with your company tonight!

08-01-2002, 09:08 AM
Anna, I forgot to say that Tru is in the squirmy while being diapered phase right now as well. Marisa's tips are basically what I use, leg included!!:D I do have a CD that Tru likes that I whip out once a day or so....he just lays quiet with a big smile on his face. Tru is one month and two days younger than Emma so this would make sense that they share this new phase.

Marisa, (and Anna :p ) thanks again for doing this research. I too, think the Disney sounds worth the extra money.

08-01-2002, 09:10 AM
ok, if you read this thread, i think it will convince you that disney is the way to go:


marisa :)

ps disney also has some of the largest staterooms around (even the lowest, cheapest category is nice). they also have bathtubs, while the other lines only have showers unless you book the super suite rooms.

you can see the rooms, sample menus, and other stuff at disneycruise.com

08-01-2002, 09:40 AM
Yay! I stayed home from work today! :D Jared and I have big plans: get new tires on the car, do more laundry, pay the bills, etc. But I'm so happy to be at home with my boy today! He slept for 12 hours last night and is in a great mood this morning.

Anne, I think there will be about 20 people here for the party. Damon started inviting the neighbors. :confused: Not that I don't like the neighbors, but it's just a little strange.

Oh, and Disney is fine with me. February sounds good, too.

Anna, Jared rolls over all the time while I'm changing him. I use the same tricks as Marisa and Shelley. Although I haven't used my leg yet. I find that he's less likely to try and bolt if I change him on the dresser where I have his changing pad set up. I think he realizes that it's a long way down. Whenever I change him on the bed or the floor, we really have problems.

I had pizza on Sunday night with the neighbors. Does that count? ;)

I'll check in later,

08-01-2002, 09:44 AM
our pizza night was sunday also, so my guess is that it does count! :D

have a nice time at home today! sounds like you have a lot to do!

for amanda's bday, we ordered an ice cream cake and had her picture printed on it. it's a cool thing where they actually use some kind of printer with fruit-juice ink and they print onto a thin sheet of sugar paper. it was a cool cake for her (she liked seeing herself on it, but we felt bad when it was time to cut the cake!), and they put little palm trees on it so it would match her 'tropical' theme.

gosh, i can't believe jared is 1 already. time really does fly!

20 people is a lot, but it sounds fun. i think i would have killed evan if he started inviting the neighbors. we had enough people, and i think we had 13!

marisa :)

08-01-2002, 09:56 AM
ICK. I'm having major BB problems at work today. Does not bode well for the Coffee Klatch tomorrow.

Mariel is terrible about squirming when he diaper is being changed. I have to forcefully hold her down sometimes. She's strong too.

SusanR, that's amazing that Brendan has rolled over already.

I clip Mariel's nails while she's awake. She likes to watch. I used to have to do Ginger's when she was sleeping. Just more evidence that every child is different.


08-01-2002, 11:30 AM
Mason is terrible about getting his diaper changed. I've actually had to put his diaper on him when he was on his tummy, crawling away from me. :rolleyes: I haven't tried the leg trick yet - good idea Marisa!

oh, I guess I have to start clipping Mason's nails while he is awake! Thanks for the advice.

08-01-2002, 11:43 AM
Oh, I forgot to mention this earlier.

On Tuesday Mariel wore a dress w/o bloomers to school. About 11 am her teacher noticed her opening the cabinet where the diaper trash can is...trying to throw her wet diaper away.

Yes, she'd decided she didn't want to wear a wet diaper anymore so she took it off and went to throw it away.


08-01-2002, 11:44 AM
Thanks for all the tips on diaper changing. It sounds like we're in the same boat. I've found the only thing that sort of helps is turning on the ceiling fan. Emma's fascinated with ceiling fans.


I haven't been on that Disney board today, but I'll take a look at that thread. I'm all for Disney and February sounds good. Things are slowly coming together on this :). Can't wait! Also, I love your idea of the picture cake. I was set on making an Elmo cake because I want the cake to be homemade, but a bakery cake with her picture on it would be adorable!!! I may look into that. Heck. I have to make 2 cakes anyway. so maybe I'll do both.


Sorry you're having BB problems. What's the Coffee Klatch?


Your party sounds like fun! I was going to have a big party, but I changed my mind at the last minute and decided to stick with family this year. Glad you get to stay home today.


Glad to hear you had a glass of wine last night. What kind? Sorry I'm so nosey, but I love to talk about wine. We're going to have some tonight but all I know is it will be red.


Escada is a ridiculously expensive designer/couture brand -- not that I wear lots of designer clothes. My wardrobe as of late is old failed dot.com t-shirts with baby spit up on them. Today, I am wearing an old maternity shirt. Still, I appreciate finding a $100 sweater (maybe more) for $6.00.

08-01-2002, 11:51 AM
Originally posted by claire797

Sorry you're having BB problems. What's the Coffee Klatch?

It was Peggy C.s idea. Just a thread about plans for the weekend, etc. to help get through another slow, boring friday at work. Although anyone is welcome, doesn't matter if your job is being a SAHM of SAHW or you're off for the day.

I managed to get two linux machines to work None of the Windows machines (including mine) can access the BB (netscape or explorer). I finally got the CL site open, but still no BB. Hopefully it's more lightening problems that can be reset.


08-01-2002, 12:20 PM
leigh, sounds like you need evan to come to the rescue to fix your computers at work!!!! ;) sorry you're having problems with access today. that can be SO frustrating! too funny about mariel and the diapers. sounds like you'll have an easy time with potty training.

anna, amanda loves ceiling fans also! too funny! you sound like such a wine connoisseur (sp?) i just like manischewitz and arbor mist :o oh, i do like an inexpensive riesling and piesporter that i can't think of the name right now.

i got some pricing today from a couple of places, and it looks like the 6th of feb will be cheaper than the 13th. apparently, valentines day sends them into holiday-pricing-mode :rolleyes: i will post more details once i've collected all my data! but i have found a few prices for under $1000. anna, feel free to check prices as well. (so far i've called my old standbys best price cruises, buycruises, as well as dreams unlimited and directly through disney's website). the prices vary based on how good of a discounter your cruise agent is. the more volume they sell, the cheaper their prices, usually.

i didn't know if you want a standard inside room, or an oceanview, or even one with a private verandah, so i just got prices on all of them. looks like an oceanview will cost about an extra $300, and the verandah will cost almost $700 more than the inside room. evan and i will probably choose the inside room because i'd rather spend $300 doing other things.

ok, i'd better go. it's sunny out and amanda just fell asleep (i think), so what the heck am i doing inside?!?!?! :confused: :D

marisa :)

08-01-2002, 06:56 PM
Ok here's a link to my first attempt at an online photo album. I hope it works Pictures of Ginger & Mariel (http://photos.yahoo.com/bc/lgmhall/lst?.dir=/July+2002&.view=t)

There's also a picture of our new kitten.

Odd thing about the comptuers at work. It's only the windows machines. Linux machines work fine, mine at home works fine. It's not a CL server problem cause if it was it wouldn't work anywhere. It's our network. ICK.


08-01-2002, 07:03 PM
Leigh, what cute pictures! I love the one of hide and seek with Ginger's arm hanging out. I'm envious of your big backyard. ;)

08-01-2002, 07:04 PM
leigh, thanks for posting those picks. wow - ginger looks a lot 'older' than i had pictured her! mariel is very cute. and that little kitten...how sweet!

hope you're all having a nice evening. amanda had a really rough time going to sleep. hope she stays asleep all night.

on a sort of sad note, my grandma has to have more surgery tomorrow. she hasn't been eating at all (no appetite) and has been losing 3+ lbs a week (and she is already thin and frail). so they have to put a feeding tube in tomorrow. she will be moving in with my mom for 1 month as well, since it's not safe for her to be alone anymore. she is afraid of giving up her independence, but she knows it's for the best, so they're just calling moving in with my mom a 'trial'. i don't think this is very good news. while the tube will keep her hydrated and give her nutrients, i don't think it says much for her overall health and future. i thought planning that family cruise for her bday in october would give her something to look forward to, but now i'm not so sure. :(

anyhow, please think good thoughts for her!

sorry to end on such sad thoughts.
marisa :)

ps, on a good note, i did find the best disney rates yet. i'll inform you more tomorrow.

08-01-2002, 07:10 PM

I'm so sorry to hear about your grandmother. I'll keep you and her in my prayers.

Our yard is the reason we bought this house. A very flat lot with a large private back yard. We built a swingset last summer and fixed up the grill. Of course, now it's just too hot to be out there much. Well, the kitten is sweet until he decides to pounce on your bare feet!

Ginger starts Pre-K this month. She's a very precicous 4 1/2.


08-01-2002, 07:18 PM
Marisa, sorry to hear about your grandma. It seems like a lot of us have been dealing with this lately. I'll keep your family in my thoughts and prayers.

Oh, and thanks for posting on the pg thread. I didn't want to be the only one!


08-01-2002, 07:18 PM
Oh Marisa, I'm sorry. It sounds like a very scary time for you right now. Geez, you and Evan need a break!! :( I will certainly keep your grandma in my prayers.

On a lighter note I told Dave we're cruising Disney in February and he said, "Cool!" :)

Leigh, excellent job! Well worth the effort....your girls are precious! I'm not sure what my favorite picture is but the hide and seek was great. I'm with Krista, the backyard looks really great.

08-02-2002, 05:35 AM
Happy Birthday Jared!

hope you have a great day, krista! congratulations to you and damon!! can you believe it's been a year?!?!?!?!

good luck getting ready for the party!

marisa :)

08-02-2002, 05:41 AM
Happy Birthday to Jared, Happy Birthday to Jared. Happy Birthday Dear Jared, Happy Birthday to Jared.

Hope your party goes great, Krista!

08-02-2002, 05:51 AM
Happy 1st Birthday Jared!!


Wow, one already. Where did the time go!?!? Hope the party goes well.


08-02-2002, 06:41 AM

Great minds think alike! :D We're all logging on to wish Jared a great day. Krista, I hope your day goes well, too! :p

08-02-2002, 06:46 AM
Funny thing this morning.

Mariel LOVES to brush her own teeth because then she's just like big sister. Really, she chews on a toothbrush that the baby gum cleanser on it.

Anyways, this morning she had to stand on the stool in the bathroom with Ginger and brush her teeth at the same time. Well, Ginger has to rise and spit. Mariel would 'brush' a little, then 'spit', then 'brush', then 'spit'. It was adorable, so I thought I'd share.

Network problems are gone today too!


08-02-2002, 10:34 AM
Hi, I'm expecting my first one on September 29th. I mainly post on Pregnancy Thread, but thought just drop by and say "hi!".

I got a great advice from Krista, Marisa, Anne and Leigh about baby shopping. It's nice to be able to ask you experienced moms about my concerns. This is better than those ref. books.;)

Seems like there are so much going on this thread....wish I had enough time to read ALL of them. Hopefully in a few months, I'd be able to join the club!

Marisa, sorry to hear about your grandma. I'll keep her and your families in prayers.

Happy birthday, Jared!!! BTW, that's a great name!

Okay, back to lurking....(and working.

:p )

08-02-2002, 12:04 PM
I am really having a hard time keeping up with things today. It's been a busy morning.

Leigh. Holy Cow! Your backyard is HUGE. Todd would kill for a backyard like that. Muriel and Ginger are so cute :). Looks like Muriel and Emma both like cabinets.

Marisa. Sorry to hear about your grandmother. I'll say a prayer for you. It sounds like moving in with your mom is the best plan though, even if it will be hard for her to give up that independence. It sounds like your grandmother is going to be just fine. She just needs some extra care before making the big lifestyle change. Are she and your mother extremely close?

Also, sorry Amanda had a rough time going to sleep last night. Emma did too -- she cried for about 10 minutes :( but is bright eyed and bushy-tailed today.

Krista. Good luck with the party and Happy Birthday to Jared! Could you take some pictures and scan them for us?

08-02-2002, 12:42 PM
Originally posted by claire797
Emma did too -- she cried for about 10 minutes :( but is bright eyed and bushy-tailed today.

not to one-up you, but we put amanda down last night and she cried for at least 15 minutes. so we got her and read some stories and tried again. same thing. by the third time, i just decided to nurse her again, which ended up working. she is getting that tooth though, so i'm sure that has something to do with it.

she also woke up at 1am and 4:30am. so anna, it sounds like i'm on your schedule today!

oh yeah, and no nap so far, either. it's 2:35pm now, and i'm exhausted.

leigh, i guess i knew ginger was 4 1/2, but i just imagined her as more of a baby. :o oh, and i agree - great backyard!

nori, hi! and welcome! :) feel free to post or lurk whenever. (yeah, like you need permission to lurk!!!!! :D )

well, my grandma went in for her surgery around noon. she is very upset about it, but i tried to give her comforting words and tell her it's for the best, etc. no word yet from the hospital, so i'll assume all is going well so far.

hope y'all are having a nice afternoon! i wish amanda would nap so i could go out and catch some rays!
marisa :)

08-02-2002, 12:46 PM
BTW, it's Mariel, not Muriel. Not intended to embarrase or offend anyone.

Mariel likes to get in the cabinet, close the door, then open it and say "boo". Ginger loved cabinets too! Much more fun than all those expensive toys.

Yes, we do enjoy the back yard.:D


Molli - pop quiz -- How old is Jared?:D *just teasing*

08-02-2002, 01:54 PM
1 year !

08-02-2002, 02:01 PM
And how many teeth does he have? :D

*Adding this since I had to close out real quick due to office invaders :rolleyes::

Thanks for the birthday wishes, everyone. Anna, I know I have been so bad about pictures, but I don't know how to post them to the internet and Damon is a slacker. I promise to post some more soon. I'll stop cooking dinner as a ransom until he updates the site.

Hi, Nori! Join in anytime.

Marisa, I hope your grandma is doing well.

08-02-2002, 02:12 PM
Oh, we are harrassing our lurkers now, are we? ;) What does Molli get for getting it right?

Anna, my wine the other night (and last night, and I will finish tonight) was Placido Pinot Grigio. And gee, it sounds like you and I dress just alike. I wore a maternity shirt yesterday.

Leigh, I love the story of Mariel throwing her own diaper away! Now she just has to learn how to put a new diaper on, and then who needs toilet training? :p

I went to the playgroup this morning. It was ok, but I don't think I will go back, mainly because all of the women live a long way from me. Today it took me 35 minutes to get there, and this lady lived closer than the rest of them do. The lady did say that their organization (Mothers and More) is looking for someone to start up a chapter in my area, because they get a lot of calls from women asking about it. Who knows, maybe I'll start a chapter. Anyway, the playgroup was ok, but I don't know. They said that playgroup had been going for a year now (most of the babies were about 18 mos), but it didn't feel like the women had really known each other very long. They didn't seem to have much to say to each other. Mason seemed to enjoy watching everyone play, and he and another baby his age each sucked on one end of a string of beads together, so he made a friend. ;) There was a 9 month old baby there who was not the least bit shy, and she tried sitting on both Mason and the other baby his age. It was pretty cute. Mason didn't know what to think about that. I think he was trying to be polite about it, but he didn't like it too much.

OK, off to do some swimsuit shopping!

08-02-2002, 02:15 PM
Originally posted by beacooker
OK, off to do some swimsuit shopping!

You're one brave woman! I hope you find something cute!

08-02-2002, 02:27 PM
You're one brave woman! I hope you find something cute!

That's what I was thinking!!

Hey to Molli and Nori!

Question for you guys: Poor Tru has a dandy of a cold with a nasty, dry cough and is not eating too well. He's barely eating and when he does, the only thing that seems to go down is the nasty, Gerber stuff. No offense to people who use it instead of making their own baby food but I think there's an odd smell to the Gerber dinners. The fruits and veggies smell and taste great, though. So, besides yogurt, what have you guys been able to get your youngsters to eat? Tru isn't even finishing his bottles. :(

08-02-2002, 03:02 PM
Originally posted by sherrieklein

Question for you guys: Poor Tru has a dandy of a cold with a nasty, dry cough and is not eating too well. He's barely eating and when he does, the only thing that seems to go down is the nasty, Gerber stuff. No offense to people who use it instead of making their own baby food but I think there's an odd smell to the Gerber dinners. The fruits and veggies smell and taste great, though. So, besides yogurt, what have you guys been able to get your youngsters to eat? Tru isn't even finishing his bottles. :(

Who are you and what have you done with Shelley?!? :)

Poor, Tru. I hope he feels better soon. About the food: Jared gobbles up tiny shredded pieces of chicken. Maybe Tru would, too. I buy the pre-cooked chickens from the grocery and shred them up. Have you tried tofu or beans? We haven't done tofu, but Jared eats beans a few times a week.

Take care,

08-02-2002, 04:07 PM
I was wondering why Sherri Klein had an opinion about me and my swimsuit, then I realized it was just Shelley going incognito again!

Poor Tru! I don't have any advice about the food, unfortunately. Poor baby though!

I shopped for my bathing suit the chicken way - I shopped online. And I didn't even spend too long at it (I'm already done!). I just found one that looked ok, and ordered it. We'll see how I like it when it gets here. See, I really am not a shopper. Actually, I hate to shop!

08-02-2002, 07:24 PM
Thanks for the feedback. You guys crack me up. I totally forgot about using Dave's laptop and getting logged on as Sherrie and didn't realize it until tonight. :p

Krista, Tru used to be a good eater and normally eats beans three or four times a week as well. He turned his nose up at tofu, although I gave it to him this week for the first time. Not exactly the best time to try it. :rolleyes: Tonight he wouldn't even eat Gerber. It was Cheerios and a bottle. :( The exciting part of the evening was that Tru finally ate a Cheerio on his own. I know that sounds dorky but in the past he was just content to bang the circles together and let us feed him. I was upstairs messing with the vaporizer but Dave videoed the whole thing. Who says you can't have fun staying in on a Friday night?!

Anne, where did you buy your swimsuit on line? Just curious. I think you're even more daring to do it that way. I have to try on a thousand before I find one that's decent. I haven't purchased a new swimsuit for about two years. I wonder if there are any left on sale at the mall. Maybe it IS time for me to go shopping for new clothes. :cool:

Krista, check your email, girl!! :D

08-02-2002, 07:49 PM
Just popping in real quick and I can tell you where I buy my swimsuits online LOL!

Lands End has a great selection of swimsuits and they have a suit to fit every body type. In fact, I'm going to have to go there and order one to wear until I can get into my pre-pregnancy tankini. Normally I wouldn't have to worry about it, but that is one drawback to living in Hawaii (if you can call it that), a swimsuit is a must.

Off to get some things done before Ellie wakes up from her nap. Bonus time for me, DH took Mallory and went to get himself a haircut.

08-02-2002, 08:11 PM
Originally posted by BosunsWife
Lands End has a great selection of swimsuits and they have a suit to fit every body type. In fact, I'm going to have to go there and order one to wear until I can get into my pre-pregnancy tankini.

Exactly where I ordered my suit. Then I also found a tankini on sale at Eddie Bauer, and I'm considering also ordering that one, and then I can decide which one to keep. The stupid issue is that right now I still have breastfeeding boobs, but I don't know whether or not I will still have them in Feb. So I don't know what size top to order. And if I try on a bathing suit now, the top will look totally different when I'm not bf. But I know it will be impossible to buy a swimsuit in Feb. :rolleyes: :confused: Frustrating.

Shelley, yay to Tru for eating his Cheerio!

Barbara, glad you got some time to yourself this afternoon!

08-03-2002, 09:54 AM
anne, congratulations on your bathingsuit purchase. i desperately need a new suit. and like barbara, it's a necessity to have a suit year-round in florida! i have a few, but i don't like something about all of them. my favorite is my black onepiece. it's the only one i'll wear in public at this point. however, you can't really lay out in a black one piece - it gets toooooo hot!

and i think it's very difficult to buy clothes in that first year after having a baby. your body changes so much. susan, you will get back to regular clothes soon. i hated that 'in between' stage. a year ago i thought i was pretty much back to my old shape (or close to it) and bought a pair of shorts that fit. now they are hanging off of me! i guess i wasn't done shrinking yet! and i don't know what's going to happen to my tops and bras once i'm really done nursing. so frustrating! i just try to buy everythign that is stretchy, so it will fit if i am bigger or smaller.

shelley, yay tru on the cheerios. sounds like he'll be into finger foods in no time now! (that also involves him throwing foods over the side of the highchair too! look out! :eek: :D ) hope he's feeling better. he will eat enough to get his fill. i know sometimes when i'm sick i don't have an appetite either.

well, my grandma had her surgery yesterday, and i think it went ok, but she is in a lot of pain now, and also very depressed. i don't know what will happen next. she is at my aunt's now, and will be at my mom's starting on sunday. they are just taking one day at a time. i hate to see my grandma so sad and in pain, though. please keep the good thoughts coming for her.

on a better note, amanda got another tooth. that makes 16 total - 8 on top, 8 on the bottom. but she is chomping away on her fingers in teh way back of her mouth...and i can't help but thinking that the 2nd molars are coming. i'm beginning to think my child is a freaky-toothy-kid! ;) :p :rolleyes:

well, i think she just woke up from a much-needed nap, so i'd better go get her.

have a good weekend everyone! hope jared's party goes well, krista!

marisa :)

08-03-2002, 12:35 PM
(((Marisa)))) So sorry about your grandmother. It sounds like she has a lot of people who love her, and hopefully that will help her recover in body and spirit.

08-03-2002, 01:35 PM
Okay, I'm assuming this all gets easier, otherwise I don't understand how you all post so much. I can't even keep up to date reading everything. That said, was there ever a verdict regarding separating 2001 moms from 2002 moms? I've got a mixed opinion. It kind of makes more sense to have threads of moms who are more at the same point, but I'm really jealous of the relationship you all have formed! I want to be a part of it! :D

Did all of you manage to nurse? With all of the problems that I've had, Hanne has gotten used to the bottle. She'll nurse for 45 minutes and still take at least 2 ounces of formula. I'm going to try just pumping and feeding her. Has anyone had success with that? Or does milk generally dry up if you aren't nursing at all?

Thanks for your input!

08-03-2002, 02:51 PM
I'm going to post something that all of you might not agree with, but I need some advice.

This time I had plenty of milk and my bf experience started out well. It has rapidly gone downhill. I have had cracked and bleeding nipples for the last couple of weeks. I've tried all methods of healing them to no avail. This morning I told DH "that's it". Its not even enjoyable for me anymore. I dread having her latch on and just about want to cry the entire time. I've tried all different positions to see if that alleviates my pain but it doesn't.

She also is a lazy nurser. It takes her about an hour (or longer) to nurse off both sides (that is what it takes to satisfy her). Needless to say I feel very trapped. Its just about impossible to take her anyplace if I know she will want to nurse because where am I going to go where I can sit for an hour and nurse not to mention entertain and corral a three year old for that amount of time.

This isn't a spur of the moment decision, but something I have thought about for a while. I guess I have to feel good that I nursed her for five weeks.

Anyhow, now that I've vented and gotten it out of my system. What is the best way to supress my milk. I know I am going to go through agony, but will Motrin help? How long will it take for it to dry up?

Her next feeding I'm going to give her a bottle (of expressed milk) and hope it goes well. I have a couple of days worth of milk in the freezer and then we'll go over to formula.

Signing off...

08-03-2002, 03:16 PM
I'm going to post something that all of you might not agree with, but I need some advice

It doesn't matter what we think, you have to do what's best for the whole family. I am SO sorry you are going through this. If it makes you feel any better, I had cracked nipples (with a couple of blisters thrown in for good measure) for over two months. Truman was also a lazy eater and I DID cry at almost every feeding. :( I finally made it six months and then Tru gave ME up :mad: However, I didn't have a three year old to run after so I completely understand about not wanting to continue to bf.

The way I stopped was to give up one feeding every 2-3 days. Unfortunately I'm not sure how to "supress" your milk. Good luck and I hope you get through this quickly!!

Erin, I went back to work part time at 10 weeks, pumped while I was there and bf when I was home. It seemed to work for me although I did see my pumped supply dwindle over a period of time. It got to the point where if I pumped two or three ounces at a sitting I was thrilled. I don't know about not bf and pumping exclusively. Hopefully someone else can chime in on that. My gut instinct tells me that it won't work for long but I was never one with a huge milk supply. I ended up having to supplement with formula. :(

08-03-2002, 04:04 PM
((((((Barbara)))))) S
ounds like you have the same problems I did with Ginger. Including the wanting to cry because of the pain. Yes, it's tough. Especially when you want to breastfeed. BUT, even a little breastfeeding is better than none at all. You tried, that's a good thing. How would you feel if you didn't even try? I know you thought about this a lot before Ellie was born. I just used a pump when I stopped nursing Ginger. I think it took a week for my supply to dry up. I'd try to do it less often than she feeds, or when you feel 'full'

Erin, I don't think you'll be able to pump exclusively. No pump is as effective as a baby. I introduced a bottle at 3 weeks. Went back to work full-time at 7 1/2 weeks. I pumped three times at work (every 4 hours, when she ate). I could get 3-4 ounces each time. Then I would exlusively bf at home, with the exception of occasionally pumping extra for the freezer. When Mariel started to sleep at night I pumped at 10-10:30 for extra milk to send to daycare and so I could sleep w/o a bra!!!!

This worked for 6m, then Mariel started to have ear/nose and nursing problems. She pretty much gave me up at 6m, just like Tru & Shelley. Every woman is different with a pump. My SIL had plenty of milk with both her kids, but could get nothing from a pump.

Gotta go cook for Supper Club.


08-03-2002, 06:47 PM
Originally posted by erinl

Did all of you manage to nurse? With all of the problems that I've had, Hanne has gotten used to the bottle. She'll nurse for 45 minutes and still take at least 2 ounces of formula. I'm going to try just pumping and feeding her. Has anyone had success with that? Or does milk generally dry up if you aren't nursing at all?

Thanks for your input!


Contact your local La Leche League as fast as you can. Our chapter here in Austin has been extremely helpful. You'll get a lot of support and learn more about the benefits of nursing. www.lalecheleague.org should give you the names of contacts in Chicago.

You are a dedicated Mom to do the pumping feeding thing -- but it's tough. It's still pretty early in the game and I think you'll have no problem getting her used to the breast. Feel free to PM me if you want to know any more about La Leche. They're not a bunch of freaky granola-heads :). They are (and you can try out different groups if you don't like the first one) very nice moms who've been in your position and are quite knowledgeable about the challenges and joys of breastfeeding.

Sorry to sound like a brochure.


Just read your post. Hugs to you! Don't give up though. Maybe you could check out La Leche too. Emma was also a lazy nurser when she was little (took her an hour), but now she's like lightening. Don't let the lazy nursing deter you from sitting there and letting her suck. She and you both need that relaxation time. Go with the flow.

As for the cracked nipples, take the Motrin. See if it helps. If you do decide to give her formula, don't feel guilty about it. You konw what's best for you and her and only you can make that decision, but I'd check with La Leche before you give it up. They may have some tips.

I'm going to write more tomorrow, everyone. Emma's ready for bed so I've gotta run.

08-03-2002, 06:57 PM
They're not a bunch of freaky granola-heads

Regarding La Leche League....I went to a meeting too late in the game, meaning after Tru quit nursing, but I want to second Anna's opinion on LLL. I was skeptical, to say the least, about this group but they turned out to be really, really nice. :) I personally didn't get much out of the meeting when I went since they covered a topic I didn't need. However, had I gone earlier when I was having problems I think they would have been a good, supportive group with lots of advice to share.

I don't go to the meetings because they meet during the week when I have to work but again, I think it might be worth at least a visit for those of you having bf problems.

Anna and Anne, check your email!!:D

08-03-2002, 07:05 PM
Erin - I promise you, it does get much, much easier!!! You will eventually feel like a human being again. From my experience and what I've heard from others, it takes somewhere between 6 weeks and 3 months (at least with the first child) before you actually start to feel like your old self again. And my experience with pumping was that after a while, I did not produce as much when I pumped. And I also found that pumping hurt more than nursing did. I had a friend who tried to exclusively pump, but found that her milk started drying up pretty quickly. I'm not sure how common that is though. Have you tried talking to a lactation consultant or the LaLeche League?

As far as splitting up the threads, I think that is probably a decision for the 2002 moms to make. OK, I am technically a 2002 mom, but I am going to grandfather myself into the 2001 thread if we split up, since those are the people I have been with all along. Anyway, I think everyone on this thread would be happy to have everyone stay on this thread, but we can understand if you want to start another one, in which case I am sure we will lurk a lot and probably drive you guys crazy with butting in too much! So if someone wants to start a 2002 mom thread, I don't think anyone here would be offended. Or, stay here and hang out with us. :)

Barbara, you haven't been reading this thread very long if you think any of us would disagree with you about what is best for you and your family! :) I don't have any advice for you, but I hope that Ellie's bottle feeding went well. Had she had a bottle before?

Ok, I wasn't going to mention this because I don't like to put this much thought into stupid people, but there was an incident at my playgroup yesterday that is still bothering me. One of the ladies (it was her first time at the group, too) had a baby the same age as Mason. Well, we were talking about sleep, and I said something about Mason not sleeping through the night yet (but see my story below), and she immediately proceeds to tell me how well Mason has me trained, and that I need to just let him cry at night. :mad: I just kind of said something polite back, and changed the subject. A little bit later, I mentioned something about how Mason cries everytime I leave the room without him. This same lady then said 'Wow, he really does have you trained.' And then explained that I need to just let him cry then, too. Who the heck asked this lady for advice???????

As far as Mason sleeping through the night goes, I started noticing a few nights ago that now when Mason does wake up in the night, he is not really crying, he is really just making the same mild complaining noise that he makes for a minute or two after I put him down for a nap. So I had been considering trying to not go to him, and see what happens. Yesterday morning (before I went to playgroup - the stupid lady had nothing to do with it!), I decided that last night I would wait a few minutes after he started crying/complaining, and see what happens. Sure enough, he woke up at 11 last night, and I let him go, and within 5 minutes he was back asleep! I'm not convinced yet that it will be that easy every night, and at this point I'm not ready to not go to him if he starts a real cry, but at least I have some hope!

Clint comes home tonight - yippee!

08-03-2002, 10:02 PM
I'm not a regular poster, but I can empathize with you experiencing nursing problems. I attempted breastfeeding with my first who is now eighteen months, for two months with no success. I saw about six different lactaction consultants, and went to the LaLeche League. He was just not interested. I was devastated. I fed him through a tubed syringe on my finger for the first three weeks to prevent nipple confusion.

I pumped exclusively for the first six months, so it is possible. That being said, I would not do it again. To maintain an adequate milk supply, I had to pump for 30 to 40 minutes, nine times a day. I had mastitis several times as the pump is not nearly as effective as a baby.

With my next baby (we are about to try again), I hope to breastfeed. But, if we're unsuccessful I'm very OK with formula. The most important is a happy mummy and baby. Food is such a small factor in the scheme of things. I wish all of you success.

08-04-2002, 05:56 AM

I was in a hurry before, but I want to second what Anne said.

No one on this thread has every passed judgement on the decisions another mother has made. We are all here to support each other.


08-04-2002, 02:22 PM
I hope no one took offense at my comment. I never meant to offend.

I know that you guys are very supporting that is why I came here rather than some other places I visit to vent.

My first day was rather painful - I felt like I had two huge rocks on my chest. Not to mention holding Ellie was extremely painful for me. It seems to have gotten a bit better today. The only painful thing so far was prying the nursing pad off my right breast. I had a scab on my nipple and it took the scab off with the nursing pad - OUCH!

She seems to be taking to the bottle (Avent) well as long as it is filled with breastmilk. Unfortunately I don't have a lot of it in the freezer and when its gone, its gone. I tried some formula last night and as long as I burp her frequently, it works okay. She was extremely hungry this morning (3:30am) after sleeping 6 hours and was gulping and taking in quite of bit of air (I can only assume). The formula came back out like a fountain. I'm hoping she isn't going to have a problem with regular formula like Mallory did. We ended up going with soy formula for her. Our medical has a nurse's hotline that I think I will call today for some advice.

Funny thing is I don't feel the immense guilt that I felt with Mallory when I stopped nursing her. I know this decision is best for our entire family. A happy mom is better for all.

08-04-2002, 08:40 PM
Hi, everyone! Well, we survived Jared's first birthday bash. He did remarkably well considering he didn't have a very long afternoon nap. And, so I would stop nagging him, DH even put pictures up on the website. www.technicate.com/jared Well, of course I just checked it and there's no easy way to get back to the home page from the new pictures. Sorry.

Erin, it does get easier. It really does take awhile to feel human again. One thing that really helped me was to continue going back to bed until I felt okay enough to start my day. Sometimes it was noon or one until I thought, "yeah, I can get up and act somewhat normal now." About bf'ing, my milk really dwindled when I started pumping after I returned to work. Within a week it was preety much impossible to pump more than 2 ounces at a time. I agree with everyone else that maybe a lactation nurse or LLL can help. Does your hospital have a bf support group or lactation consultants available? Ours made it available, even after we were discharged. Good luck with whatever you decide.

Barbara, sorry to hear you've had such a hard time. I can't blame you for feeling overwhelmed with a hungry, lazily nursing baby and an active 3 year old! In a book I have it says that to relieve engorgement it might help to take a hot shower. And, even though this will release a little milk, it won't necessarily cause you to continue to produce more. I hope you're feeling better soon.

Anna, how was your date on Friday night?


08-04-2002, 08:49 PM
oh my gosh krista, i can't believe how big jared is since we last saw pictures! he's like a little man! loved all the pics! (but shame on you - i saw that bottle in his crib! :p )

marisa :)

08-04-2002, 08:57 PM
Originally posted by mb
(but shame on you - i saw that bottle in his crib! :p )

Hey- you weren't supposed to notice that! Actually, I had him in his crib while I was in there folding laundry. That picture is from a few months ago, before I started being a bad mom. :) You'll be happy to know that it's been at least a week since he had a bottle in bed. Those jammies don't even fit him anymore! :eek:

08-04-2002, 09:01 PM

He's such a little cutie! I really like how you arranged all the pictures.

By the way, I'm glad you're not one of those moms who won't let their baby eat cake on his birthday.

Is the guy with the mustache your dad?

08-04-2002, 09:45 PM
Originally posted by claire797

He's such a little cutie! I really like how you arranged all the pictures.

By the way, I'm glad you're not one of those moms who won't let their baby eat cake on his birthday.
Glad you liked them! I'll let Damon know.

There was no way Jared would not be eating cake at his birthday party. We had two cakes and my friend insisted that Jared get to dig into his very own cake. He just poked his fingers in the frosting and licked them. Everybody wanted to see him with fistfuls of cake, so Damon cut him a piece to eat. Then my dad isisited that he eat a piece of chocolate frosted cake, too. He was on such a sugar high last night, but we had fun. And you only have one first birthday! :p :D

Originally posted by claire797
Is the guy with the mustache your dad?
No, that's Damon.


Totally joking. :) Yeah, that's my dad.

08-05-2002, 06:28 AM

Wow, he's such a big boy. He looked like he enjoyed 'eating' his birthday cake.

I really like the picture if him sitting in the bowl. That was too funny!


08-05-2002, 07:15 AM
Hi everyone! Geez...THREE PAGES already? You guys need a hobby... ;) Sorry I don't have time to read all the posts so I hope you all will forgive me if miss a thing or two, but I wanted to pop in and say hello. Thanks for all the nice things about our moving...it's going to be a tough month or two, but then I'm a tough girl. :rolleyes: Jay starts his new job today, I'm very excited for him. But it was very hard to see him go yesterday and I was sad most of the day. Still am, it was no fun waking up all by myself this morning. :( On top of that, we weren't scheduled to start showing our house till this coming weekend, but then our realtor called and said that there was a couple who was dying to get into our house and couldn't wait another week. So Jay & I spent most of the weekend scrambling to get everything done for a showing yesterday. Even after he left, I was dusting & vaccuuming every square inch of our house and making sure everything was put away. I had to wake Erin up from her nap (and you all know how fun THAT is) and get her and the dog loaded up in the car to go hang out at the park for an hour while our realtor showed our house. We get back home, and the realtor calls and tells me that they thought it was TOO SMALL! Grrrrrr....they could have read the spec sheet that tells the square footage and how many bedrooms and saved us a whole lot of hassle! I was a little peeved about that one.


Krista, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO JARED!! :) The pictures are adorable! I'm jealous, Erin wouldn't touch her birthday cake. The only picture I have is her making a face at me trying to get her to try it.

Marisa, I am so sorry to hear about your grandmother. Good luck to you, her, and your whole family...I'm sure everything will go well. Oh, and I did get a good laugh at the "why don't you just give your child an artificial stimulant so she'll stay awake through her naptime?" Then...when she has trouble sleeping, you can just mix a martini in her sippy cup, right?

Barbara, you shouldn't feel bad about your nursing situation. Some breastmilk is way better than none at all, and you should feel good about what you have done! Just having 5 weeks' worth, Ellie is way ahead of a lot of other babies (considering most of our mothers didn't bf at all). In the long run, it will be way more important for Ellie to have a happy, relaxed mom. And do I use the word "way" way too much??

Well, back to work. Hi to Leigh, Anne, Anna, Shelley and Susan...and all you lurkers too! :)

08-05-2002, 08:58 PM
my grandma is doing better. thanks for your good thoughts. i think part of the problem was that she was REALLY dehydrated, but she is feeling better. plus, seeing amanda is good medicine, so i try to bring amanda over to visit often. :)

susanD, you will find that selling your house is annoying for several reasons. we sold our house on our own, so we probably encountered many more annoying people than you will have to (because you have a realtor). just keep in mind that you know the house you want when you walk into it...you just know. and same goes for other people. when we were trying to sell ours, people would come through and be like, "oh, i don't like the 2nd floor" (we were in a condo). so we'd say, "well, there is room to install an elevator" (which there was). then they'd say, "oh, but it's too expensive" and we'd say, "we'd negotiate the price to account for an elevator", etc. etc. if it's not the right house for someone, you can't even give it away. don't worry though - the right person will come along, and try to ignore all those 'excuses'. oh, and here's another hint: don't listen when people say, "i love it, don't do anything until you hear from me". that happened to us about 3 times, and the people never called!!! :mad:

barbara, the most important thing is that you are happy and comfortable. nursing is supposed to be a pleasure, and if it's not, then you shouldn't force yourself. i'm sorry you're in so much pain. i hope it's subsided by now...

erin, it will get easier. i promise. i did what krista mentioned - just keep going back to bed until you feel like you can get up. even if that means you don't get out of bed until 1:30pm :eek: and i didn't think one could pump exclusively for an extended period of time. but that's just what i heard. i didn't pump too often, so i can't help you out there. amanda is 14 months now and i still nurse her at night and first thing in the morning.

susanR, hope you're feeling well. haven't heard from you in a while. you're not busy, by any chance, are you?!?! :D :rolleyes: :D

krista, you crack me up! :D

amanda is doing great. some friends invited me and amanda to a kiddie water park on wednesday morning. it's around 9:30, which is getting to be prime nap-time for her. i think i might try to take her anyhow because i think she'd have a great time. we will go in separate cars, just in case, though. oh, and if worse comes to worse, i could always give her some chocolate or soda ;)

have a good night all!
marisa :)

ps amanda started doing the funniest thing today: i asked her where something was, and she didn't know, so she turned her hands up and made this little 'i dunno' gesture! too cute!

08-06-2002, 06:39 AM
SusanD, My brother and SIL are living with my Dad (gone alot) until November when their new house is finished. They sold theirs last week. I hope my SIL survives!!:D :D She says, "Don't get me wrong I love your dad. I really appreciate him letting us live here....BUT" I just laugh. He'd drive me nuts too! At least he tries. Mom would be proud. Good luck selling the house. You'll be with Jay before you know it.

Erin, sleep when the baby sleeps! It does get easier, but you have to give your body time to recover from labor and to adjust to breastfeeding.

Marisa, Glad your grandmother is doing better.

Not much news here. I've been up since 2:30. Flick woke Ginger up and she had to go potty, then she got up 1 hour later and wanted to go potty again. I could never go back to sleep. I got up at 4:30 and did my new pilates video, got dressed and had breakfast. I'm sure I'll be tons of fun this evening. Mariel is finally adjusting to her new class. She even smiled at her teacher this morning. She still didn't want to let go of mommy, but she did smile. Oh, and she's learning her colors. She recognizes white and yellow!

Oh, and Ginger starts Pre-K on Monday! She's so excited I can't help but be proud and happy for her.


08-06-2002, 10:39 AM
Aw, sucks, was I missed? I had a busy weekend. My sister and her family came up from NC. They came by for lunch on Friday then we met up at my brother's house on Saturday and Sunday. Yesterday was busy with the kids. Today we went to the bank yo open Brenden's savings account, then to the grocery store and my friend is supposed to come by real soon with some of her son's old baby clothes for us. Guess I have been kind of busy! But I'm still here! I was lurking yesterday since I had no time to post. I'll have to catch up soon! Gotta run, my friend should be here pretty soon!

08-06-2002, 11:21 AM
Hi Everyone,

I've been lurking too. Not much going on here either. Just the usual park visits, Central Market, try to clean the house and playing with toys.

Leigh, sorry you had to get up so early. I wish I had the will power to force myself to do a Pilates video at 4:00 AM! Wow. I'm impressed. Do you have big plans for this evening? I hope not! If you're like me, you'll run out of gas around 6:00.

Marisa, I didn't even think about the fact that Amanda could be good medicine for your grandmother, but you are so right! What a great point. It's good that your grandmother is close enough so you can take Amanda to see her on a regular basis.

SusanD, reading about your house-selling trials gives me a stomachache. If we were to move anytime soon, we'd be going through the exact same thing. I look at all the stuff we've accumulated in the past 2 years and just try to block out the thought of moving it all. And the cleaning. Yuck. I would definitely have to hire someone to help. It's so hard to even clean the bathroom with Emma around.

Krista, your Dad looks pretty young to be a grandpa -- at least in one of the pictures. You tricked me when you said it was Damon....I believed you for a second. Thanks for remember I had a date :). It was fun. My Dad stayed home with Emma while Todd and I went to Dave and Busters. We ate dinner, played some skeeball, won Emma a wiggling toy pig then headed over to Barnes and Noble for coffee and dessert. Emma was sound asleep when we got home.

There probably won't be any more dates until the week of the 17th when my mother-in-law comes to town. We're kicking off the week by going to a Rush concert in San Antonio. My MIL will stay with Emma at a hotel on the river and Todd and I are going to the concert. Can't wait!

08-06-2002, 12:44 PM
Originally posted by claire797
Leigh, sorry you had to get up so early. I wish I had the will power to force myself to do a Pilates video at 4:00 AM! Wow. I'm impressed. Do you have big plans for this evening? I hope not! If you're like me, you'll run out of gas around 6:00.

OH, it didn't take that long. I already dozed off once about 2pm.:o :o

Well, this is only week 2 of working out so I didn't want to mess up the habit I'm trying to develop. The workout is only 20 minutes. :D


OOO! I have a MIL story.

We're NOT going ot Pigeon Forge TN this month. She gave us a 'firm' date w/o checking with BIL. Well, he can't get off so I re-arranged my work schedule for nothing. We will go see my grandmother, and since she lives near some oulet malls I'll do the shopping I've been putting off because of the trip MIL/FIL want us to go on.
Personally, if it weren't because they wanted us to go there - I would never go. It's just not somewhere I'm interested in going. Made DH talk to her last night :D. He told her to talk to BIL and find several weekends when they could go, then tell us what those dates are and we'd see if we could make any of them. I not we just wouldn't go this year. He's frustrated because they always wait til the last minute to plan something then get upset if we can't make it. I think they are also upset that we can't go Labor Day weekend like we did last year. See, I'm an EVIL DIL because I made plans with my family for us to go somewhere with them Labor Day weekend of this year (with consulting DH). Made the plans about 15 months ago. DH said something about plans being made a year in advance take priority. Droping a hint (I'm sure it was missed) that they shouldn't procrastinate.

They want to take the grandkids to Disney in 2 years and we're already working on that. They aren't happy about us & BIL taking such an active role in that vacation planning either. Well, if it's our family vacation for the year we will have lots of say in what we do and where we stay.


08-06-2002, 12:53 PM
Originally posted by lhall

OH, it didn't take that long. I already dozed off once about 2pm.:o :o

Well, this is only week 2 of working out so I didn't want to mess up the habit I'm trying to develop. The workout is only 20 minutes. :D


My exercise routine is still walking Emma, and lately it's been too hot to do that. I've decided we'll go to the mall today and walk around. I managed to get us a 3:00 sitting at Sear's portrait studio, so now we have an actual reason to go to the mall. For the past few months, I've prided myself on my ability to stay out of the mall. I used to love it, but lately I just find it annoying -- the noise, smells and same old over-priced shops. But alas, Emma must have a 1 year portrait and I have the good old Sears coupons.

08-06-2002, 02:00 PM
Thanks guys! :) It sure is nice to have you all for a little support/understanding. I just keep telling myself that it will all be over by Thanksgiving (I hope! :eek: ). Marisa, DH had actually suggested that we try selling the house ourselves first...I vetoed that idea in a hurry. Guess who would be doing it all? Not much else to report here, Erin had a hard time going to daycare this morning, she cried when I dropped her off. One of the teachers had been on vacation for a month, and the kids were all having a hard time adjusting to her being back. Apparently just about every child that came in and saw her started to cry. So Erin wasn't the only one crying this morning! It was actually kind of funny and I knew they'd have her cheered up in no time. I just felt bad for the teacher because none of the kids wanted anything to do with her.

Leigh, I'm quite impressed! There's no way I could get up at 4:30 and work out. Anytime I'm awake that early I usually lay there in bed and sulk because I'm not asleep. Congratulations to Ginger! And silly you for wanting to keep plans that you made a year ago. :rolleyes:

Anna, if it makes you feel any better, Erin is 15 months old and my exercise routine STILL only consists of walking (and chasing her around). After this whole fiasco is over with, I do plan on signing us up for a health club and actually using it! We'll see. Good luck with the pictures! Erin was in a mood when we went for hers, so they never happened.

Marisa, hooray for Grandma! Glad she's doing better. Have fun at the water park tomorrow!

Well, I suppose I should figure out what to make for dinner tonight. I get kind of lazy about cooking when I'm by myself - but DH made me promise that I would eat real dinners, instead of stuff like popcorn or carrots and dip. I have these chicken sausages in the freezer that I've been wanting to try, maybe I'll do those with some couscous. I bet Erin would love that too. See you all later! :)

08-06-2002, 02:06 PM
Originally posted by SusanD
Anna, if it makes you feel any better, Erin is 15 months old and my exercise routine STILL only consists of walking (and chasing her around).

Well, see. Until last week I didn't have an exercise routine. Except maybe 'power cleaning' once a month!

Joining a club is right out. Even if we had the $$ I could never make it. 20 minute video is doable, not much else is. Oh, I didn't 'get up'. I'd already been up 2 hours.

Susan, I know I'm also terrible because I want to see my family at the holidays too! Oh, and because I don't want to toss the girls in the car and drive them all over town every holiday to make MIL happy and see my family...


08-06-2002, 02:10 PM
Originally posted by claire797
But alas, Emma must have a 1 year portrait and I have the good old Sears coupons.

Oh, Anna that reminds me that I have to take Jared in. Maybe while I'm in Sacramento next week...

Leigh, you are an evil DIL. hee hee. That's exactly what I'd do! Thank goodness we never have to do anything with my MIL.

SusanD and Anna, I think we all have the same exercise routine! I'm such a slacker!

Marisa, have fun tomorrow! That sounds like fun. :)

SusanD, hang in there! I have the same dinner tendencies when Damon is away. I live on cereal and quesadillas.

SusanR, I still haven't opened a savings account for Jared. You're one up on me.

Back to work, :(

08-06-2002, 03:08 PM
We're back from the mall and I'm happy to say that the 1 year picture taking experience was much smoother than the 4 month. Emma smiled and posed like a little model. I guess she was making up for the last time when she cried throughout the whole sitting and we only had 1 picture that was even remotely worth buying. This time, I had a tough time choosing.

08-06-2002, 08:16 PM
*trying to ignore cying baby*

Hi! Not much has happened since my last post. Tonight is Damon's work night, so after dinner he split. I really should be getting ready for vacation, but I figure I still have 2 more nights to pack. :rolleyes:

Does anybody know where Shelley is?

Anna, I'm glad Emma's pictures turned out. Can you post some to your web site?

08-07-2002, 08:59 AM
Hmmmm, it is too hot for me to take Mason out for walks, so my exercise routine consists of doing a power yoga tape a few times a week (ok, a few times a month is probably more accurate), and doing daily ab exercises, because I really really hate this pooch I have. And I woke up at 4:30 this morning and couldn't fall back asleep, and didn't even consider getting up to exercise!

Mason and I just got back from baby story time at our local library. I just found out about it yesterday, and we went today in spite of the fact that it is very rainy today. The story time was fun, they sang songs and read a book. Today there was only 1 other baby there, but apparently it is usually pretty crowded.

My other news - Mason pulled up to standing on our couch yesterday! He was trying to get a kitty. He did it once for me, then Clint came in and he did it again.

OK, my bathing suit just got here, so time to go try it on...:eek:

Oh, I forgot - loved the pictures, Krista. Jared looked so serious about eating that cake. And I liked the one with his butt in the bowl!

08-07-2002, 09:55 AM
Originally posted by beacooker
My other news - Mason pulled up to standing on our couch yesterday! He was trying to get a kitty. He did it once for me, then Clint came in and he did it again.

WOW! So who is going to start betting on when he'll walk for the first time? He's definately a mover!


08-07-2002, 11:43 AM
Krista, it was worth the wait to see the pictures! Thanks for posting and sharing the cutie! I'm with Leigh, I love the one of him sitting in the bowl...that's a framer for sure!

Anne, Mason is a mover and a shaker!! That's really cool about Mason pulling himself up. :cool: Tru just pulled himself up for the first time on our coffee table this past weekend. The story time sounds great. I've been meaning to check that out for the past couple of months now and you've reminded me of that. Thanks! So, how was the bathing suit and what did it look like?

Marisa, glad to hear your grandma is doing better!

Anna, glad to hear your date went well. Also, I'm glad the pictures of Emma turned out! Dave and I have our official first date next Tuesday night. It's not connected with any work party. Well, it is my birthday but it'll be the first time we've had someone watch Truman while we go out to dinner. About time, huh! :o

Leigh, watch out...you're slowly but surely creeping into MrsReber's MIL story territory!;)

It's been a bit busy the last couple of days. Work plus Bunco last night, a meeting at church tonight. My mom is going to come up and watch Tru while I'm at church and Dave's at golf league. My dad is out of town so my mom will stay the night and then she and I can play in the morning since I"m off work. Yippee!! She's a great one to try new recipes out on as well since I don't know of anything she doesn't like. :)

Tru still has his cold but slept through the night last night. I must have been tired because I slept like a rock and didn't wake up the whole night. I usually wake up a couple of times on my own, even if Tru doesn't wake me so that was a terrific night's sleep!

Not too much else to report. I hope the week is going well for all of you. Our weather has turned into WOW! It's 73 degrees, a bit breezy and sunny. The sky is so pretty with big, fluffy white clouds. Marisa, I would prefer it be a bit warmer but this is definitely better than 98 and humid! :p

08-07-2002, 11:45 AM
WOW! GO MASON! that is great that he is already pulling up! i wonder if amanda would have pulled up quicker if she was trying to reach a kitty too... :rolleyes: ;)

this morning we were supposed to go to the waterpark, but like anne, the weather wasn't all that great. instead, we went to a playground instead. amanda had fun. her favorite part was the mulch... :rolleyes: she picked it up, put it down, poured it on herself, gave it to you, carried it from one side of the playground to the other etc. etc. she was quite a mess, but she was having fun! :D

anna, glad the picture taking went well. i haven't taken amanda for any formal pictures. i figure we've taken over 1000 of her on our own, so we don't really need more.

anne, how was the bathingsuit?

oh, and i just wanted to put in my $.02 on an exercise routine: it is too hot for us to go out walking too, so i mostly just get exercise by running after amanda and playing with her. i don't know how elevated my heartrate gets, but it sure is fun. :p

marisa :)

ps any ideas on gifts to get my niece for her birthday next week? she will be 2. last year we sent a savings bond, but DH wants to send a toy this year.

pps ok, embarrassing womanly question: when you started getting your period again, was it regular?

08-07-2002, 11:53 AM
shelley, we must have been typing at the same time. glad to hear tru is sleeping well. he must be started to feel better too. it sounds like you needed some rest also!

sounds like you're having beautiful weather. we have rain today :(

and i agree - leigh watch out for those in-laws! i was thinking the same exact thing as shelley!

have fun on your date night next week! we went out to barnes and noble last night for an hour or so, and my dad stayed with amanda. it was nice to get out, but i was really exhausted before we even left the house...!

marisa :)

ps what is Bunco? :confused:

08-07-2002, 11:57 AM
Originally posted by mb
sounds like you're having beautiful weather. we have rain today :(

and i agree - leigh watch out for those in-laws! i was thinking the same exact thing as shelley!

ps what is Bunco? :confused:

Well, I'm so fed up there's a whole thread for my MIL venting!!! I'm definately in Susan's MIL he!!.

At least at 8am it felt like a nice fall day. Very breezy.

Bunco is a dice game. It's hard to explain than it is to pay. Just a bunch of ladies getting together to eat & gosip once a month.

Now, if I could just keep the %#$#%^@ kitten from wanting to play at 2am I could sleep too!


08-07-2002, 12:01 PM
I can't believe it's Wednesday already. Weeks are just flying by.

Anne, Mason really is pulling up early! I don't think Emma started doing that until she was about 9 months. Of course, now that's all she does. She took a few steps yesterday for Todd, but she's still not really walking. As soon as she realizes she's not holding on to anything, she plops back down. I do wish she would learn to walk because she is getting so heavy. At least I have biceps now!

Marisa, it's hard picking out toys for a 2 year old since all of them say 3 and up. 2 year olds seem too old for baby toys and too young for stuff like viewmasters. What about a cute picture book? Then again, Evan wants to send a toy. Hmmmmmmm.

As for the formal pictures, I know what you mean about having enough pictures already -- but then I get those coupons from Sears and feel I am not doing my motherly duty unless I dress her up and take her in for a formal sitting. Dumb, huh. It's expensive too. The coupon is a set for $12.99, then they get you with a $9.99 sitting fee and charge your $12.00 if you choose to buy another sheet with a different pose. So yesterday I shelled out about $40 and felt kind of guilty about it. Anybody want some wallet-size pictures of Em?

Shelley, sorry about Tru's cold. Poor thing. Emma's is FINALLY over. It lasted 11 days and was at its worse on day 4. She's now back to normal and sleeping her regular 8:00 to 6:30 with two wake-ups.

Emma's about to wake up. Believe it or not, we're going to the mall again today. Guess I jinxed myself by going yesterday. My girlfriend, who has an 8 year old, called this morning and said she wanted to walk -- but in a controlled climate and not this 98 degree West Nile infected heat. So back to the mall we go.

I can't decide what to make for dinner either. I made a week's menu but didn't put anything down for today. Anybody have any suggestions? I may stop at Sam's on the way home from the mall. Hmmmmm. Maybe I'll get Sam's roast chicken.

08-07-2002, 12:05 PM
Originally posted by lhall

Bunco is a dice game. It's hard to explain than it is to pay. Just a bunch of ladies getting together to eat & gosip once a month.

I was wondering too. Sounds fun to me!

08-07-2002, 12:14 PM
Originally posted by claire797
Maybe I'll get Sam's roast chicken.

have you eaten this before? my parents got it a few weeks ago and found it to be just awful. (and honestly, they eat anything :o ) maybe it was just that particular sams, or that particular day. i don't know. but i was glad we didn't get any. and i don't think they'll be getting it again either. they like the costco one though.

i don't think the mall is so bad. but i always go in there for one thing and get sidetracked. yesterday i went to return something at the gap and ended up doing a lot of damage at ann taylor loft. luckily, most of the stuff didn't fit right or didn't look good on, so most of it is going back. (i didn't have the patience to try on with amanda while i was there).

tonight, we are having 'chicken bruschetta'. i think it's from august 2000. basically, it's grilled chicken with some sauteed veggies on top. we never had it before, but it looks good in the picture. we'll probably have it with mashed potatoes. i haven't decided yet. i always plan the menu for the week, and i never leave any day blank! or else we'd be eating chinese food and pizza (evan's favorites :rolleyes: ) all the time.

marisa :)

08-07-2002, 12:14 PM

Playdoh is for children ages 2 and up. Maybe some washable paint, markers, or crayons.

It's slow today so I'll try to explain Bunco.

With a group of 4 players, 2 teams, 3 dice.

You roll the 3 dice for 2's, 3's, 4's, 5's, and 6's. You count each 2, 3, etc rolled per team (not per person) If you roll 3 1's you lose all your points. If you roll 3 of anything else (2,3,4,5,6) it's a 'bunco' and you write that down. First team to 21 for the number you are rolling wins.

We usually have 3 tables, and either winners or losers move to an new table. You also switch partners each time you change tables. We play 2-6 twice. Then add everything up. Total points, buncos, wins (21 only), losses (if your team didn't get 21). You really need groups of 4, but can do it with 'ghosts' and one person rolls twice (as themself and the ghost).

In my group each person puts in 1$. So $12.00 is divided up between. Most Wins. Most Buncos. Most Points. And Least Points gets a consolation prize of $1.00. My SIL's group put in $5.00, others do small gifts.


08-07-2002, 12:43 PM
Originally posted by lhall
Just a bunch of ladies getting together to eat & gosip once a month.

I belong to one of those too, only we call it "book club". Sometimes a few of us will read part of the book and spend about 5 minutes telling everyone else what it was about. DH said we should just be honest and call it wine and gossip club. :rolleyes:

I think I discovered a secret to getting Erin to try new things. Last night I made some chicken sausage and couscous for dinner. She gobbled up the couscous, but didn't want to try the sausage that I had put on her plate. Then I took a piece off of my plate and gave it to her, and she ate it right away! She ended up eating over half a sausage, including the pieces that were on her plate to begin with. I guess as long as mom's eating it, then it must be OK.

Anna, when do we get to see the pictures?

Anne, hooray for Mason! I can't remember how old Erin was - I'd have to consult her baby book - but it does sound like he's ahead of the curve. Good for him!

Leigh, you definitely do not sound happy - combination of no sleep and PIA MIL? Hugs to you!

Marisa, sorry I can't help you much with gift ideas. My nephew just turned 2 and we bought him a little train set and Toy Story 2 video. How about bath toys? Seems like kids can never have too many of those. Oh, and my monthly friend was regular right off the bat. But I went back on the pill as soon as I finished nursing, so I'm sure that helped.

I'm so jealous of all of you and your date nights! However...that will be changing as soon as we're living near the grandparents. Yippeeee!

Shelley, we just got that weather too and it is GLORIOUS! Last night I had every window open just savoring the lack of humidity. Ahhhhh! Glad to hear you got a good night's sleep...doesn't it feel great to wake up in the morning and realize that you've slept all night?

Krista, where are you going on vacation? This isn't the hiking thing, is it? Sorry, you've probably told us about a million times but I seem to have a memory problem these days. :rolleyes:

Whoops...meeting in 15 minutes. Gotta run!

08-07-2002, 01:54 PM
Leigh, sorry you're having such a hard time with MIL. ((Leigh)) My mom plays Bunco, too. They do it a little differently, but it's the same idea.

Marisa, I went back on the pill, too. Sorry, no advice there. Dare I even say it?!? :D Hpoe your weather improves. Sorry you missed the water park.

SusanD, this vacation is to Sacramento (again) for my brother's wedding and then to Carmel/ Big Sur/ Monterey. Sacramento with it's insane heat won't really be a vacation, except for the fact I won't have to go to work everyday! I start my real vacation on the 19th. It'll be so nice! http://www.bigsurcalifornia.org/ My Mt. Whitney trip is September 18-20.

Anne, Mason is a real go getter! He wants to be like all the 2001 babies! :)

Back to work. Ick. Yuck. Eww.

08-07-2002, 06:37 PM
The swimsuit fits great. I really like it. It is a bit small on top, but I think that is a good thing, because I will still be able to use it when I stop bf. And it more pushes my breasts in, rather than my breasts falling out of the suit, which was the problem with my current suits. Since enquiring minds wanna know, here is a link to it. I got the purple. On me, it looks just like it does on the model, except I have bigger breasts, and am a tad skinnier than she is. ;) http://www.landsend.com/cd/fp/prod/0,1467,1_2_1930_7852_39451_30111_5:view=593,00.htm l?sid=4268036798687192860

Shelley, were you terrified Tru was going to fall and bang his face when he pulled up on the coffee table? Mason hasn't tried doing it on our tables (no kitties on them!), but I am dreading that. Glad to hear you and Dave are finally going out on a date! Who is watching Tru?

Marisa, Marisa, Marisa, please go back and read the instructions I gave y'all on the second post on this thread. Are you trying to compete with SusanR? I haven't gotten my period back, so I can't help you.

I want to find a Bunco group! How do you find them? Is there any skill to the game? The way you described it, it sounds like all luck.

We had the Black Bean Lasagna from last year for dinner tonight. It was excellent. Even Clint liked it a lot, which is surprising since it is vegetarian, and he's not a big bean fan. Next time I make it I will use refried black beans instead of whole black beans though. I think that would improve the texture.


08-07-2002, 07:20 PM
anne, glad to hear you enjoyed the black bean lasagna. i've also been eyeing that for a year or 2 since it came out, buti just haven't gotten around to it. we enjoyed our chicken bruschetta tonight. anna, what did you end up doing?

anne & shelley, we have a glass coffee table, so you can imagine how many times i've freaked out over amanda! it's funny though because sometimes she smushes her face down on it, and i take pictures from underneath the table! :p we also have a house full of tile, so you can imagine how many gray hairs i have by now with amanda toddling all over the place. yes, she has bumped her head a few times. and yes, it hurts! :(

krista, congrats to your brother on his wedding. it sounds like you're goign to have a wonderful trip. i'll check out that site soon!

thanks to leigh for the rundown on Bunco. it sounds interesting, but i think i'd have to see it played to get it.

susanD, great trick on getting erin to eat! amanda always wants to eat what i have, even if it's the same thing she has. i guess mine just looks better. :rolleyes:

big step here today in the feeding department: i put some macaroni & cheese (homemade) on amanda's baby fork, and she "fed" herself. she did quite well. i don't know if i trust her with a spoon and a bowl of applesauce yet, but the fork thing went well. she didn't get how to stab the food, so she eagerly handed me the fork for more! :)

ok, yes, i've been avoiding this new 'hot topic'. seriously, evan has been working a lot, so i can be 99% sure that nothing funny is going on that you all would have to know about.... ;) my hormones have been really out of whack since amanda was born, and i guess i'm still not back to normal. and if i really suspected i was pg again, i don't know that i would have asked you all that question. not because i don't trust you or wouldn't want to share that information, but evan and i are pretty secretive about that stuff until we're in the clear... :cool:

ok, so you can all sleep well tonight then. have a good night!
marisa :)

08-08-2002, 10:30 AM
Wow, I need to go back to work so I can keep up with this thread! Leigh, I'm glad you're keeping up the MIL story tradition! We need more evil DIL's in this world! Here's my latest- DH fixed MIL's car a week and a half ago. She said she'd pay him back for the parts (they weren't cheap and he only wanted part of the money back- and he saved her about $200!) She couldn't seem to find her checkbook when she came to pick up the car and we haven't seen or heard from her since. DH is upset that she feels she doesn't need to pay him back. Meanwhile, DH's uncle stops by on Monday with a gift for Brenden. He said that MIL was complaining to him that she can't see her grandchildren! He said he knows her and us well enough to know that she's full of it. He said she has no consideration for other people at all. His girlfriend has been battling cancer for years. She was rushed to the hospital the weekend DH fixed MIL's car and there she was calling him for rides to work!

Other than that, DH is now home sick with a bad sinus infection. He is really sick. I'm running around trying to take care of everyone- went to the store twice for DH yesterday, took the kids out for an hour or so walking so he could get some sleep, cooked dinner for everyone (except myself, of course). Now I'm exhausted!

Anna, how cool that you're going to see Rush! I saw them a bunch of times in my younger, childless days. That should be lots of fun! Ugh, I have to go rescue Brenden. DH is trying to calm him down. He has no patience at all for crying. Hopefully I'll be able to log on again later!

08-08-2002, 01:58 PM
Wow, I need to go back to work so I can keep up with this thread

It is very busy these days. MrsReber, I don't know how you do it! I hope your DH feels better soon, if nothing else so YOU can get some rest. :)

Our Bunco group plays a similar version to what Leigh describes, although more often than not we don't play and end up eating, drinking and gossiping. I'm not sure how one would "find" a Bunco group. I was asked to join but I'm sure you could start your own group. Heck, play Yahtzee or something. :D Anne, there is absolutely NO skill whatsoever to the game which actually annoys me a bit. However, you can easily talk while you're playing so that's a plus.

On me, it looks just like it does on the model, except I have bigger breasts, and am a tad skinnier than she is.
You crack me up, Anne! I LOVE the suit! I've never seen a square neck bathing suit and it looks like you'll be stylin'. :p I wasn't too concerned about Tru hitting his head because I didn't see him do it. Dave called me to come downstairs and look and there was Tru, hanging on for dear life. Dave - He has to have been standing for at least a minute! Shelley - Uh, he probably doesn't know how to get down, honey. :rolleyes: I had to show Tru how to sit and I'm sure I'll have to keep doing that for awhile. As far as our date, our nanny is watching Tru to make up for some time she missed. We're going out right after work and will be home by 7pm.

Krista, your vacation looks very cool! When we all start taking vacations together once a year :D ;) , I'd like to go to Big Sur.
My brother is getting married this month as well! It's kind of neat. He's 40 and getting married for the first time.

Marisa, I didn't even THINK about you getting pregnant! Hee Hee, that was funny, Krista! Great news on Amanda eating from a spoon. Tru just started to eat little pieces of ham and Cheerios on his own so that milestone of Amanda's seems so far away.

My mom watched Tru last night during my meeting and then also this morning while I bladed. That was great for both of us. Too bad she doesn't live closer! She volunteered to have us bring Tru down some weekend night and watch him while we go out to dinner! Sounded good to me!! :)

Tru and I went to the park today with a friend and her 4 year old daughter. The weather was just too incredible not to be outside! Another friend was supposed to join us with her three kids but her youngest came down with chicken pox this am. She said if I wanted to expose Tru to come on down to her house but I think I'm going to pass. What do you guys think of exposing your kids to that? Did you get the vaccine? My friend has done a lot of research (or so she says) and did not have any of her kids vaccinated. She actually has four kids and now all four have had it. (The youngest just turned one.)

08-08-2002, 02:51 PM
Hi everyone. I hope you don't mind if I de-lurk here a minute to ask a quick question. I know many of you lurk on the pregnancy thread, so you probably know me! Anyway, my dilemma is which breast pump to buy. My baby will most likely have to stay in the hospital at least a week, so I will probably have to pump quite a bit, at least at first. I'll be going back to work three days a week after three months and would like to be able to pump at work. The three pumps I have narrowed it down to are the Medela Pump in Style, the Purely Yours (can't remember the brand name) and the Avent Isis. The first two are electric which I think would be the most efficient. However, I've read some really good reviews about the Isis, although that is manual and I would imagine it would be slower, although it is quite a bit cheaper.

If anyone has experience with any of these, I would really appreciate your feedback. Thanks in advance!

Oh, one more question, I know you can double pump with the Medela, but how about the others?

08-08-2002, 03:52 PM
Joanne, of course we know you! :) I used the Isis, and it worked fine while I was just pumping occasionally at home, but when I went back to work after 5 months my milk really diminished. It is not a double pump. It sounds like maybe an electric pump would work best given your situation. I think it would have helped me keep my milk flowing longer. I think Shelley had the Pump In Style, so maybe she can provide input on that. Best of luck to you!

08-08-2002, 04:04 PM
Hi all! Quick post before it's time to start my weekend. I am sooooo excited to see DH tomorrow! :D It's been a busy afternoon, I ordered a pair of pants and a top from J. Jill and found a couple more houses that I want to look at.

Krista, your vacation sounds like fun (despite the heat)! Big Sur/Carmel/Monterey is on my list of "places I really want to go someday". That and the wine country.

Marisa, that's great about Amanda eating with a fork! :D

Susan, your MIL is the queen of all scary MIL's. However, we do appreciate the stories! And I'm sending "Get Well Soon (so your wife can rest)" wishes to Kyle!

Joanne, if you're going back to work, don't waste your time or money on the Isis. It was useless as far as I was concerned. I ended up borrowing SIL's Pump In Style and just bought my own attachments.

Time to go home to my girl! Have a great weekend, everyone!

08-08-2002, 04:08 PM
SusanD, good luck house hunting! Have fun with your DH!

08-08-2002, 06:11 PM
Joanne, I did use the Pump in Style. (Good memory, Krista!!) I liked that pump very much and was glad I not only had an electric pump but a dual one as well. I was done in 15 minutes! So my vote definitely goes to the Pump In Style. And I echo Krista, of COURSE we know who you are.;) Glad we could help.

SusanD, I LOVE J.Jill! That's where I purchase most of my clothes. I always wait for the sales but they're worth it. I like wearing clothes that most other people I know don't have. Gee, does that sound snooty? :o I hope not! Have fun with your DH. ;)

08-08-2002, 06:17 PM
Originally posted by shoyski
Joanne, I did use the Pump in Style. (Good memory, Krista!!) I liked that pump very much and was glad I not only had an electric pump but a dual one as well. I was done in 15 minutes! So my vote definitely goes to the Pump In Style. And I echo Krista, of COURSE we know who you are.;) Glad we could help.

DITTO!!! I borrowed one and used my own parts. I pumped 3X a day at work for 5M and was always done in 15 minutes. You might check and see if you can rent one from the hospital for a month or so before you shell out the money to buy one.

Yes, Tru probably didn't know how to get back down. I used to have to go lay Ginger back down in the crib when she would pull up and couldn't get back down.

Also, about the Chicken Pox. Dad tells me that the Dr told him and mom to expose us to all those things if we could. Many times these illnesses are easier on younger children. That being said, I think Tru is still too young for you to do that. I'd wait until he was at least 1 year. Both Ginger & Mariel had the vaccine. I just decided to get it for Ginger, had to say I wanted it. Since then Georgia has changed their immunization requirements and now all children must have it before starting school. The DR just gave it to Mariel without my asking.

Mariel has had a rough day. She was coughing a lot at school. Naturally, she hasn't coughed once today at home. She also had some loose bowel movements and her bottom is very very red. Poor thing. I think she's got 1" of desitin on her bottom! I hope it gets better soon.

Marisa, I got your message on the cruise, but it doesn't look like we'll be able to make it. I think we're going to have to replace some of the flooring downstairs instead.


08-08-2002, 06:46 PM
Hooray! I finally have time to sit and read this thread. It's been quite a day. Emma has been a bit clingy and I haven't a clue as to why.

SusanD, I want to go to wine country too -- specifically, Sonoma. It'll be awhile though. Maybe when Emma's 5 or something. Right now, I don't think she'd have too much fun.

Joanne, hi. I don't read the pregnancy thread so I don't know you but I'm glad you delurked :). My opinion on your pumping situation is that you should rent a hospital grade electric pump from a local medical supply store. From what I've heard, these are the best! If you're going to be doing heavy duty pumping, you really need a good one -- so either rent one or buy the Medula Pump in Style. I just used the Avent Isis, but I didn't have to do a lot of pumping. For me, the Isis was just fine.

Marisa, you asked what I ended up making for dinner last night. I made a trip to Sam's and bought roast chicken. Tonight we're having Shake & Bake pork chops. I really wanted to cook today, but Emma wouldn't let me. Plus, I just discovered a bunch of ants marching through my kitchen. The rain brought them out of the wall. Now I get to spend $150 on an exterminator tomorrow morning.

Shelley, I hope you take your mom up on her offer to watch Tru. You know me. I'm all for date night :).

Anne, I have nothing to say to you but "HEY KOOL AID!!!!"

Uh oh. Gotta cut this short. Todd's back from his walk with Emma and she's asleep. Bye.

Leigh, tell Mariel that she CAN'T get sick. NO SICK BABIES ALLOWED this week.

08-08-2002, 07:26 PM
Originally posted by claire797
Anne, I have nothing to say to you but "HEY KOOL AID!!!!"

:D Pardon me, but do you have any Grey Poupon?

Krista, have fun at the wedding!

Joanne, I have the Isis pump, but like the others who use it, I don't pump much. If I had to pump more, I would get another pump.

Must go, I told Clint I would not spend all night on the computer tonight!!

08-08-2002, 07:29 PM
Anne, I have nothing to say to you but "HEY KOOL AID!!!!"

Oh my gosh, Anna, I about fell off the couch!:D :D :D

08-08-2002, 08:16 PM
ok, i have finally updated our photo site with new pics of amanda. warning: there are a lot. :rolleyes: http://photos.yahoo.com/bc/marisabower/lst2?.tok=bcpoxHQBuGN5lyiI&.dir=/NEW!+Amanda+at+13+months&.src=ph

joanne, hope all is going well with you. i'd only suggest the isis if you're not going to be pumping a lot. from what it sounds like, you should go with one of the more powerful and expensive ones like the medela. i used the isis, so i'm not of any help, i guess. while you're at the hospital, they have pumps for you to use. and i know you can rent them also.

krista, have a safe trip and have fun at the wedding!

susanD & anna, i'd like to go to napa/sonoma also. funny thing is, we're not big wine drinkers at all. it just looks so beautiful from the pictures i've seen.

leigh, i second anna's requirement: NO SICK BABIES THIS WEEK!

anna, i guess the sam's chicken was good. hmmm. maybe i'll tell my parents to try it again. sorry about your ant situation. living down here 'in the tropics', we have the potential to find all kinds of critters and whatnot. :p

susanD, have a great time with your hubby this weekend! and good luck in your house hunting (and house selling too!!!) i also like the stuff at J.Jill, but i just never can see myself wearing it. i'm never wandering lazily down a beach or hanging out like the models in the catalog. luckily, my 'job' doesn't require that i dress up anyhow. ;)

about the chickenpox: i was just talking about this yesterday with the people i went to the park with!!!! they were saying how the vaccine doesn't necessarily prevent CP in the future, but you'll get a much milder case. i didn't have CP until i was 16. not fun. and if you dont' get it until you're older, it can be dangerous. so i guess i'd like amanda to get the vaccine, and then hope she gets a mild case as a small child.

shelley - too funny about tru not being able to sit down! how did he enjoy the park today? i took amanda to this in-ground fountain downtown, and she did a bit of a reprise of yesterday's mulch festivities. today, she tried to pick up every single leaf or piece of debris she could find & throw it in the garbage. never mind the splashing water and all the kids - she wanted to clean up. very interesting.

susanR, sorry to hear kyle is so sick. gosh, you can't catch a break over there in the reber house! sending get well thoughts and healthy thoughts to all!

ok, no, i am definitely not pregnant. ;) i wasn't really 'regular' before, so i guess i've gone back to that. fun stuff, isn't it?

well, i'd better go. this is a very long post tonight, yet i'm sure i'm forgetting to mention something!
marisa :)

08-08-2002, 10:05 PM
Marisa, those are great pictures! Thanks for posting them.

SusanR, sorry to here that Kyle is sick. You've been having a rough time there lately. I hope things get better soon.

Leigh, I hope that Mariel is feeling better soon.

About the CP: In California kids have to be vaccinated for CP before they start school. Jared hasn't received the vaccination yet, though.

To all of you wanting to visit the wine country- let me know when you're coming. I'll meet you there for lunch! Okay, so it's a 9 hour drive from here, but that's a lot closer that any of you are right now.

Well, I know you won't believe this, but I still haven't packed. :rolleyes: I meant to earlier, but then Damon wanted to go buy some new shoes, so we got sidetracked. What is my problem? I'll be in Tahoe all weekend, but I'll catch up on Sunday or Monday.

Have a good weekend,

08-09-2002, 06:12 AM
Well, Poor Mariel's diaper rash is much better today. She also ate all her breakfast, including an attempt to eat 1/2 a banana at once. She was a little fussy leaving her at school today, but finally let me go w/o crying. She didn't cough at all last night, but was having little fits at daycare. I'll tell her she can't get sick.

SusanR, I hope Kyle is feeling better soon. Sinus infections are no fun at all.

Krista, I don't think they do CP vaccinations until the child is 12M. The Dr will either give it or mention it when Jared goes for his checkup.

Oh, supposedly we would hear by last night "at the latest" if the plans for next weekend were still on. Not a peep from MIL, not that I'm surprised.


08-09-2002, 06:30 AM
Another Chicken Pox Chimer or De-Lurker......LOL.

Of course this is my opinion---but I would NOT suggest purposely exposing kids to any illness. I'm very relaxed about exposing to illneses---but I don't think PURPOSELY doing it is a good idea. Chicken Pox is a dangerous illness that kills children every year---also, some kids end up with quite a few scars. My children went to daycares where tons of other kids got it--but they didn't. So it's an imperfect method anyway.

That said---I was among the non vaccination club. My pediatrician's take on it was--if your kids don't get it by age 7 or 8, we'll do the vaccine then. While I understand (through my own personal research--and I would always suggest that people do their own research) that it is a safe vaccine--my only concern was that they may or may not need to do a booster shot and I wanted to be clearer about that before hand. Then we moved to RI and my 6 year old needed it to start Kindergarten. We got both kids done then. We had no adverse reactions. As far as the Chicken Pox vaccine, I don't think there is a right or wrong choice there---just make it an informed one and you should be fine!


08-09-2002, 08:38 AM
Hi Joanne! I have the Medela Pump in Style. I really love it, but here's how I decided. I could've rented a hospital pump for $50 a month. However, we knew we'd have more than one child and I wasn't sure how many months I'd be pumping. It worked out in the end (as you know, we have the 2 babies now!) so we saved money by buying the Medela for $250. You may be able to find one on ebay, too. I think someone had mentioned that before. Just make sure it's a brand new one or the warranties won't apply. I bought mine at Babies R Us. As a matter of fact, I was just using it so that I'd be a bit more comfortable. I can pump one side in about 5 minutes. The double pump was great for when I went back to work. My supply did diminish after about four months of pumping at work. We got to 7 months of exclusively breastfeeding- and then realizing I was pregnant again!!

Well, DH feels better today. Good thing for him. He was making me crazy yesterday and was starting to make me crazy today. He has to get out of the house!! He went into work late, but he left just as I was putting Casey down for a nap. Brenden was already asleep so I actually have some quiet time! I know it seems odd that I have time to post still. I guess it's a bit easier with the second baby only because you already know what to expect. And besides, I don't think there's any mom on this thread who can say she's gotten used to sleeping for an entire night again! I would bet that we're all still getting up a few times a week. Makes it easier having a second baby so soon after the first. Also, DH has been helping out a lot more lately. I don't question it, I just accept it!

I am thinking I may have to buy a tankini. Lands End sent me a catalog with a bunch of overstock items and one of them was a tankini for $39. Not bad. The only problem is that I don't know what size to buy since I am certainly not my normal size, especially in the chest area. It'd be nice to have a bathing suit, though. I'm afraid if I get a big top, the bottoms will be really big. Decisions, decisions....

I better sign off. The silence here won't last for long!

08-09-2002, 10:17 AM
Well, the Luau was fun. It was hot though, and the kids were all starving by the time the 'party' started. Mariel was fussy, she's had 3 BM's already and they just hurt her poor little bottom so she cries. Once she's changed she's better. She ate her cupcake then fell asleep in her chair! Her teacher said she's just clean her up and put her down for a nap, skipping lunch. I told her that was fine. Mariel still dozes in the AM at school so she really does need the sleep.

I'll try and post some more pictures soon.


08-09-2002, 11:02 AM
UGH! We're going to Tennessee in two weeks. Ick, I wish we weren't.

So, I had Al call his mom today since she didn't call us last night (she specifically said she would).

Well, Yes we are going. BIL will come up Friday - Monday, we're going Thursday - Sunday. MIL says she didn't call because I had talked to SIL. DH says, but not since you came with this plan to go the weekend which was originally planned. DH was right. I talked to SIL Monday, it was Tuesday that this new 'plan' was concocted and we haven't spoken to them since.

Gee, MIL, thanks again for being rude and basically lying! Wish me luck on my family nightmaree...er vacation.


08-09-2002, 12:49 PM
Wow, Leigh, are you sure you're not related to MrsReber? It's kind of freaky how self-centered both your MIL are! Definitely, good luck on your vacation. And I hope Mariel's diaper rash goes away very soon. Tru has his first serious case as well but it seems to be doing better today. It seemed to come out of nowhere!

I took Tru back to the park today since he had so much fun yesterday. We only stayed an hour but he had a great time. I took a few pics of Tru in the swing since yesterday was his first time and Dave hasn't seen that activity yet. There were a lot of fathers and grandfathers hanging with their kids at the park...I'm wondering if this is normal?

Thanks all for the feedback on the chicken pox.

MrsReber, glad Kyle is feeling better.

08-09-2002, 04:34 PM
Oh Marisa, I owe you a big apology! I saw your link to Amanda's new pictures and had to wait a day until I had time to really look at them. :( They are terrific! She is such a cutie and so happy! :) I don't think I can pick a favorite but I laughed at her walking around with the lid in her mouth. What a character! :p

08-10-2002, 12:27 PM
Amanda is as cute as ever. You're such a good photographer. Maybe if you get tired of statistics you could look into photography. I haven't seen one bad picture of Amanda.

Sorry you've got such a rotten MIL. My MIL is coming next Friday and will be with us for a week. Thankfully, she is great! My issues are with by own parents. I'm kind of peeved at them right now for not being able to come to Emma's birthday party on the same day.
I have to throw 2 separate parties -- one for grandad and step grandma and one for grandmom and step grandpa. MIL will attend both -- all the while reveling at how immature her daughter in laws parents are. Oh well.

Buy a tankini! I hate bathing buyin bathing suits but I finally found one tankini and have been wearing it for years. It's great.

We're having a nice, slow Saturday. Right now Todd is on the floor trying to adjust Emma's new FORWARD FACING carseat with Emma in it. She's not too happy with the situation, but I think she'll like it once we put it in the actual car.

We ended up buying the Century Next Step.

Anyway. Gotta run. We're going to take a ride in the new carseat to Toys R Us to buy birthday presents.

08-11-2002, 07:53 AM
Susan R-

I just bought a Lands End tankini---and I love it! They were very popular, so if you want one, order soon--the color choices are getting few and far between. My first 3 choices were out!

Kristi---back to lurking---officially.

08-11-2002, 08:17 AM
Well, Mariel ended up with a terrible yeast infection. It us much much better today, and hopefully will be all gone by Monday. Otherwise she hasn't been sick.

We went out to eat last night, then to the pool. Mariel fell and scratched up her forehead and nose, but otherwise had a geat time.

DH is annoyed with MIL for not calling us when she said she would. But, then again, she does that all the time. He'd done the same thing I had. Since she didn't call we both assumed the trip was off. I guess we'll tell her that if she says she will call and doesn't we are going to assume the plans are not happening.

Marisa, I finally go to see the pictures. They are great.

I still have (and wear) the same swim suit I bought 10 years ago. It's a simple back one with a mesh part at the top. I guess I'll need to replace it soon, the decoration in the mesh part is fading. Just shows you how much I use the pool:rolleyes:


08-11-2002, 02:06 PM
Leigh, you poor girl! I wish you didn't have to go on this vacation. It'll only be torture for you!! I've gotten out of the North Carolina beach house family vacation for three years now. I hope we can get out of it next year. I don't think DH really wants to go anyway.

Well, looks like we're going camping next weekend. SIL thinks we're crazy to bring a small baby camping. She said she'd never do it. But then again, this is also the girl who told me if her child were screaming in her car seat, she'd take her out to hold her. She said that after I told her that on one trip, Casey cried for about 2 hours straight. We were driving on route 95 at the time. Anyway, there's a big picnic for the property owners in Virginia. It should be fun. We have 2 houses we could stay at, too, if the weather doesn't hold up.

MIL came to visit Friday night. She called last minute, as usual. She did actually pay DH back for the car parts! Anyway, her visit was pleasant (yes, this is really me speaking). The only problem I had was when she told Casey to get into her doll stroller! I said "uh, we don't do that". It was too late by then. Casey was trying to get in so we had to put the stroller away. DH asked MIL to stay at our house while we're gone. I wish he had consulted me first! It's a big favor to us, but she has a habit of rearranging things to her liking and doing our laundry in tons of detergent with the water level at full capacity, even though we're in a drought.

The good news is that I've been getting out for walks! I am trying to go for about 30 minutes each day. I need to do something. I load the kids into the stroller and we walk around the neighborhood. Last night was beautiful. Casey loves it, Brended cries or sleeps. I hope he's feeling okay. He's been so congested. I use the aspirator on him every morning. He's been sleeping almost all day today. I hate to bring him to the doctor, though. They'll just tell me I can't give him anything and to use the aspirator. Well, I better run. I think we're going to a bbq in a bit. DH's friend is having a party at his house. DH can't drink with the antibiotics so we're only stopping by so they can see the kids.

08-11-2002, 07:42 PM
Leigh, glad to hear the yeast infection is better. Poor baby!

MrsReber, I'm super glad you guys received your money from the MIL. I'm intrigued that you're having your MIL stay at your home. Good luck with the camping!

Anna, we purchased a new car seat this weekend as well. Tru won't be able to face forward for a bit but he's getting too tall for his first seat. Sniff, sniff. Geez, maybe a second kid right now wouldn't be so bad. MrsReber, reel me in!!!! ;) :p

Okay, I've finished updating our website. There are some pics of the diaper derby. There is actually only one of his race since he started to cry immediately. I took one of another race so you could actually see kids crawling. :rolleyes: You'll notice Truman looks happy in the other pictures of the derby...that's because the crowd has dispersed. :p Also, I have a ton of bear butt pictures so bear with me...(not so great pun, groan :p ). My aunt sent the bear bottoms; she went in for a big surgery yesterday and I wanted to make her smile. Some of the pics were taken without a flash so you'll have to look close. Note the bitter beer face in one of the pictures. That's his new "signature face." He's not mad or upset, it's just a new look he can make. :confused:


Krista, how was the wedding?

Have a great week everyone!:

08-11-2002, 10:50 PM
Hi! Greetings from sweltering Sacramento- only 104 here today. :rolleyes: I actually have been in Tahoe (I won $50 on a nickel slot) with my soon to be SIL and her friend since Friday, but came back to my folks today. We went on a great hike yesterday, and just gambled and hung out the rest of the time. All in all, my first weekend without Jared went okay. I did see some babies while we were out yesterday and it made me really miss Jared. I only called my mom once all weekend, too. Aren't you proud of me?

I am deternmined never to fly alone with Jared again, though. (Damon went o Vegas for the bachelor party...) It was not a fun trip. Jared didn't want to sit in my lap, he wanted to play on the floor. That's definitely frowned upon by the flight attendants. And he screamed for the last five minutes of the flight even though I was trying to give him his bottle. :(

Leigh, sorry to hear about your MIL troubles. How frustrating!

Shelley, my parents computer is really slow, so I couldn't check out Tru's new pictures tonight. I'm sure I'll look at them tomorrow, if I can connect.

Anna, you'll love having Emma forward facing. The first thing Damon did on Jared's birthday was turn the carseat around. We didn't have to purchase a new one since he outgrew his other one around Christmastime, if I remember correctly. It's so nice to be able to see him while I'm driving! Our dr. said to leave him rear facing as long as possible, but his feet were already touching the back of the seat, so we decided to switch him. Still need to get the anchoring strap installed though. :o

SusanD, how did house hunting go? I hope you enjoyed your weekend.

SusanR, that's great your walking everyday. You have my exercise routine beat! Glad thinks actually are going well with MIL for once.

Marisa, how's your g'ma?

Well, I'm exhausted. I thought this week was going to be relaxing, but it looks like I'll be helping my FSIL with last minute wedding things. But, I'll be around as much as possible since I'll be without the Internet next week.

Take care,

08-12-2002, 05:56 AM
hello all!

just an update here before amanda wakes up. friday afternoon, i took amanda to a playground with DH after he came home from work so he could see her in action. well, this time she ended up EATING handfuls of mulch and dirt :eek: and then she got 2 antbites :( she didn't mind too much though. anyhow, i guess it wasn't too successful.

on sunday, we took her to the beach and let her play in the sand. at first, she was really afraid of the beach (this happened last time we took her also), but then she warmed up. she got sand all over her! the waves were really big and rough, but we just put our feet in where the water comes up. again, scared at first, but then she turned into her old-daredevil-self. it is scary to see your kid running towards the ocean! :eek: but she had a great time, and so did we. i think we were more tired than she was! :D

later, we took her to an indoor playground at the new mall. there were a thousand kids there, and i thought for sure amanda would get crushed by one of them, but she was fine and happy and just did her own thing. also, i bought 2 bathingsuits...one is getting returned for sure, but i'll have to try the other one again and see if it passes the test...

another big update: DH's dad wants to come visit with his wife (not evan's mom), her daughter, and her daughter's friend. DH told them we don't have room for all of them, so they will be staying at a hotel. DH told them which weekends he is working (consulting), and we finally ended up deciding with them on labor day weekend (friday to tuesday) due to price of tickets, etc. so then last night his dad calls and says they're coming THIS friday and staying 9 nights. :eek: :confused: DH is kind of annoyed, because we spent time looking for tickets for them and working out a plan, and thenthey just disregard eveyrthing and do what they want to do. i don't really care, since they wont' be staying with us, but i know we're going to have to entertain them a bit. luckily, they want to go to miami for a day or 2 and up to orlando for a while.

anyhow, that's my soap opera around here!

krista, sounds like you are having a good time. tahoe sounds awesome. i went there once when i was 10. honestly, i don't know how you made it the whole weekend without jared, but i know that independence is good (for both of you). so then, GO YOU! you also have me concerned over flying now. amanda definitely likes to move around and play on the floor these days, so i think it's going to make flying a little bit trickier than the sleepy-infant-days. oh, and my grandma is doing much better, thanks for asking.

about the carseat, we were supposed to keep amanda rear facing for as long as possible, because she was only 19lbs at her 1-year visit, and the law says 20lbs and 1 year to go front-facing. so around 13 months, we finally turned her around because she was yelling every time we got in the car! :eek:

shelley, LOVED the pics! tru is such a cutie! can't pick out a favorite one, they were all really nice. your backyard looks pretty nice too. lots of beautiful trees around. we don't really have trees like that in florida.

susan, it's great that you're getting out for walks every day. good for you! i saw someone at the mall yeserday with your same stroller and i thought of you :) and good thing your MIL paid you back! i wouldn't worry too much about her telling casey to get into the doll stroller; i think that's the least of your problems with your MIL. hope kyle is feeling better.

leigh, hope mariel is doing better too. poor thing can't catch a break lately! hope her scrapes aren't too bad. sorry about your MIL. she is definitely in the running with susan's!

anna, thanks for your wonderful compliments on the pictures. there are plenty of not-so-good pics too, but i just don't post those ;) how does emma like her seat? we had our 2nd front-facing seat on the floor before we put it in the car, and amanda would always go over to it and try to sit in it. she thought it was so fun. good luck getting ready for emma's parties this weekend! how was toys r us? i hadn't been in ages, but went on saturday to look for a gift for my niece (which i still haven't found and her bday is on wednesday!!!), but it was so fun there! i found a zillion things to get amanda. but i had to restrain myself since i had forgotten my wallet at home (lucky thing!)

ok, i think amanda is waking up, so i'd better go. i have another friend in town this week who hasn't seen the house, so i should probably REALLY clean up this week (and i say that like i mean it!) since we're also expecting guests this weekend. hope you all have a nice day. sorry for this really long novel.

marisa :)

08-12-2002, 05:58 AM
just wanted to pose a question... we have all seen pictures of all the kids, and heard various stories about them.... but what i want to know is:

what's your child's personality like?

marisa :)

08-12-2002, 06:27 AM
"Oh we each have these horns right on top of our heads. And we each have two ears so we can hear what you said..." *hehe* We have that book. I could keep going too.:D He's such a cutie, but is almost swallowed by the swing.

Looks like SusanR and I have given you our inlaw's curse. Sorry! Oh, and the roughage Amanda ate will help clean her system out, right!:D Yes, it is very scary to watch your child charge into the ocean. Mariel did the same thing!

We turned Mariel around at 13M. I just got tired of fighting her to get her in the rear facing seat. I'm not sure if she was 20lbs yet or not, but she was close.

Tahoe is beautiful. Sorry it's so hot there. Good for you being able to have a good time w/o Jared.

Glad your MIL paid you back for the car parts. I agree about not letting Casey in the doll stroller. Those were not made to support children and she could hurt herself if/when it collapes and she's in it.

Mariel's yeast infection is almost all gone. She's much much better today even though she didn't want to go to hear teacher. She was fine when I left the daycare. Ginger's in her new class. She's all excited.

Mariel is a very attached to mommy. She's pretty shy too, but also a little daredevil at the same time.


08-12-2002, 07:58 AM
I am the master!! Yes, it's true!!! I put Brenden down for a nap because he seemed tired. After a couple of minutes of fussing, he went right to sleep! Then I picked up Casey, who has been whiny all morning, and put her to sleep! Success!!! I cannot believe how quiet it is here. This morning, I took Casey into the shower with me because she smeared her breakfast into her hair this morning. We got out and for some reason she was trying to run away from me so I couldn't dry her off. Well, she slipped and hurt herself. At first, I thought she only banged herself, but then I saw blood on her toe. Seems she scraped the skin on the top of her big toe. Then I noticed that she also scraped her lip. Argh! My poor baby girl! It's funny, I bought bandaids a few weeks ago and told DH that we'd need them soon.

MIL called last night again. I have no idea why. She seems to think that we're not doing anything at 7:30 at night. She didn't come over, though. When she came by the last time, Brenden was just waking up to eat. DH told me not to feed him just yet because his mom would be there any minute. I got pretty annoyed and told him that I cannot change my child's eating habits because his mother has to call and decide to stop by at the last minute. He told me if I took Brenden into the other room to eat, MIL would think I did that on purpose so she couldn't see him. He could've been right. However, after 5 minutes of screaming, he finally agreed with me that the baby needed to eat. Why me? Oh, and the doll stroller did start to collapse while MIL had Casey in it. She said "hmm, something doesn't seem right". Gee, maybe because the stroller was made for dolls and not babies?? And to think, she raised 5 children!

I would be happy to reel anybody in who wants to have another baby right now! I have to say, it is easier in many ways and it's great that they both nap! And it's really great that I have my body back so I can concentrate on getting back into shape and staying that way since 2 kids is our limit.

Question for the moms: yesterday we stopped by a party at DH's friend's house. The friend's mother said she thinks Brenden has thrush because his tongue is a bit white and she thought his lips looked a bit white, too. She is the mother of 10 children, all breastfed, so I'm sure she knows a thing or two. Brenden has been fussy when I'm feeding him for the past 2 days, too. What should I do? Has anyone else had to deal with thrush?

I can't wait to leave to go camping. I have a feeling that when Brenden wants to eat at night, we'll all be up! That's the only problem. We have to watch the weather, though. I also have to call the doctor. We're a bit worried about insect repellant. I know we shouldn't use it on Brenden at all, but I'm wondering what we can do to protect everyone from the bugs.

Marisa, good luck with the in-laws. Why can't we all have nice, normal in-laws? I'm sure some of us have gotten lucky with that. The rest of us can come here and complain!

Well, I better go and enjoy my quiet time while it lasts. Sometimes it lasts for hours and sometimes 10 minutes. I'm going to see if DH will give Brenden a bottle later when he gets home. I want to try them out on him.

08-12-2002, 08:20 AM
Originally posted by MrsReber
I'm wondering what we can do to protect everyone from the bugs.

De-lurking just a minute here...my mom always used Avon Skin so Soft as an insect repellant for my sisters when they were babies. It also seems like I have some Off Sunscreen/bug repellant in my closet at home that says that it is safe for babies - I am sure I just got that at Walgreens or Target or a similar place.

08-12-2002, 08:36 AM
Hey everyone! Hope you all had a good weekend. We did, but I was very sad to see Jay leave again yesterday. :( Oh well, I'll see him again on Friday. The weekend was very busy, we had 4 showings on our house (no bites yet, though). We had to be out of the house all day Saturday and Sunday so that it would be available for showings, so we went over to Jay's parents' house. They were out of town, so we just hung out there. This weekend we're going up to Mpls. to look at houses (Krista, I'm flying alone with Erin too...so I can sympathize...I'm kind of dreading it b/c it's during her naptime!). We found a few on the internet that we really like and Jay is going to try to see some during the evenings this week too. However, last night his car got broken into, so now he has that little headache to deal with! :eek: Fortunately they only took his briefcase which just had a couple of books in it - the police said that they probably thought it was a laptop. The scariest part is that I had sent my grandmother's silver back with him on Sunday (to get it out of the house with all these strangers traipsing through) but luckily it was in a plain canvas bag and they didn't even touch it. I was a bit peeved that he had let it sit in there overnight, and even more so when he said "It was a good thing I didn't have anything of value in the car." HELLOOO...$5,000 dollars worth of silver isn't "of value"?? Men can be such dopes sometimes.

Anyway, so that's my tale for the weekend. Oh, Erin's latest little party trick is that she blows bubbles in the bathtub! It's so funny, she'll put her face right down and blow away, and then look at me with this big grin. Time for swimming lessons!

Leigh, we have that book too! Erin loves the Boynton books and I'm getting to where I know them all by heart. :rolleyes: Test me! "The sun has set not long ago...now everybody goes below..." Poor Mariel! Hope her little behind is feeing better.

Susan, Marisa, Leigh...I feel so bad that all of you have to deal with these in-laws from he**! I'm almost embarrassed to say that my MIL is wonderful. My only teeny-tiny complaint is that she gave Erin a couple of sips of her diet sprite...which I wasn't happy about, but then I realize if that's the worst I have to deal with then I should be thankful.

Marisa, too bad dirt doesn't have caffeine or sugar in it - you'd be all set for playgroup! :p In answer to your question...Erin is very attached to mommy, too. But at the same time, she has a strong little personality and can be VERY stubborn about getting what she wants. She'll do something naughty and then look at me with this big grin on her face, like "ha-ha! I did it anyway!" Then of course I have to struggle not to laugh, which only makes it worse. I think I got the "mother's curse" - my mom always said she hoped I'd have a daughter just like me.

Krista, sounds like you had a fun weekend despite the heat! I know how hard it is to be without your baby - but congrats to you for doing it. It's so good for both of you to spend some time apart. Have fun at the wedding!!

Shelley, unfortunately the clothes I bought weren't on sale. Whoopsies! I figure now that DH is working again, we have all this extra money lying around...yeah right!! Well, I've got a lot on my plate right now - so I deserve them, that's my rationale. Have you ever tried Triple Paste for diaper rash? It's the greatest stuff ever. Anytime Erin is the least bit red I put it on and no more redness. Oh, and my dr doesn't do CP vaccinations till they start school - she says that if you give it too young then it becomes less effective later in life when it's more dangerous to have CP.

Anna, hooray for Emma's new car seat! She'll adjust really quickly to it. The first time I put Erin in hers she started laughing because she could see out the window. Have fun with the parties! Wow, I've heard of having to do separate events for divorced parents...but never grandparents!

Okay, I have an idea...someday we'll all have to do a "mothers only" trip to Napa/Sonoma! :D

Susan, GO FOR THE TANKINI! They are the greatest inventions ever. I've always had a problem with 1-pieces because I have a very long torso and they always wedge up you-know-where. But after having Erin I just couldn't do a bikini anymore, and the tankini is the perfect solution. And that's great that MIL finally paid you back!!!

Okay, this has gone on way too long. I'd better get back to work before the internet police come down to my desk! Hopefully I didn't miss anything...if I did, I apologize! I'll have to check out all the photos later today...

See you later!

08-12-2002, 08:59 AM
Susan, you & I were typing at the same time! I never had a problem with thrush, so I can't help you out - but you might want to give your dr a call. Can't hurt to look into it, if that woman has had 10 kids she's probably seen it all!

Oh...quick office etiquette gripe...we have about 60 people sharing a refrigerator, and someone felt the need to put THREE large bottles of the same kind of salad dressing in there! Grrrr...I'm tempted to take two of them out put them on the counter with a nasty note...

08-12-2002, 12:05 PM
Wow. This day's gotten off to a busy start. Can you all believe how fast time is flying by? I must say that all the time.

Anyway. I'm trying to hurry and catch up before Emma wakes up from her nap. We've had a busy morning cleaning house, washing linens and delivering macaroni and cheese and cupcakes to my friend who just had twins. At 2:30, we have playgroup.

Emma loves her carseat! Facing forward is a big deal for her. She seems to feel like she's part of the action now and she just sits there smiling and laughing the whole time. As for her weight, she just hit 20 pounds -- so I guess she's jumped up a few percentiles. Her weight slowed down for awhile there and now she's catching up.

Susan, Erin's blowing bubbles in the bathtub sounds cute. Emma's party trick is climbing out of the Stay & Play thing. I guess she's too old for it anyway. This morning she crawled right out of it then sat in the tub like a big girl and played with her toys.

SusanR, sounds like you're really wanting to get back into shape. Good for you on the walking! I always feel so much better after taking a nice, long walk -- and that's really all the exercise I need these days. Unfortunately, it's about 95 degrees here and we have no shade. The West Nile scare isn't helping to motivate me for walks either. I may need to get some of the Avon Skin So Soft for Emma. I'm guessing it does not have the DEET though.

Marisa, Emma's personality is best described as "bubbly". Everyone always asks me "Why is she so smiley?" . She craves attention and knows she can get it by flirting and looking cute. When other people are are not around and it's just Emma and Mommy, Emma's personality can be described as "strong willed". She demands a lot of attention. I supposed that is just normal 11 month old behavior. I do wonder if it's normal for a baby her age to never slow down. She's like the Energizer Bunny sometimes. It's impossible for me to hold her in my lap unless she's sleeping. Even when she's nursing, she tends to do acrobatics in my lap.

Krista. Geez. It's hotter there than it is here. You poor thing. This should be the worst of though. Can you all believe Halloweem will be here in just a little over 2 months! Time sure is flying.

Shelley, are you really getting reeled into the next baby thing? Go for it. Why don't you start trying in, oh, February......around Valentine's Day.

Leigh, hope you're having a good day at work. Todd came home early because he has a migraine and he's taking a nap in the dark. Work is stressing him out. I keep thinking if I have to go back to work (because Todd is dying from stress) I'll have to find a place where I can post on the bulletin board. Heck. I'd probably have more time to post if I had a desk job. Then again, I do like staying at home and am glad we can afford one income right now. It's funny to think that some Moms actually WORK from home. If I had to work from here I'd be a terrible employee.

Emma's up. Gotta go!

08-12-2002, 12:36 PM
Originally posted by claire797
Leigh, hope you're having a good day at work.

Nope. Today could be described as super crappy! Yes, it really is that bad. I hate my job! I want to quit! I want to work for sane, professional people! Please!

Thanks anyway Anna!

The rant only helped a little.


08-12-2002, 01:36 PM
Hi, I'm jumping in here again to say thanks for the advice on the breast pump. I'll definitely go for the pump in style. Ebay seems to have good deals on it.

Also, Mrs. Reber, my son had thrush at about the same age as Brenden. It sounds like what Brenden has, especially if he is fussy when he eats. My son's tongue was white. The doctor gave him a liquid medication called Nystatin (something like that, it's been awhile). It can be kind of stubborn to get rid of if you are breastfeeding, because you can get it on your breasts from him and then reinfect him. I can't remember if they gave me something for me to use, too. So, it might be worth a call to your doctor.

08-12-2002, 01:54 PM
I cannot believe this! Two naps in one day! Yes, it's quiet here once again. Casey was really crabby so I put her in her crib just after 3:00. She's still asleep! It gave me time to finish up my laundry, bake some brownies and pecan caramel bars (a thanks to the people at DH's job who gave us the Babies R Us gift certificate), start a list of things we need for our trip, and straighten up the house. I wanted to go walking after lunch, but it's way too hot here today. Maybe around 6:30 or 7:00. That was perfect last weekend. Plus, Casey will feel better after her nap. I think it's just teeth. Yes, I totally agree that a long walk seems to solve a lot of life's problems. I feel so much better after getting out and I feel a bit triumphant when I can get both kids out at the same time. Kinda like when they nap at the same time and the house is quiet. It's a major accomplishment for me. Of course, then I run around and try to do things. I did get an hour or more of sleep this morning when they were both napping. That was nice! I also got more sleep than usual last night.

Casey is "determined". She'll cry about something if she can't do it, but she'll keep trying. Also, if we tell her not to do something, she'll do it a thousand times. She does have great determination to do things. I think that's a pretty good trait, too. We encourage her when she figures things out. She actually got up onto our bed this morning while I wasn't watching. I have no idea how she did that as our bed is kind of high and she always needs help. We're running out of safe places to put Brenden so he's out of her reach!

Thanks for the advice on thrush. Brenden hasn't been too fussy eating today, but his tongue is still a bit white. It doesn't look horrible so I think I'll call the dr's office and see if they want us to come in. Better take care of it before we leave for our trip!

08-12-2002, 06:18 PM
Leigh, sorry you hate your job. I don't think that there is such a thing as a job working with sane, professional people. Not that I have seen anyways...

Anna, as you may have noticed, my time for posting on the bb has gone way down since I lost my so-called job. Did Emma have her birthday already? I thought it was later this week. In any case - HAPPY BIRTHDAY EMMA! I hope we weren't bad bb friends and missed it!

SusanD - glad to hear that your silver wasn't stolen. Not that it is of any value, anyways. ;) Erin's new trick sounds really cute.

SusanR - congrats on getting both babies down for naps at the same time twice in one day. I have to agree, you are the master. I'm glad to hear that things are a little easier with the second. I can understand what you mean about being used to missing sleep by the time the second one comes around. Before Mason was born, I thought that 8 hours of straight sleep was a God-given right.

Marisa, sorry to hear that FIL is being difficult about his plans for the weekend. Just don't make me entertain them while they are up here in Orlando, ok? ;) Amanda at the beach sounds fun. I had wanted to take Mason there when we were in Vero this weekend, but we didn't have time. So he has still never seen the ocean. :rolleyes:

Krista, glad your weekend was good. Sorry flying with Jared was such a pain. It must have been hard for him, being cooped up in your lap. Babies need room to play!

Shelley, I loved the pictures. I am still amazed that any babies did ok in that diaper derby. What baby is used to that crowd, and people yelling, and whistles blowing? And I love the bear butt! When you said he was making a bitter beer face, at first I thought you meant that you had really given him some beer. :eek: But then I figured it out. Didn't you say it is your birthday tomorrow? Happy Birthday! Have a great date night with Dave!

Clint and I went and stayed at my parents house, 2 hours away from here, for the weekend. My parents are out of town, and they offered us their house to stay, so we could take advantage of the babysitting services of Clint's parents, since they live in the same town. So Clint and I dropped Mason off with MIL, planning on going to dinner and a movie. We went to the movie, then decided to drop back in and see how things were going (MIL lives 5 minutes from the movie theater). Turns out things had not been going well. Mason cried almost the entire time we were gone. I guess he was scared, because even though he has been to MIL's house a few times, I don't think he's been there enough times to recognize it, and I don't think he has seen MIL enough to really know her. So the poor guy was terrified. Clint and I took him to dinner with us, which was fun. We also took Mason swimming for the first time. He loved it.

Marisa, to answer your personality question, I would say that Mason is very very active. He is always moving, which is why I call him 'Hyper Diaper'. But he is also very very sweet. If we are laying on the floor with him when he plays, he always comes up to us and butts his head into us, and wants us to rub his back. And when we hold him, he hugs us, and gives us nice wet kisses. He is also extremely nosy - he has to know everything that is going on. When we are somewhere where there is a lot of activity, his head is whipping back and forth to see what is going on.

You didn't say what Amanda's personality is like.

Good night!

08-12-2002, 06:35 PM
Originally posted by beacooker

Anna, as you may have noticed, my time for posting on the bb has gone way down since I lost my so-called job. Did Emma have her birthday already? I thought it was later this week. In any case - HAPPY BIRTHDAY EMMA! I hope we weren't bad bb friends and missed it!

No. You guys are great BB friends!

Emma's actual birthday is on August 22. However, we are celebrating it Friday night (the 23) and Saturday night (the 24th) with two separate birthday dinners.

The first birthday dinner will be a low-key steak dinner with my dad, step-mom and MIL. I don't expect much will happen except we'll all eat, open presents, talk and watch Emma get cranky.

The next night we'll head down dysfunction junction for an "Elmo" themed birthday dinner featuring my crazy sister and her family, my mother -- who is still adjusting to the fact that Emma is her granddaughter, my step-dad Sal, and of course Todd, Emma and dear MIL, Maureen. That night we'll be eating Kentucky Fried Chicken, Macaroni and Cheese, Copykat Red Lobster cheddar biscuits and one of those picture cakes. Any event with my sister is sure to have a story. She's a kind person and I love her, but she never fails to embarrass me. The chances of her reading this BB are less than negative 1,000,000% so if you'd like an anecdote on just how embarrasing she can be, I'll post one later.

08-12-2002, 06:46 PM
Originally posted by claire797

The chances of her reading this BB are less than negative 1,000,000% so if you'd like an anecdote on just how embarrasing she can be, I'll post one later.

You have to ask? Bring 'em on!

08-12-2002, 06:56 PM
Well. I just posted one in the "Where are all the wine people thread." So check that one out. Here's another one. This one makes me cringe just thinking about it.

I took her to a nice Greek restaurant in Dallas. She'd never been to a Greek restaurant and apparently, had never been around any Greek people. Throughout the meal, she picked at Moussaka claiming she loved it but eating nothing and kept asking the OBVIOUSLY Greek waiter questions like "Are you Greek?" and more dumb ones I can't remember. But here's what made my stomach flip.

The manager of the restaurant came over to ask how we were doing. He probably wanted to get rid of us since my sister insisted on bringing an unruly, messy 2 year old who was screaming and throwing food. Anyway. I told the waiter the food was great. My sister, in a loud Texas accent chimed in to shout "Yeah. You GO Greek People.". Ouch.

The waiter did not think this was funny.:rolleyes: :confused:

08-13-2002, 06:07 AM
Anna, please, bring on the embarrassing family stories! I need to know that I'm not alone!!! Leigh makes me feel a bit more normal, along with Krista's Drunkle, but I know there's more great stories out there!

Well, looks like we're not going to VA after all. I wish we were. I'd love to get out of NJ for a few days. DH is afraid the heat will be too much for the kids and he's also got massive overtime at work this week. We sure could use the money and he could make a killing this week. He already put in 4 hours last night. He's going to try to do that each night this week and maybe even work a half day on Saturday. I can see his reasoning, but I still would've liked to have gone somewhere! At least now we can go to our neighbor's son's party on Sunday. He'll be three. I felt bad that we'd miss that party. I have to get out and buy him a gift, too. I have no idea what to get him.

We're going to the doctor this morning to check out the thrush thing. Also, Brenden has been quite stuffed up and coughing from time to time. I just want to make sure he's okay considering his dad had a bad sinus infection last week. Well, I'm off to get ready for the doctor.

08-13-2002, 08:48 AM
Someone please save me! Now Mason won't go to sleep wi/out nursing. I had to nurse him to sleep all weekend, because we were in a strange place. Then yesterday, he wouldn't go to sleep unless I did. Now he has been crying in his crib for an hour. And I know he is exhausted. :rolleyes: And when I put him down for a nap an hour ago, it hadn't been so long since breakfast, and I knew he wasn't hungry. An hour later, maybe he is hungry now, so what am I supposed to do? Argh. Just venting.

08-13-2002, 09:13 AM
Originally posted by beacooker
Someone please save me! Now Mason won't go to sleep wi/out nursing. I had to nurse him to sleep all weekend, because we were in a strange place. Then yesterday, he wouldn't go to sleep unless I did. Now he has been crying in his crib for an hour. And I know he is exhausted. :rolleyes: And when I put him down for a nap an hour ago, it hadn't been so long since breakfast, and I knew he wasn't hungry. An hour later, maybe he is hungry now, so what am I supposed to do? Argh. Just venting.

You poor thing! I'm on my way out the door to Wal*Mart and don't have much time to post, but I wanted to let you know I was thinking about you and hope your day gets better. Why don't you take him on a car ride?

Also, Susan. I have plenty more embarrassing family stories for you so don't feel like you're the only one. I'll surely have some more.

Off to Wal*Mart to exchange a duplicate birthday present.

08-13-2002, 09:22 AM
anne, maybe he is teething. i know amanda gets like that (ie no nap even when she is EXHAUSTED) when she is teething. that happened to me the last 3 days or so. i'm tired too! ;) go get mason and try to get him to sleep again in a little while. he is probably just out of his schedule after the weekend. give the little guy some time to get back into the swing of things!


susanR, sorry you're not going camping. i know you could use a little getaway. maybe you could go by yourself? ;) :D just kidding. have fun at the birthday party. hope brenden is feeling better. i don't know anything about thrush, so i can't be of help anyhow. you're probably getting some 'real' professional advice right now anyways! btw, you are the master - getting 1 kid to nap is hard enough...

susanD, good luck with your house hunting. it's quite an experience! ihope you find something soon. sorry jay's car got broken into. that is so frustrating! glad the silver is intact though. what was he thinking leaving it in the car?!?! :confused: ah, men! :p

anna, your sister is cracking me up. i read the bit on the wine thread too. my jaw dropped! too funny! how come you guys are so different? (was one of you switched at birth? just kidding!) good luck getting ready for the parties. i didn't realize they were next weekend. i thought they were this weekend :o

leigh, hope mariel is doing better. sorry you hate your job. there is no place to work with professional people, i think. just an observation. my old job was about as dysfunctional as things could get, but i just enjoyed all the little soap operas going on in front of me. it was amusing, more than frustrating (but a lot of people were very frustrated and angry). just try to not let it get to you (i give evan that advice all the time...)

well, amanda is awake, so i'd better go. no naps the past 2-3 days, but i got her down for about 2 hours this morning! yee-haw! i think she is teething again :rolleyes: i think we only have 4 teeth left to go. jeez.

i'll go back and re-read all your kid's personalities later. i had to just skim because the thread was so long when i came back here!!!!!!! :o from what i read so far, it looks like our kids have a lot of things in common! they all seem really nice, lovable, and !!!!! :)

oh, and if i had to describe amanda, i'd say she is very fun-loving, happy, silly (like mom), helpful, and sweet. she can be very aggressive (chasing after big kids) and outgoing, but also very shy (esp when you are trying to get her to show off her 'tricks'). as far as the 'trying' sides of her personality, i'd say she is very determined and very curious, and sometimes nosy (she has to see what i'm doing while i'm cooking, and that gets really interesting!).

well, i'd better go! today is also my dad's bday, so we are having my mom dad and grandma over tonight for dinner. FIL comes on friday, but i think we're only going to see him friday night and maybe on sunday. otherwise, they'll be doing their own thing.

marisa :)

08-13-2002, 10:34 AM
i forgot to mention that amanda is also a daredevil. she LOVES when you throw her up in the air, and if you're holding her, she'll arch backwards on her own because she wants to go upside down. sometimes, she'll just be standing and arch back to see how far she can go :eek: it scares the heck out of me! also, a while back she started putting her face in the water, and if you're in the pool with her, she will try to swim away!

08-13-2002, 11:10 AM
Hello! Not much to report on here. We've just been taking it easy, swimming in Jared's little pool, going for walks after it cools off at night, etc.

Susan, I hope Brenden's dr appointment went well and that he's not getting Kyle's awful sinus infection. Just what you need right now, huh? :rolleyes:

Shelley, feliz cumpleanos! I hope you have a great birthday.

Anne, sorry to hear that Mason has been a pill. I hope he gets back to his normal self real soon.

Ack.Jared is getting into my mom's magazine stack. I really need to baby proof my mom's house.

More later...

08-13-2002, 01:16 PM
Thanks for the good thoughts, guys! Things are looking much better now. I finally nursed him to sleep for that nap, and when he woke up we went to meet a friend at a local Greek restaurant that we go to a lot. We both love it there, because everyone there knows and loves Mason, so he gets lots of attention. As usual, the food was excellent, so when I left I made sure to say 'You go, Greek people'. Anna, please thank your sister for that etiquette lesson. I hadn't known that was the proper way to compliment someone.

Mason fell asleep in the car on the way home, and stayeed asleep when I put him in his crib, so hopefully he will have a good long nap.

Anna, you are quite a loyal Wal*Mart customer, to use the '*'. I just call it Walmart.

SusanR, sorry you are missing your camping trip. I think you are incredibly brave to even consider it.

Marisa, what are you serving for dinner for your dad's bday?

08-13-2002, 01:19 PM
oooo ooooo ooooo this is post number 1000 for me! I just had to share...

08-13-2002, 01:59 PM
Originally posted by beacooker
oooo ooooo ooooo this is post number 1000 for me! I just had to share...

You're cracking me up today! I wish I had more time to post. Emma's on a rampage around the house. She figured out how to climb the staircase so I have to keep a close eye on her until I get a bottom gate.

08-13-2002, 04:01 PM
I'm baaack!

I had computer malfunction last week. Actually, my hard drive crashed. We went computer shopping this weekend and I finally got up and running last night. What a nightmare. Its hard to believe how much I actually depend on this piece of electronics LOL! The new one is a beaut and I can hardly wait to figure out how to use all the bells and whistles. With my last computer we didn't replace the monitor (used our old one) so I'm most impressed with my new flat screen monitor.

I don't have time to review everything. I will comment on the Thrush. I had it with Mallory. We used Nystatin on her and I think on me also. Her's was a liquid form and I used an ointment on my nipples. You have to be very vigilant with it or you will never get rid of it. Also, if you have pumped any milk that might be contaminated you should dump it (hard as that may be).

08-13-2002, 07:11 PM
Hey, thanks for the birthday wishes. This was a great day! We arrived home about 1-1/2 hours ago from our big date night. It was terrific!

Anna, your Greek story cracked me up and Anne,

so when I left I made sure to say 'You go, Greek people'
you are a hoot!

I hope Mason is feeling better this evening, Anne. There's nothing harder than a fussy baby that won't settle down. Did he end up napping for awhile?

MrsReber, sorry you don't get to go camping but the extra money sounds nice. I hope the doctor was of help today.

BosunsWife, the new computer sounds great. Now you can spend even more time on the BB to justify the expense! :D

Marisa, I agree with you, it sounds like all the kids have similar personalities. Tru is a very smiley, happy baby. He's content to play by himself quite a bit if I'm nearby but also does that head butt, nuzzling thing all the time. This morning he got a kick out of rubbing his head on my leg and getting under my nightgown while I was blow drying my hair. He doesn't appear to be a daredevil, though, like some of the kids. Maybe that comes with age? He's not afraid of many things, though, except for those loud, diaper derby crowds. :rolleyes: I think overall Tru is an inquisitive, sit back and take it in kind of guy.

08-14-2002, 05:52 AM
Hello. No thrush! The only reason I really brought him was because a woman who breastfed 10 children told me it looked like thrush. The only thing my poor boy has is massive nasal congestion, which we can't do anything about anyway. I use the aspirator on him and Casey cries when he cries. I have to bring Casey next Friday for her last round of shots. She need five of them!! I don't want to go. I'm going to be very upset. I'm going to ask my mom to come with me.

I got my takini today. I really like it, although I don't like the size I had to buy! It's mostly because of my chest. I bought it for the trip to VA since we'd be out by the lake. So much for that. I really am bummed. I would've liked to have gotten out of here for a while. I love being with my kids more than anything in the world, I'm just getting tired of looking at the inside of this house. We can't win. They tell us to stay inside during the day because of the dangerous ozone levels and then they tell us not to go out at dawn or dusk becuase of the West Nile virus. What're we supposed to do?? I stay on the pavement when we go for walks so it's not bad at all. There's infected mosquitoes all over NJ. But we can't stay inside all the time!

Marisa, I like to go camping, but I quite frankly don't know the first thing about it. DH takes care of all of that- packing supplies, loading up the truck, setting up camp.

08-14-2002, 07:25 AM
Hi! Rough night last night. From the time we got home until she went to bed Erin SCREAMED...like, laying in the middle of the floor, kicking, not wanting to be held, screaming. Could be teeth, but I also think she played very hard and didn't get a lot of nap time at daycare yesterday. The only time she quieted down during the entire evening was when I put her Little People video in (I know...bad mommy :o) so she would eat her dinner - mac & cheese and peas. After the video ended, the screaming resumed (because it was over and she wanted to watch it again) till I finally gave her a dose of Motrin and put her to bed at 7:15. Then, the realtor calls and says that someone wants to see our house tonight at 6:00, and I have to pick my parents up from the airport at 5:30, which means I will have to leave work early to go home and clean and then load up the dog to take to the airport w/us. Ugh. Okay...enough whining!

I forgot to mention yesterday, I checked out the picture links. Very cute!!! Marisa, Amanda looks like such a happy little girl! And Shelley, that hair cracks me up! (Tru's...not yours :p ) Love the bear butt, too.

Leigh, sorry to hear that work is so crappy. Unfortunately, I hate to break it to you but there are no sane, professional people out there. I work at a bank, where you'd expect to find plenty of them, and I'm quite sure that such a person does not exist (except for us of course :cool: ).

Anne, congratulations on your 1000th post. Obviously, I need to spend much more time here so I can catch up to you guys. That's good that you finally got Mason down for a nap, it can be soooo frustrating. And I suddenly have this hankering for Greek food...

Anna, sorry to hear about DH's job stress. I know how you feel - Jay was going through some really rough times at work too and it killed me to watch him so stressed out. And I loved the stories about your sister. I actually shuddered when I read about the sugar in the wine!!! Keep the stories coming, I could use a laugh.

Hey, I think we'll be having Chinese takeout for dinner tonight. Do you think that when we go to pick it up, it would be appropriate for me to cheer them on with "You go, Chinese people!" :p

Shelley, HAPPY (belated) BIRTHDAY! Hope you had fun on your date!

Marisa, where are all those teeth coming from? Wow! Erin just popped another one, now she's at a whopping 7. It scares me that they're all going to come through at once! YIKES!!

Susan, yay for the tankini! It is such a successful feeling to find a great bathing suit. Bummer about the camping trip, but hopefully you'll get to go soon! That's a good idea to bring your mom with you to the dr. Shots suck!!!

Krista, hope you're having fun on your vacation, and that the weather has cooled down a bit.

Barbara, welcome back and congrats on the new computer!

All right, this is way too long. Time to get to work I suppose. Blech.

08-14-2002, 08:11 AM
Originally posted by SusanD
And I suddenly have this hankering for Greek food...

Me too! You GO Greek People!!:D

The sugar in the wine store is pretty gross!

Well, I'm going to look into Alternative Disupute Resloution since my attempts to solve these problems have gotten me nowhere fast!

I had the same kind of fits with Ginger when she was about 1 year. I don't remember them lasting that long, but she would lie on the floor and scream. The close I got to her the louder the screams got. I would just go to the next room and let her scream herself out! Not fun at all.

The other night Ginger asked me how mommies & daddies made babies? I'm not sure how much detail I want to go into with a 4 year old!!


08-14-2002, 11:53 AM
Hi, everyone. Jared just went down for his morning nap, and I decided to check in before I make a birthday cake for my mom. her birthday is tomorrow and I'm making an ice cream cake that has to set overnight. Hopefully she won't find it in the freezer tonight. Or maybe i can take it to the neighbor's house...

susan, sorry to hear about erin's tantrum. sounds like she was just overtired. we had a day like that on sunday. not fun. good luck with your house tonight. what a pain to have to gather up the dog before heading to the airport.

shelley, i still haven't been able to check out your pictures. i hate this computer. it is frustratingly (is that even a word?) slow.

barbara, welcome back! how is ellie doing? congrats on your new computer. i think we may need one when i get bavk from my vacation. dh informed me that our died. not quite sure what "died" entails, but it doesn't sound promising.

susanr, i would go batty hanging out inside all day. can you go to an indoor mall just to get out of the house for a bit? glad to hear that brenden doesn't have thrush. that would have been a huge bummer. congrats on finding a cute suit. that is a major accomplishment!

anne, congrats on post #1000! wahooo :D

leigh, i can vouch that are no sane, professional people. Let us know how you approach the baby making topic with ginger. I don't envy the day that discussion comes up.

anna, are you all geared up for emma's parties?

oh, i never did you tell you about jared's personality. he's pretty mellow. he loves to stack things and line his toys up in rows, and he doesn't mind playing by himself. He likes to people watch, but doesn't usually "talk" to strangers. People in stores make faces at him and talk to him, and he just stares at them. But he'll respond to people he knows. He has a temper like his dad, and gets angry if you tell him "not for babies."

well, i'd better go make the cake while jared is still napping. take care.

08-14-2002, 12:29 PM
Hi Everyone,

Emma's asleep (should be waking up in a minute) and I've had an hour and a half to relax. Hooray! The best part is, I have someone here named Maria helping me clean the house. What a luxury! My house was a big dirt pit and I wasn't having any luck getting it cleaned with Emma on the trail.

Anyway. I want the place to be spiffy for my MIL -- not that she'll care.

Krista, Yes. I am geared up for Emma's party. We have already spent way too much money on presents and I am obsessing over whether or not to serve macaroni and cheese with KFC. Let us know how your ice cream cake turns out. Sounds good. Also, Jared's personality sounds pretty mellow. It's good that he plays by himself. Emma only does that at certain times of the day.

Leigh, What the heck is Alternative Dispute Resolution? Also, Why don't you just tell Ginger that Mommy and Daddy planted a special seed. That worked for me when I was 4. Then again, I thought the seed was something like a suppository for the longest time.

Susan, Sorry you had a Motrin night. I wonder what's up with Erin?

Happy Belated Birthday Shelley!

Uh oh. Emma's up.

08-14-2002, 12:31 PM
Originally posted by KristaMB
Let us know how you approach the baby making topic with ginger. I don't envy the day that discussion comes up.

Well, I told her that daddies make sperm, and mommies make eggs. Then one of the daddy's sperm fertilizes one of the mommy's eggs. Then the baby grows in the mommy. And left it at that. I figured using the correct words was better, but didn't want to get into too much detail. :o :eek: She seem satisfied with my explaination, whew!

Anna, we must have been posting at the same time. Alternative Disupte Resolution is a formal mediation process that can be used to resolve exactly the type of situation I'm in now, but with an objective outside person to make sure the process does result in a resolution. Of course it's volunatry and my boss has to agree to the process, but I'm going to at least begin it.


08-14-2002, 01:26 PM
hello all,

i went to lunch today with an old college friend and amanda. amanda did ok; she actually sat inthe highchair for a while. and she also played with a balloon and tried to color w/ crayons. she also ate some of my lunch. sounds good, huh? well, she ended up getting tired of the place i guess, and cried until we left. she also cried most of the way home. :( it was a little embarrassing. she was fine after my friend left though. :rolleyes: when my friend got here this morning, amanda was napping. when she woke up, we both went in to get her, and she just stared at my friend. it was weird; i've seen her quiet and shy, but this was an extreme. oh well.

krista, happy bday to your mom. there are so many august bdays! today is my nieces 2 year bday. we got her this gel-easel thing (kinda likea magnadoodle or etchasketch) and a small plush giraffe (they like giraffes). unfortunatley, we ordered it on monday and it won't get there for a while.

leigh, wow when you said you were having issues at work, i guess i didn't realize they were that serious. i hope it all works out. what ever happened with those other jobs you were interviewing for? soundslike a good explanation onthe baby makingthing. i am also dreading that day. but maybe not as much as the birds & the bees talk day.

anna, congrats on getting the house cleaned up. feels good, doesn't it? i stopped spending quite so much time ont he computer while amanda slept, and i was able to clean quite a bit around here (in preparation for FIL's visit this weekend). and i didn't have a maria to help. :( but sometimes i do have a loren come over instead.

oh man, we had chinese take out the other night, and i'm almost 100% certain that evan didn't tell the delivery guy, "you go, chinese people". but actually, as i recall, the driver wasn't even asian at all, so maybe it's good he didn't say anything. :p

susanD, sorry about the tantrum. i think that's a 'welcome to toddlerhood' thing, unfortunately. maybe she just needed to blow off some steam. oh, and i have no idea where amanda's teeth are coming from. she is a real toothy kid, i guess.

susanR, glad to hear brenden is ok. amanda has her dr visit coming up at the end of the month, so you'll have to let me know how casey's visit goes. amanda is also due for a lot of shots. :( i 2nd the idea of taking the kids to the mall to walk around. it's too hot here to go outside, so the mall is a nice air-conditioned alternative. oh, and don't worry about the SIZE of the suit, as long as it fits and looks nice. oh, and for your camping problem, i like to "camp" at the hilton or the marriott. no equipment to set up, and all the creature comforts of home ;)

barbara, welcome back! hope ellie and mallory are doing well. congrats on your new computer; sorry the old one died. and isn't it awesome to get a new huge monitor?!?! and a flat screen at that! you go, girl!

anne, 1000 posts, hmmm? i'd better get cracking so i can stay ahead of you! ;) very timely on the visit to the greek restaurant too. we made kebabs for my dad for dinner last night. he is on atkins, so meat is the way to go. we did 1/2 teriyaki and 1/2 a chili rub. we had steak, chicken, peaches, plums, onions, and peppers. yum! dad also got a nice 'present' yesterday - he got a new job that he was hoping to get. so it was perfect timing.

reading about all the kids - i made one observation: seems like the boys are much more laid back than the girls! how funny!

today amanda figured out how to pull her dress off (over her head). i went in to get her from her morning nap and she was naked (with diaper on), holding her dress up like "tah dah"! hmmm. when she plays in the dirt, we're like "oh, maybe she'll be a gardener", and when she tries to flip upside down, we say, "oh, she'll be a gymnast", etc. etc. and today, all i could think was, "uh oh". :eek:

gotta go! talk to y'all later!
marisa :)

08-15-2002, 08:31 AM
Hi! Much better night last night, except that my dad was playing with Erin so much that she didn't want to go to bed. When I told her it was time for night-night, she said "no" and ran away laughing, but I caught her and brought her to the stairs (she prefers to go up on her own and gets very angry if we try to carry her :rolleyes: ). Then she insisted on my dad being there while I put her jammies on and read her books. It was pretty funny! It's so nice having your parents around, today my dad is going to mow the lawn and my mom is going to do Erin's laundry. Wa-hoo! She's finally learning "yes" now too - thank goodness - she nods her head and says "mmmm".

Leigh, that's awful about your work situation! I wish you the best of luck. I didn't realize the problem was with your boss! Sounds like you handled the "talk" quite well with Ginger - I'm really dreading that day.

Krista, how did your cake turn out? I love ice cream cake...if there are any leftovers, how about sending them my way? :p

Marisa, how funny about Amanda's dress! My friend's little girl figured out how to take her diaper off, which tends to result in some embarrassing situations. Sorry to hear about the events in the restaurant and on the ride home - if it helps, we've all been there! I think you're right about the boys being more mellow than girls theory. But at least we won't have to worry about Amanda & Erin playing WWF in the house!

Anna, yippee on the clean house! Feels great, doesn't it?

Well, you all have a great weekend, we're off to Mpls. to go house-hunting tomorrow. I'm kind of nervous about buying a house before we get some bites on ours - but I suppose people do these things all the time, right? EEEK!

08-15-2002, 09:05 AM
Susan, it sounds like we both had better nights. In fact, I actually got 6 hours of uninterrupted sleep. Yahoo! Emma slept from 9:30 to 3:30. I feel SO much better.

Last night a girlfriend and I went to see "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" which started at 7:30. Todd put Emma to bed at 8:00 and she mysteriously woke up the minute I walked in the door for a 9:30 feeding. I was totally expecting her to wake up again at 12:00 as usual -- but no -- she slept until 3:30. YIPPPEEEE!!!!

Now I've gotta tell you all my story about this movie. It's about a Greek (YOU GO!) girl named Tula (her name is Nia, in real life) who escapes the confines of her close-knit Greek family to marry a waspy guy named Ian. I won't go into detail about the movie, but here's the funny story. The woman who wrote and stars in the movie, Nia, and her husband Ian used to be my upstairs neighbors when I lived in my little condo in Chicago. At the time, they were young, struggling newlywed actors and I actually met them after they posted a note in our laundry room trying to sell a VCR since they had 2 (as a result of their wedding). After I moved from Chicago, I'd see them on an occasional TV commercial here and there.....and Ian actually had a role on the now-canceled "Norm" show -- but I had no idea what Nia was up to, and apparently she was writing this movie.

That's my anecdote for the morning. 1 more day til MIL gets here. Today I'm shopping, doing linens and preparing.

P.S. If anyone reads this out of context with my You Go Greek People Story, please note that the phrase "You Go Girl" would never come out of my mouth lest it was attached to an instance where it came out of someone else's and I was relating what that someone else said.

08-15-2002, 09:16 AM
Originally posted by claire797
P.S. If anyone reads this out of context with my You Go Greek People Story, please note that the phrase "You Go Girl" would never come out of my mouth lest it was attached to an instance where it came out of someone else's and I was relating what that someone else said.

hey now! what's wrong with saying "you go girl!" i think i've said it a few times! :( :D of course, i don't believe i've ever said, "you go greek people"... :rolleyes:

glad to hear you got some sleep! feels great, huh? maybe it's a new trend for emma!

great movie story. my aunt saw that movie a few weeks ago and really liked it! i guess you can tack that onto the 'do you know any famous people?' thread from a while back. cool!

susanD, don't worry about buying a new house before having a bite on the old one. that's the trickiest game to play in home buying, and very hard to time. if it's any consolation, we got an offer on our old house the day we closed on the new one. happy house hunting!

well, FIL is arriving tomorrow, and DH somehow offered my travel planning services, so we had to book all his stuff last night (and i'm still looking for a miami beach hotel today...) luckily, he already did his airline tix on his own. they'll be 3 nights here, 3 in miami, and 3 in orlando. watch out anne! just kidding. he is tame. ;) i'm sure i'll have some stories after the weekend though.

that's all for now. better get back to my hotel searching and house cleaning :(

marisa :)

08-15-2002, 10:40 AM
Anna, congrats on getting all that sleep! Doesn't it feel great? I really want to see that movie. I heard it was good.

Susan, good luck house hunting. I'm sure everything will work out fine. Are you taking Erin with you or are your parents staying there to watch her?

We haven't had the cake yet. It's stashed away in the neighbors freezer. But my dad told me the neighbor guy, Al, came over and said he accidently stuck his finger in it. He didn't realize it was in their freezer. I hope it still looks okay. I should go it now, since my mom won't be home unti later anyways. Oh- she almost caught me making it. She came home for lunch yesterday just as i was cleaning up. Luckily I heard the garage door open and stashed the dishes. I insisited on making her lunch so she wouldn't open the freezer. :p

I just put Jared down for his nap, so I can finally take a shower. Keep your fingers crossed for a mild weather day Saturday since the wedding is outside! Have a good weekend!

08-15-2002, 11:16 AM
Originally posted by mb
hey now! what's wrong with saying "you go girl!" i think i've said it a few times! :( :D

Phew!!! I've been known to say it too...and got me thinking maybe I was this giant dork. Thanks, Marisa! :D

Anna, congrats on the sleep! I bet you feel great. Great "I knew them when" story, too! Hey, who was he on the Norm show? We know someone who was on that show too. And where did you live in Chicago...and when? I lived there for a couple years after college.

Marisa, that does make me feel better knowing that you guys did the house-juggling thing and came out okay! I guess it's not that unusual to do. It just seems so scary.

Krista, tell you mom happy birthday for us! :D Actually, my parents are on their way to Detroit for the weekend to visit friends. They'll be back on Sunday to watch Erin on Monday and then will head home. It's kind of ironic that Jay & I will be staying at their place and they won't be there!

Thanks for the good wishes. I'm excited to go house hunting, I think it's kind of fun! Oh, please don't think I'm prying...but are any of you Catholic? Most of the women that I work with are, and one of them brought me a St. Joseph to bury in my front yard. Apparently he will help me sell my house faster. Another woman in my area told me that she knew of 2 instances where a house that had been for sale for a long time sold right after a St. Joseph was buried in the yard, and one of the houses was 100 years old and in bad need of repair. I asked her if it would work for a nice Methodist girl like me, and she said why not give it a try. So who knows...I'll take all the help I can get, no matter who it's from!

Have a great weekend everyone! :D
(from the chronic over-user of smilies)

08-15-2002, 11:51 AM
Susan, i hadn't heard of the St. Joseph statue until recently on the BB. Here's a link to the thread: http://community.cookinglight.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=27747 I hope it works! :)

08-15-2002, 12:20 PM
Originally posted by SusanD

Anna, congrats on the sleep! I bet you feel great. Great "I knew them when" story, too! Hey, who was he on the Norm show? We know someone who was on that show too. And where did you live in Chicago...and when? I lived there for a couple years after college.

Ian Gomez is the guy's name. He's Nia's husband in real life and he had a role in her movie as her "movie" husband's best friend.

Also, I lived in Chicago from 91 to 95. I lived in a condo in Lincoln Park. The condos were high rises called "Sandburg Village".

08-15-2002, 12:50 PM
DH is always saying "You go girl!". I don't know if that's a good or bad thing!

Mmmmmmm, ice cream cake. I've been on such an ice cream kick. I tell DH that I need my daily allowance of calcium for breastfeeding. I sent him to the store for some alcohol last night. I only wanted one bottle of white wine for cooking. Well, he came back after spending $104 on many bottles of alcohol. He bought Kahlua since he drank it all while I was pregnant. Now I make Kahlua and cream for my serving of dairy.

The in-laws are at it again. SIL called DH at work yesterday to complain about how she "can't come over". I am confused by this one. She never called to talk to me and I am the one at home. He told her that we don't like it when relatives come over with their kids and just traipse into the house, making lots of noise and waking up our sleeping babies, not to mention me. He told her to leave his 2 nephews in the car, come in quietly through the garage so the dog won't bark and wake everyone up. Then, if we're all up, she can bring the kids in. Well, I guess that made her mad. I left the garage door unlocked for her, she never showed up and never called. They just don't get it. I'm not telling them to stay away, I'm just asking them to give us some notice so I'm not sitting on the couch with my boobs hanging out when they decide to pop in. Also, you'd think they'd want to know if I was home or not. I do go places. Oh well. At least DH understands. He says he wants me to get enough sleep, which means I need to nap when I can. He said he doesn't like it when I'm crabby!!

It was Casey's turn to be impossible last night. I think it's definitely teeth. I had to give her the full dose of Motrin. I usually only give her half and that works. DH said she was out cold this morning. He was messing with her, trying to wake her up and she didn't want to get up.

Well, my little (big) guy is crying again. Marisa, good luck with FIL. We always look forward to good stories. I hope he doesn't disappoint ;)!

SusanD, good luck with the house!!! I hope the statue works.

08-16-2002, 01:23 AM
I was doing the single mom thing tonight (DH has overnight duty on the ship) and managed to get both girls bathed after dinner and read some stories to Mallory before bed!!! The downside to the story reading session was that I was trying to fit a crying Ellie and a fidgeting Mallory in my lap sitting in DH's recliner. Mallory could have had a potentially bad fall (she tipped out backwards over the arm), but guess what broke her fall? Ellie's vibrating bouncing chair! Cracked the supports so its off to the garbage can with it. I'm not too bummed since I only paid $19 for it on sale at the Navy Exchange, and I didn't really like it once I got it home anyway. Now I guess I get to go out and replace that this weekend. Poor Mallory, she felt so bad she kept saying "mommy, I broke sissy's chair". I just told her I was glad she didn't get hurt.

I've got a little secret to share with you all. Ellie is particularly cranky in the evenings and if her stomach could hold it would probably suck on a bottle nonstop from 6pm to 9pm. Tonight I couldn't stand it anymore (with DH being gone its hard to make her happy and give Mallory some attention and get her ready for bed too) and stuck a pacifier in her mouth. I don't want to make a habit of it, but it at least kept her quiet long enough to be able to read to Mallory (I feel she really gets shortchanged in the evening when I'm here by myself). I always swore I would never use a pacifier (didn't with Mallory), but I guess I'm eating my words.

I never really have the time to go through and ready everything here and I feel kind of bad. Hopefully next month I will have a good grip on things and get to scan everybody's posts and keep up with everyone.

08-16-2002, 06:38 AM
Originally posted by BosunsWife
Tonight I couldn't stand it anymore (with DH being gone its hard to make her happy and give Mallory some attention and get her ready for bed too) and stuck a pacifier in her mouth. I don't want to make a habit of it, but it at least kept her quiet long enough to be able to read to Mallory (I feel she really gets shortchanged in the evening when I'm here by myself). I always swore I would never use a pacifier (didn't with Mallory), but I guess I'm eating my words.

I only gave my girls a pacifier until they discovered their fingers/thumbs. Now, if I could only get Mariel to give up that thumb! She's actually doing much better, she's sucking her thumb less when she's hungry/in the car, and really only regularly when it's bed or nap time.

Don't feel bad Barbara, some babies just need to suck and until/unless they learn to suck their fingers/thumb it does help. You've obviouly tried other options.


08-16-2002, 08:00 AM
Sheesh, being a lurker is a bad idea...once you decide to post.;) :p

Anna, did you get another good night's sleep? I sure hope so. Also, glad to hear Emma likes her new car seat. We purchased a new one last weekend for Tru but he won't get to face forward for at least another month.

SusanD, I sure hope the house-hunting was fun, well worth the effort and not a chore. Go for the statue...it can't hurt. :)

Krista, have you checked out the cake yet? Did the finger swipe look bad? You could always swipe a few licks yourself and try to make the cake look like you decorated it that way. :D

Barbara, the chair story was great! I'm sure at the time it was awfully scary, though. You are such a trooper, having kids, knowing you'll be in charge more often than not. How many years will it be that way? And as far as the pacifier goes, I say anything that makes Ellie happy! She'll outgrow it sooner or later. There are worse things.

Leigh, I am SO sorry about your job situation. Like the others, I had no idea it was that bad. Keep us posted on the outcome.

Marisa, Amanda's taking her dress off? Yikes! Your story about the gardener/gymnast/what's next made me laugh out loud. :p

There's not too much here to tell you about Tru. He's fun, taking naps sporadically and eating much better since he got rid of his cold. He flicks his ears pretty frequently but when we went to see the doctor two Fridays ago, he didn't have an ear infection. Dave's family has a chronic ear wax problem...maybe that's what's bugging Tru.

Have a great weekend everyone...I hope the parties go well!

08-16-2002, 11:28 AM
Thought I'd post this real quick while I wait for Todd and my MIL to get in from the airport.


08-16-2002, 12:32 PM
I like Present Cake, is that one of Emma's birthday cakes? Very cute! I hope the parties go well. She looks so tall!! Then again, I do have a very short baby.

Have fun house hunting!

You should go camping with my Dad. It's rough! We went to Cloudland Canyon a couple of years ago and it was awful. There were so many trees the sattelite dish wouldn't work!:eek: :D :p. We're going 'camping' again Labor Day weekend in Grandpa's "Driving House". That's what Ginger calls the motorhome. Actually we have the camper site, and one tent site. I'm not sure who gets the tent.

It's pretty bad. Unfortunately I can't deal with a long commute and two kids. Al's hours prevent him from being able to take or pick up the kids. That severly limits my opportunities for new jobs, but I keep looking.

Now I have to work on an Action Plan for Promotion & Tenure. Fun, Fun, especially since I don't have the 'support and encouragement' that is recommended in order for these things to happen. They are also the last thing my boss wants me to get. Nothing quite like someone who's out to get you on the job for personal reasons.


08-17-2002, 09:34 AM
MIL arrived around 1:00 yesterday. Emma had just woken up from her nap, and after a brief bout of stranger danger crying and a quick re-acquaintance session, they are best buds again. Hooray! It was fun watching MIL's reaction to how much Emma had changed in 6 months.

This morning, DH, MIL and Emma have gone to Wal*Mart to buy ear plugs for tonight's Rush concert. We're leaving for San Antonio in an hour and I'm looking forward to the trip. This will be Emma's first night in a hotel and longest stretch (from 5:30 to ??AM) from Mommy.

Leigh, it's funny that Emma looks tall to you. I guess she's grown. In the past, she's only been in about the 30 percentile for height, but I think she may have caught up in the past few months.

By the way, your work situation sounds dreadful.

Shelley, I have a chronic ear was problem too and Emma has inherited it. Every time she gets her ear looked at, the doctor has to dig and dig all the wax out. As for me, I have to go in every year to get my wax drained out with a special machine. It builds up until I start feeling like my head's in a fish tank, then I go in for a cleaning. It's hereditary.

Barbara, don't feel bad about the pacifier. If it works, it works. I really wanted Emma to take a pacifier (weird, huh?) but she refused it over and over and insisted that I be her pacifier. I'd have to sit there for an hour and let her. It really sucked. No pun intended.

SusanR, sorry your husband says "You Go Girl" all the time. It probaby doesn't sound do dumb coming out of a guy's mouth. Then again, I'm sure it sounds really cute from Marisa too. In fact, I have decided to start saying it as much as possible now so I can be just like Marisa. You GO Girl. I am going to put a lot of emphasis on the GO part.

By the way. I like your diet. Ice cream and alcohol. We could be roommates.

SusanD, I'm waiting to hear who your Norm Show friend is and where you lived in Chicago. I know you're not busy or anything these days. Nah. That's hilarious about the St. Joseph. I'm not Catholic, but if I were trying to sell my house, I'd want St. Joseph on my team. We have so many houses for sale in our neighborhood. Maybe they're not burying St. Joseph's in the front yard.

Marisa, Emma knows how to pull her dress up over her head too. She mostly does it when I'm trying to dress her. Dressing is a nightmare these days.

I agree with your observation that the boys are more laid back. It's the same with the boys in our playgroup. All but one of them are more relaxed then Emma. What is it with these little girls?

Anne, I hope Mason's been sleeping better. If it's any consolation, Emma's back to waking up twice, so our sleep situation's not so great either. I'm curious to see what will happen tonight when I'm not there for her. Thankfully, Maureen (MIL) says she's not worried.

Also, I have posted more than you. I think I'm approaching 1,600 so you'd better get crackin' if you want to catch up.

08-17-2002, 10:09 AM

Emma is adorable. Thanks for posting the pictures!


08-17-2002, 11:56 AM
Anna, on some days (like today, perhaps) I need alcohol and ice cream!! I'm trying to clean up the computer room so that we can put Casey in here and then let Brenden have her room (it's much smaller). I don't seem to be getting much done. I put Brenden in his little bouncer seat and Casey won't leave him alone! She was taking dirty laundry and putting it over his face, making him cry. She picks at his breastfeeding blister on his lip, tries to put things in his mouth and tries to rock him violently. I know she doesn't mean any harm, but it's hard to clean up while trying to keep her from killing her brother!

Also, two tires on DH's truck were slashed by some local neighborhood scum. One tire was slashed on Wednesday night and then the stupid kid came back the next night and slashed the other one! DH called the police and made a complaint. He found out that other people on our block also had tires slashed! I can't believe it. I hope they catch that kid. I told DH if it were my kid, I'd march him up to everyone's door to apologize formally and then I'd make him work his butt off to pay for everyone's tires. DH said if it were his kid, he beat the crap out of him. Truck tires are not cheap. Luckily, it was on his old truck that he took off the road. I hope they get the kid. They're pretty sure they know who it is. I don't know what happens when/if they catch him. I don't know how old he is.

So that's my weekend so far. DH is working today so I have these lovely children to myself. I really think they plot against me. When Casey takes a nap, Brenden wakes up. Now Casey is up and Brenden is sleeping. I only had a 30 minute window this morning and I was starving so I had to eat instead of sleep.

Barbara, I can relate to how you feel. I don't want to use the pacifier either, but I can see the Brenden would probably love one. He gets mad that he's getting milk sometimes when I nurse him. He's getting a bit better about it. I try to read to both of them at once, too. At least you can talk to Mallory, though. It's hard when neither one of the kids understands you when you say things like "don't sit on your brother!".

I wonder if he'll tell Casey "you go girl!" when he's older.....

08-17-2002, 12:38 PM
SusanR, it doesn't get any better if they are older. Mallory picks at Ellie all the time. She just can't leave her alone if she is sleeping or sitting quietly. Last night I had her propped up with a blanket and the Boppy. She was so happy and Mallory went over and started poking her, etc. Of course she started to cry.

I fixed her good a week ago. I had both girls out and we were computer shopping. I knew I had a minute window of time and was hurrying. I had made it to one store and was in Sam's Club looking. I told Mallory (who was sitting inside the cart) not to poke "sissy" and we would be able to do a little shopping also (Mallory loves to eat the fruit samples there LOL). OF course, she couldn't leave her alone and Ellie started to wail. I turned the cart around and left - Mallory was screaming to because she wanted to eat. I said, "sorry, I told you to leave her alone". She hasn't done it in public since.

Turns out I don't have to buy a new bouncy seat. My girlfriend (who's baby was born in October) is going to lend me her Fisher Price Convertible Rocker/Bouncing Seat to use.

08-17-2002, 01:19 PM
Barbara, excellent news on the new "chair". I love your story about leaving the store...and the ending. I have always thought that's the way I would approach things with Tru and then he would learn. So far, I haven't had to employ that approach :p but glad to hear it works!

Anna, terrific pictures. Thanks for posting them. Emma is a real cutie and her toys look really fun! :D I hope you have fun at the concert. Good call on earplugs!

MrsReber, sorry to hear about the tires. I hope you get some rest today!

Not too much going on here. SusanD, guess where I went this morning? I finally used my DSW gift certificate!! :D They were having this huge sale and I got three pairs of shoes for $49.50!! :) :) Of course, one pair didn't meet with "Mr. Fashion King's" approval but he didn't actually say anything. :p

Tomorrow we're having brunch with our doula and her family. I haven't seen her since December so Tru will have changed a great deal. Should be a nice time.

08-18-2002, 04:34 PM
Busy weekend for everyone, I guess. Just wanted to update you on our brunch. We get to the home of our doula, who immediately wants to hold him. Dave noticed a wet spot on the back of Tru's outfit. "Shelley, is that sweat?" Sniff, sniff. "No Dave, that looks to be a big blowout!" This would be Tru's third in as many days! :eek: So there I am changing him on the kitchen floor, outfit and all, praying he doesn't fountain all over the place.

Later in the visit I'm feeding Tru, he's doing well and we get to the part where he gets a bottle. Well, I was so proud of myself for packing everything he needed this afternoon....except the nipple to the bottle! :o So Tru "drank" from a small plastic cup. He actually did very well, considering that's not what he normally does. He takes plenty of sips from my water bottle but not 6oz worth at a time!

So, we had a great time but one can never predict what's going to happen when you're toting a kid around, huh! :) :p

08-18-2002, 05:15 PM
We're getting a cleaning service! Yea! I've done alright keeping up with laundry and the dishes, but I don't think we've dusted since the baby was born, and our floors are filthy. DH actually commented the other day on how lazy we are. I quickly pointed out all that I do during the day in addition to taking care of his 1-month old daughter. If he wants to call himself lazy, that's fine. I, however, am not lazy.

I really should be washing bottles and making up new ones instead of playing on the computer--who knows how long Hanne will actually sleep. It's just so nice to be able to type with two hands! I pretty much had to quit nursing. I was struggling along until I had to have a CT scan. I had to pump and dump for two days until the barium and dye was out of my system. After that, Hanne would latch on, but not do anything. I had a really hard time finding time to pump regularly, so it looks like we're going full time formula. Oh well, we'll try again with #2. My doctor was actually pleased to find out that I gave it up--it was just too much of a strain on my body.

Well, I lost my window...Hanne just woke up.


08-19-2002, 07:20 AM
Geez...I can hardly keep up with you guys!

Well, our little friend St. Joseph has not worked his magic yet. Poo! We didn't find a house either, though, so I guess it's not that big a deal. Other than being separated from DH :( , we're really not under any pressure either way right now. Last week I had sent our realtor in Mpls a list of 7 houses that we wanted to see. We were supposed to meet with her Friday afternoon and then again on Saturday. When I arrived in town, she called and said that 2 of the houses had sold on Thursday night - so she cancelled our appointment on Friday and we saw the remaining 5 on Saturday. None of them really knocked our socks off, so we decided to keep looking. If our house sells soon, then the pressure will be on to find something - but for now we can take our time and be picky. Interesting story though, our realtor's niece was a good friend of mine in high school. Small world!!

The flights were very interesting to say the least. :rolleyes: :o Erin does not like to sit still in a confined area like that, and she proceeded let all of us know. Ahhhh! Good thing the flight is less than an hour. My secret toy weapon with her - the only thing that will keep her quiet - is crayons. However, I hate giving them to her because she scribbles all over everything (including herself) and drops them on the floor so I have to keep picking them up. Well, I had stuck them in the diaper bag "just in case", and on the flight up there I ended up getting them out in desperation. I put her bib on so she wouldn't get crayon on her shirt, however since she was on my lap, my khaki pants and pink shirt (stupid me for wearing light colors) ended up being covered in red, blue, purple and green squiggles. And of course, as soon as Jay picked us up he insisted on taking us to his office - so I got to meet his co-workers for the first time looking like a walking coloring book! :rolleyes:

Shelley, funny about Tru's blowout! Not funny to you at the time, of course, but it gave me a laugh. :) Yay for the shoe bargain! Isn't that fun? I love buying things that don't meet with DH's fashion approval, just to watch him squirm.

Anna, how was the concert? DH would be very jealous, he is a HUGE Rush fan. I was in Chicago from 93 - 96. I was in Evanston for a year, then in Lakeview (near the Belmont el stop) for a year, and then in Wrigleyville (couple blocks NE of Wrigley field) for 1 1/2 years. Then I gave up my swingin' single life and moved to Milwaukee for my sweetie. So what brought you all the way up there from sunny Texas? As for our "Norm" connection, a good friend of ours happens to have Laurie Metcalf as a SIL. His brother is married to her, and we've hung out with them a few times. Adorable pictures! I love the present cake, was that one of her birthday cakes? You are so Martha for doing that! :D

Barbara, good for you for sticking to your guns with the shopping issue! I think that's the hardest part of discipline. And don't worry about the pacifier, sometimes you just have to do whatever works!

Susan, that really sucks about the truck tires! I would be so mad!!! My car got egged once when I was living in Chicago and I was really furious. It sure sounds like you have your hands full with those two - thank goodness for a little liquid relief once in a while! ;) When Erin was very little my dr. told me that a beer or two each day would help stimulate my milk production and that's all I needed to hear. I stopped on the way home and bought a 6-pack!

Leigh, I hope things get better for you at work. Keep us posted!

Erin, hooray for the cleaning service! I had a cleaning lady come in once and it was worth every penny.

Hey Krista, how was the wedding? Any good stories to tell?

I noticed that we didn't hear from Marisa at all...she must be busy with her visitors! :)

Well, time to start my day...see you all later!

08-19-2002, 09:32 AM
Sorry to hear to you didn't find a house yet, and I'm glad to hear you are optomistic!

I've started the Alternative Disupte Resolution process, there is some question over what can be handled this way, but I should hear something today.

Erinl, sorry you had to stop breastfeeding, but it sounds like you've come to terms with the decision. I had to do that with Ginger, and it was a difficult decision. But, a happy healthy mommy is best for a Hanne. I wish I could have a cleaning service!

MIL talked to Al yesterday. Apparently we're not supposed to 'discipline' our neice. No, this is not a habit. We've only reinforced something her parents say to her first (such as "You mommy said to eat your vegetables"). Seems that since we hold Ginger to a certain standard of behaviour at the dinner table...BIL/SIL are 'sensitive' that we won't approve/will say something because/if they don't do the same for our neice. Not that we've ever done this in the first place, we keep our opinions about their decisions as parents to ourselves (unlike MIL). Apparently BIL/SIL only expect our neice to behave at the table when we are there. I don't know if MIL doesn't like seeing them yell at my neice, or see discipline applied so inconsistenly, or what. DH doesn't think us not saying anything at all is going to change their behavoir because we've never said much in the first place. Oh well, no big deal, but a little odd.

We, of course, will still say something if we think she's hurting/upsetting either of our children. She's rather physical and unpredictable.

I hope everyone else is doing well, sorry I don't have time to say more!


08-19-2002, 01:10 PM
hello all. susanD, thanks for missing me :D

seriously, though, we had a nice weekend with the inlaws. they loved the house and they loved amanda, and they're really having a great time in south florida. we showed them around, and had a lot of fun doing so. we went to the beach on sat and sun, and amanda had a blast. she even got a slight tan on sunday :eek: i used SPF 30 and we weren't out long (less than 1 hour), but i guess the sun is pretty strong. everyone who was visiting had sunburn in the first day. they went to miami today.

leigh, i hope things get better with your job. that is really frustrating. sounds like you are trying to take the right steps though.

susanD, sorry no luck w/ a house yet. the right one will come along though. we found our house when we weren't even really looking. that made us in even more of a rush to sell the old one!!!! very funny about the crayons. i usually walk around with orange juice lip-marks on my clothing. :D

erin, good to hear from you. don't let DH make you feel lazy!!!!! oh, didn't he know the house is supposed to be messy?!?! and i hope it's not too personal if i ask this, but are you ok? i was wondering about the CT scan....

shelley, sorry to hear about tru's blowout :( aren't kids great? but it sounds like he did a great job drinking from a cup. GO TRU!!!! :D and btw, 3 pairs of shoes for $49.50 sounds like my kind of sale!

barbara, glad to hear you got a nice replacement 'chair'. and thanks for all these wonderful 'tales' that come along w/ having 2 little ones in tow. i'm enjoying them. and also thinking amanda might be an only child for a while longer ;) and i think the pacifier is a good idea if it works for you. amanda never got the hang of it. it could have been useful in many a situation.

susanR, sorry to hear about kyle's tires. hopefully the rest of your weekend was better. sounds like you also have your hands full. maybe you should try putting some dirty laundry on casey and see how she likes it. :)

anna, glad to hear that emma is happy with your MIL. amanda didn't go near my FIL really, but she did go to his wife, her daughter, and the daughter's friend. i felt bad for FIL. how was the concert? and how did emma do? i also loved all the pics. the cakes were really awesome.

ok, this is long enough and amanda should be waking up any minute. her schedule is really off after all the fun she had this weekend.

marisa :)

08-19-2002, 03:04 PM
You guys are amazing--replying to everyone like you do. I feel so self-centered!

susanD--Good luck with the house. Selling/buying a house is supposed to rank right up there with divorce on the stress-o-meter. Minneapolis is a cool city--that airport is, by far, my favorite to get stuck at. Oh, and St. Joseph worked for both my aunt and grandparents, so hang in there!

marisa--not too personal--it's all baby related. My c-section incision got infected and I ended up staying in the hospital for over a week. At home, a low-grade fever lingered, but almost 2 weeks later I spiked a pretty high one. I happened to have a doc appt the next day, and he was concerned enough to order the CT scan. They were looking for an abcess or something internal because my incision is re-healing very well. They didn't find anything, so the mystery continues. I actually finished up my antibiotics that day, and I haven't had a fever since. Also, a rash that had been bothering me since the hospital also cleared up. Coincidence? Bottom line--I'm fine, just recovering a little more slowly than most new moms.

Well, Hanne and I are making cookies today, so I'd better go. We want to mess up the kitchen before the cleaning lady comes tomorrow! :D


08-19-2002, 03:25 PM
Originally posted by lhall
We, of course, will still say something if we think she's hurting/upsetting either of our children. She's rather physical and unpredictable.

MIL or SIL? That's a little scary!!! It's too bad you have to deal with people like that in your family. Hugs to you!

Erin, my stomach hurt just reading about your ordeal! But it sounds like you're on the mend. Leigh is right, it's better for Hanne to have a happy & healthy mommy. You did the best you could, and you can't expect any more of yourself than that. Oh, and I really like your name! :D

Marisa, glad you had a good weekend!

08-19-2002, 04:50 PM
erin - ouch! glad to hear you're on the mend though. i didn't realize you had a c-section. i think you're the first of the moms here to have one. anyone out there, correct me if i'm wrong. :o

well, i'd better get going. have a good night everyone.

marisa :)

08-20-2002, 06:23 AM
Originally posted by SusanD

MIL or SIL? That's a little scary!!!

OOPS!:o Sorry for the confusion. Neice is a little physical and unpredictable. You can never tell if she's going to hurt MIL/FIL's dogs. She's somewhat 'aggressive' when she plays. She's 3M younger than Ginger.

It takes a while to remember all the Mom/baby pairs. Don't worry about feeling self centered.


08-20-2002, 06:40 AM
Lots of fun today! I get to go for my 6 week follow up and then I get to go food shopping! DH is working overtime for the next three nights. He'll probably get home aroun 8:00. I have to remember that the money is good and it'll come in handy since I think I'm only getting one more check- and that should be from state unemployment, which isn't as much as my salary! I'm just thankful I can take the time off. I told my boss I'd be back at work November 1st and then I want my four day work week again, with Mondays off. I hope it all works out. They're trying to cut back on costs so maybe they'll work with me. Unless we win the lottery and move to VA before then. I can dream, can't I??

Erin, my sister had a hard time breastfeeding before she finally gave it up. She still feels guilty to this day. The funny thing is that she never breastfed her first born and she doesn't feel guilty about that! But I agree, a happy mom is best. Sometimes I wish I wasn't breastfeeding since it's so hard to get up at night. Good news, though, Brenden has been doing great sleeping at night. I think he just needed additional time to adjust to being here instead of all nice and warm in the womb. He is such a cutie!

Marisa, 2 kids at once is an adventure. It can be very trying at times, but it's also very entertaining and can make you feel overwhelmed with love. In the mornings, Casey will walk out into the livingroom and cuddle on the couch with me and Brenden. It's the greatest feeling ever. We just lie there for a bit. Last week, she even fell back to sleep because she was so cozy. I just don't understand the touching thing. I thought maybe it was because Casey is so young that she has to touch her baby brother all the time, but I see that Mallory does the same thing.

Leigh, that's something about your neice! I'm always worried that I don't discipline Casey enough when we're at my brother's house. I'm getting paranoid about it. Then again, we're very new at discipline and we still have to figure it all out.

Well, I have to go. Brenden is coming with me. I hope he doesn't scream!! He's been very quiet lately when we go out. He just takes it all in. I hope he's that way at the doctor's office. Casey goes to the doctor on Friday for a round of shots- her last ones before she starts school. It's going to be horrible, though. My mom is coming with me. I hate the thought of my baby girl crying from the shots!!!

08-20-2002, 06:41 AM
Things are still going well here. The concert Saturday was great! I will say, I haven't been to an amphitheatre-type venue in quite awhile and forgot just how drunk, loud, high and out of control people can get. The amount of beer, pot and who knows what else being consumed was somewhat scary. We still had fun though and when we got home, Emma was sound asleep in her crib.

Other than that, we've haven't done anything exciting because Todd still has this stupid stomach virus. Every time he eats, he gets sick. Poor thing. He was feeling better last night and we attempted to go out to dinner, but he could only he about 3 bites.


Sounds like you and I lived in Chicago and the same time. It sure is a fun city and I really miss it. I don't miss the cold though. Ick. And I'm sorry that St. Joseph hasn't worked yet. You have such a positive attitude about the whole thing that I'm sure things will work out for the best.


Glad you had fun with your in-laws too. My MIL's visit is going by so fast. Then again, she still has 6 more days counting today.


I hope your cookies turned out good and that you really trashed your kitchen ;). It's funny. I always feel the urge to CLEAN my kitchen before the cleaning lady comes. How dumb of me! Actually, I don't mind cleaning the kitchen so much. It's the rest of the house that I hate cleaning.

Leigh, Leigh, Leigh,

I know how it feels to want to discipline your neice. I'm going to be going through the same thing when my sister (the "you GO Greek people" one) comes on Saturday with her 2 1/2 year old daughter. My niece has a bad habit of poking Emma in the eyes, hitting her, and trying to pick her up -- all of which I am supposed to turn a blind eye to or else stealthily remove Emma from my nieces vicinity. God forbid I tell her "No!" when she pulls Emma's hair. Sigh. Meanwhile, I hope I don't end up pulling my sister's hair.


I'm glad to hear Tru is drinking from a cup. Isn't it funny how they seem so proud of themselves after they do it? Even if they get more drink all over themselves in then in their mouths? Emma loves drinking ice water from a cup. Since it's so hot here, I usually let her drink a little and then I pour the rest over her head to cool her off. She loves that :)

08-20-2002, 06:58 AM
Originally posted by claire797
Actually, I don't mind cleaning the kitchen so much. It's the rest of the house that I hate cleaning.

My niece has a bad habit of poking Emma in the eyes, hitting her, and trying to pick her up -- all of which I am supposed to turn a blind eye to or else stealthily remove Emma from my nieces vicinity. God forbid I tell her "No!" when she pulls Emma's hair.

I'm the same way about cleaning. I don't mind doing kitchen, just everything else.

I don't think you're supposed to turn a blind eye when another child is hurting your baby. It doesn't matter who the child belongs to. You could always try to move Emma away from you neice to get around the disciplining someone else's child issue. That, and not let her near/play with Emma if she hurts her.

Discipline is hard. DH and I try to be consistent, and supportive. We never contradict each other on discipline in front of the children.
We don't let her get away with misbehaving at the dinner table one night and not the next, etc.


08-21-2002, 09:44 AM
Where is everybody?

Our townhouse is so clean! I love having somebody else do the dirty work! My only complaint--she didn't clean out the soap dish in our half bath. I had to laugh when I saw that because she was so thorough everywhere else.

My parents are coming to visit this weekend. Yea! Paul and I are going to dinner and a play Saturday night while they babysit. Mom even wanted to get a hotel room for us so we could get a good night's sleep. We declined. I'm not allowed to do any form of exercise until my incision is completely healed, and the temptation would be too great!:o

I hope everyone is having a good Wednesday!

08-21-2002, 10:46 AM
Originally posted by lhall
OOPS!:o Sorry for the confusion. Neice is a little physical and unpredictable. You can never tell if she's going to hurt MIL/FIL's dogs. She's somewhat 'aggressive' when she plays. She's 3M younger than Ginger.

Oh, DUH! That makes more sense. Phew! Yes, you'd definitely need to say something then. I would.

I don't mind cleaning the kitchen either. I pretty much clean it up every night - spray & wipe down the counters, stove, sink, etc. - so I don't have to do a big scrub-down very often. The bathrooms, on the other hand, are my dreaded chore. I HATE doing them. I'd consider hiring a cleaning lady just to come clean my bathrooms twice a month.

Anna, I laughed at your comments about the concert. Shows you how old we're getting! We were noticing that the last time we were at Summerfest too. The drunk college kids weren't nearly as annoying when I was one of them! :p Hope Todd is feeling better soon, stomach ailments are the worst.

Have a great afternoon everyone!

08-22-2002, 07:54 AM
good morning everyone.

we went to Miami yesterday to spend more time w/ FIL. we took them to South Beach, etc. and then we ended up meeting w/ a friend who just got engaged. All things considered, Amanda did spectacularly. She didn't get into her crib last night until almost midnight, and she's still sleeping now (10am). we had a good time, but a very long day. and I'm sure her schedule will be out of whack for several days now. oh well.

susanD and Anna, about noise at concerts and feeling old: i think in this case age is more of a state of mind than a number. i am 25, but already i feel old if i even think about going to concerts, etc. because of all the craziness that goes on there!!! :o and i knew i was 'old' when i watched MTV and all i could think of was, "what is wrong with kids today?"

leigh, i agree discipline is hard. and sometimes it's hard to be on the same page as your DH. for example, i let amanda get into some places in the kitchen or her room and she pulls things out of the drawer or whatever. then DH comes home and tells her not to do that! i guess it would be easier if he were home all day and could see what was going on. i guess we'll have to work on that.

susanR, i hope all went well at your check up. i hope brenden did well too. :) any news from your boss about the reality of going back to a 4 day week? ah, forget answering that. you have plenty of time to ignore work!

erin, glad your house is sparkling clean. it DOES feel good! how nice of your mom to babysit. and even get you a hotel room? very nice! my question is: do you always get the urge to exercise if you go to a hotel? or was that some kind of exercising that doesn't take place in hotel's gym? :o ;) :D :o

ok, i think amanda is waking up, so i'd better go get her. have a great day everyone!

marisa :)

08-22-2002, 01:48 PM
Finally, I got on. One and a half days of no BB and I feel lost!

and i knew i was 'old' when i watched MTV and all i could think of was, "what is wrong with kids today?"

Marisa, I think that ALL the time. Things just keep getting looser and crazier...the things kids are doing now don't leave much more room for the next generation to get out of hand. Sounds like Amanda is very adaptable. Good luck getting the schedule back. I LIVE for schedules!

Erin, glad to hear your house is clean and you didn't have to lift a finger. What a treat! You deserve it!

SusanD, sorry 'bout the house situation. Great attitude, though. Keep us posted.

Anna, so glad to hear the concert was fun. The night I went to listen to my friends band a few months back made me feel the same as you regarding concerts/kids. Oh well, we should all be glad we don't long for the "good old days" and instead, enjoy what we're doing now.

MrsReber, hope the work situation works out in your favor.

It's been a very busy day here. Haircut, a thousand errands, a thousand more to go, drop off some presents for a baby shower I"m going to miss this weekend and then go visit some other friends and their two week old baby tonight.

Oh, then there's the two quiches I made at the last minute today (since I wasn't aware we were visiting the new parents), the prerequisite loads of laundry and then packing later tonight. I make it sound horrible but I am actually enjoying myself today, feeling like I"m getting a lot accomplished. Yup, you can probably tell I"m a list person. ;)

My brother is getting married this weekend and even though it's only 50 minutes away, I"ll be gone starting tomorrow weekend through Sunday afternoon so I have to think of everything. Guess I'd better not have that glass of wine before dinner!

Have a great weekend, everyone!

08-24-2002, 05:45 AM
Hello- I don't have time to read and catch up right now. It's actually 7:40 am and both babies are STILL sleeping! How did that happen?

Casey went to the doctor yeseterday and got three shots- two boosters and the chicken pox vaccine. She was not very happy about it. I think that's why she's still asleep. Anyway, they weighed and measured her and here's what happened. She actually lost weight since her 12 month check up. I attribute that to her teeth right now. Those molars are still coming in so she doesn't seem to want to eat much. Anyway, she is now 18.14 lbs and barely in the 3rd percentile for weight. Personally, I think that's genetics. DH is 6ft 5in and weighs about 175. I was really tiny when I was young and my mom tells me that I sometimes wouldn't eat for days. However, the doctor wants me to get a urine sample for them and I am supposed to take Casey to the lab for bloodwork. I'm sure she'll love that. The doctor told me that they usually do bloodwork at 12 months to check for lead. Is this true? Am I going to put my poor little girl through unnecessary trauma? The doctor wants to check to make sure all her organs are functioning normally, too, since she's so thin. I don't really believe in the percentile thing, but I know some other moms have had their kids fall off the charts. Did the doctors request that you go for bloodwork??

I'm going to have to try to catch up here. I couldn't get on the bb so I couldn't read the new posts! Today we're going to my mom's house. My uncle is coming from Brooklyn with my cousin and her daughter. My kids have never met their great uncle- and he really is just about the best person I know. He's so good and considerate of others. Anyway, I have to get going so I can get everyone ready!!

08-24-2002, 01:06 PM
I think the lead stick at 12 months is standard. DD#1 was supposed to have it done and we had an incompetent corpsman (navy medical personnel) try and do it. DH finally told the guy "you are not going to keep trying to get blood for a **** test that she probably won't test positive for anyway" (they stuck her three times and she was screaming the whole time)! When we moved to Hawaii (four months later), the lab here had no problems getting the blood, but they used a butterfly.

SusanR, if they want to do a finger stick tell them no, you want a butterfly. Any good lab (worker) will do it for you. IMO a finger stick is useless since by the time they get enough blood out it usually is congealed in the tube and then useless for testing.

Good luck. I too don't think much of the charts - as you know, we have the opposite problem with them (with DD#1 anyway). So far DD#2 is on the lower end of the scale (just under 50th percentile).

08-24-2002, 08:37 PM
hi everyone. hope you're having a good weekend. amanda is still recovering from our late night on wednesday. we went to miami to visit FIL at his hotel down there, and we ended up not getting home until midnight. amanda got her second wind along the way, but fell asleep on the way home. since then, she's been napping consistently and sleeping in until at least 8:30am. (and still going to sleep at normal 7pm bedtime). Anna, i was thinking that maybe you should take emma down to south beach for a late night in order to improve her sleeping!!! ;)

Krista, hope the trip to big sur was awesome!

shelley, hope you guys had a great time at the wedding and you didn't forget to pack anything!

anna, i'm dying to hear about emma's bday parties. i hope all went well and she had a great time.

susanD, hope you had a great weekend - and either found a house to buy, a buyer for your house...or both!!! :D

susanR, i'm sorry casey didn't like her shots. those things are no fun at all. poor casey :( about her weight: i would go along with what the doctor suggests. her low weight could be nothing...but if it IS something, i'd want to know, even if that means lots of bloodwork or whatever. just in case. i'm sure you're probably right in terms of genetics, etc. but it is obviously the dr's responsibility to examine anything that might seem out of the ordinary. our dr told us that the place on the growth chart isn't as important as their rate of growth. so if casey was always in the 3rd percentile, i don't think your dr would be as concerned. i also agree that teething wreaks havoc on eating. i find that when amanda's teeth seem to be bothering her the most, it is very hard to get her to eat.

on that note, i'm sort of dreading amanda's dr visit this week. at 12 months, the dr seemed concerned that she still wasn't saying any words. oh, she said 'mama' and 'dada', but it was nonspecific. he said he'd take a closer look at the 15 mon visit. well, it's in a few days and she still doesn't say words, although she has a very wide range of babbling. she understands us and follows all kinds of simple and complex directions though, so i'm not worried about her hearing. i'm just wondering what the dr is going to say. DH is convinced that she isn't talking because she's spent so much time teething (ie there is too much else going on in her mouth to worry about talking :rolleyes: ) ok, maybe it has something to do with it, but i'm not putting any bets on that theory.

well, i'd better go. it's a late night for me!
marisa :)

08-25-2002, 01:12 AM
Marisa, if it makes you feel any better, DH didn't talk until he was 3! His mom took him for tests and all, but he was fine. Casey "says" words that only we can understand. She say"grandma" today. My SIL (brother's wife) understood it perfectly. She says shoes, socks, fish ( we have a giant marlin on the wall), mama and dada (she just figured out about a week ago that I am mama and DH is dada). She says a couple of other things that nobody else can figure out. So, even though Amanda is babbling, she is probably saying some words. Casey, being so shy, wouldn't talk to the doctor at all. I explained that she does understand things. If I ask her where her cup is, she'll go get it- and other things like that. These doctors make you crazy, as you can see from my bloodwork question.

Thanks for the feedback on the bloodwork. Barbara, I'll have to see how they want to draw the blood. It's going to be horrible no matter what. I just want it over with quickly. The urine sample they want should be fun. I have to run that over to the doctor myself with 2 children in tow. Casey hasn't always been in the low end for weight. At first she was average, then she went up to the 90th percentile, then down to the 15th and now down to the 3rd. It does seem odd and I supposed it's best to check it out. However, she is healthy and normal in all respects.

Marisa, that's really great that you had a good visit with FIL. Even better that Amanda is napping so much! Casey missed her nap today. She only slept a few minutes in the car. I got home from my mom's at 8:30. Poor DH worked all day so he didn't see Casey at all. Brenden is doing great sleeping at night. So well, in fact, that here it is, 3:00am and I am pumping a bit so I can sleep. He woke up at 11:30 and just now at 3:00. He ate at 5:30 last night and didn't eat again until he got up at 11:30! Even then, he didn't eat much and went right back to sleep. My left side is really engorged. Very painful even after he ate for a couple of minutes so I figured I'd see what was going on here. Now I must go back to bed!

08-25-2002, 09:12 AM
Emma's birthday week has ended. The party's are over and my MIL is on her way back to Connecticut. Now I can rest.

It was nice having MIL here, but after the first 5 days I developed house-guest-itis. 10 days with a MIL in the house is a bit much -- and that's all I'll say.

The week was a little disappointing. We had a free week of unlimited babysitting, but couldn't really go out to dinner because Todd was sick and couldn't eat. We spent most of our evenings -- Todd, MIL and me, eating leftovers (soup for Todd) on the couch in front of the TV. He was better by Friday (Emma's first party), but I as still peeved that all those date nights had been wasted. Then I felt bad for being peeved because it wasn't his fault he was sick. Oh well.

As for Saturday night with my sister and Mom, I am happy to report that my sister was great! She played with the kids, didn't say anything extremely embarrassing, and held off from trying to be the center of attention. We actually had a good time.

Marisa, it sounds like you had a good buy busy weekend. I hope Amanda continues to nap a lot this week and sleep well. Emma's had a few rough nights this past week, but a tooth broke through this morning (number 8!) so at least we know why. What day is your 15 month Dr. visit? Also, I wouldn't worry too much about Amanda's language skills. She'll probably make a big leap and just start saying a bunch of words at once. Emma only says Mama, Dada, and Kitty and only Mama is specific...and she only uses it when she's mad. Everything that moves is "Kitty" and all people that aren't "Mama" are Dada.

Susan, that's weird that your doctor wants to test for lead. I don't think out doctor does it. Emma has her 1 year appt. on Tuesday so I'll ask. Maybe Barbara's right though and it is standard.

Shelley, hope you had fun at the wedding.

SusanD and Leigh, it's funny that we all like cleaning the kitchen only. Now. How do you feel when guests come in and start helping you clean up after a dinner party or something? I have to admit, I hate that and would much rather my guests just sit and relax while I quickly load the dishwasher.

Erin, have you messed up your house yet????? ;) I certainly have.

08-25-2002, 03:29 PM
delurking to ask a question.

I don't know how to describe this, but I'll do my best. you know that thing in your mouth that is between your tongue and the bottom of your mouth? It is a thin connector thing-y... well, in my mouth it connects in the middle of the tongue (like half way back). But in Julia's mouth it connects pretty much right at the front of the tongue. so when she tries to stick her tongue out, it comes out but then kind rolls back under because if the connector thing.

wow. is that totally unintelligible? I hope you can picture what I mean.

anyway. does anyone know if this is normal? I am worried it will affect her speech. unless it is normal and she somehow grows out of it.

she is six months old...


08-25-2002, 03:56 PM
Val, you described it perfectly.:) I'm sorry, though, I can't be of any help right now. I immediately went over to Truman and tried to check his tongue and got my finger bitten for my efforts.:eek: He didn't mean to hurt me, I know. I can't say that I've noticed one way or the other on him. I'll be anxious to hear what everyone else says.

Oops, I'll have to respond to everyone else later. Dave is ready to go and we're heading out to buy some groceries after our weekend away.

08-25-2002, 04:00 PM

I understand what you are describing, Val, and just checked mine cause I vaguely remember my parents having discussion about this when I was much younger.

Mine connects pretty near the front of my mouth which might explain why I can't stick my tongue out very far. :) But I have never had speech problems/speech therapy/medical issues because of it, so I am guessing it's obe of those things where you learn to work with what you've got!

08-25-2002, 04:16 PM
i knew someone who had what you are describing. her parents said she was "tongue-tied". it didn't affect her speech or anything. i think there is some sort of surgery available to make your tongue "connect" further back, if you feel so inclined. if you are very concerned, i'd go ahead and call the pediatrician's office just to be sure.

marisa :)

08-25-2002, 06:11 PM
thanks for your responses!

I decided to do some research (instead of being lazy and waiting around for someone else to help me) and I found this description of the problem:

tongue-tie (http://my.webmd.com/encyclopedia/article/3609.7091)

so it is a real condition -- it is called tongue-tie, just as you said, marisa.

turns out that DH had it and they did surgery on him. the condition is inherited.

but the main symptom of it (or problem caused by it) is trouble feeding. Julia has never had any problems breastfeeding. she is still exclusively breastfed and she weighed 19 pounds at her 6 month check up.


08-25-2002, 06:44 PM
Well, We're back!

The kids did pretty well in the car, especially since we picked them up right after nap and plopped them in the car!

MIL/FIL were fine. SIL said MIL was very very mad at her because they wouldn't let MIL/FIL bring my neice up with them on Thursday. Too bad! I got tons of shopping done. Clothes, shoes, and a brand new 8" Wushtof Chef's Knife - I'm dangerous now!!:D :D

I even got everything un packed and put away. This a good thing because we're going out of town next weekend too. Bad thing is we left Ginger's purple blanket in TN. Either we'll get it Tuesday or Friday and she's borrowing Mariel's purple blanket til then.

Anna, I hope Emma enjoyed her parties. Sorry to hear Todd was sick.

Hope everyone else is doing well. I've got 4 days of posts to catch up on so I'll check back later.

OH, Mariel was off the chart for about 6M for he height. She did have low iron levels, but the CBC wasn't too bad. Give Casey some Tylenol or Mortin about 30 minutes before they take blood.

Marisa, Mariel was kind of a late talker, but now she's talking in 4 word sentences!


08-25-2002, 07:03 PM
That's good news, Val!

Krista, I can't wait until you check in. It's been ages since we've heard from you and I'm anxious to hear about your trip and the wedding.

Anna, glad to hear the weekend was a success and your sister behaved. Well, kinda disappointed because you don't have any "stories". :p Nice to have the house back, huh?! I hope Todd is completely better. That really stinks not being able to go out to dinner.

Marisa, sorry you're worried about Amanda speaking. I'm sure the doc is just being thorough, just like in MrsReber's case. I can't imagine her having a problem since she checks out in every other aspect. What day is the appointment?

Anne, I think we need an update on little Mason! ;) :)

Leigh, that's nice the trip was pretty good. Excellent on the knife! I'm jealous. Is the purple blanket a lovey type of thing? Speaking of which, how many of the kids here have a lovey? Tru doesn't seem attached to any specific toy or blanket. Is it possible that might still happen?

The wedding was a success. If you're interested......:D ;)
It was a unique wedding, held at my mom and dad's home. I really had a great time and Tru was on his best behavior! Yea!!! :)

Have a terrific week, everyone.

08-25-2002, 07:16 PM
Originally posted by shoyski
Is the purple blanket a lovey type of thing?

Well, she's pretty attached to it, but it was a baby blanket that was made for me when I was born. So, it's special to me and her. MIL/FIL are at the cabin until Tuesday so we know it's in good hands. We'll get it back.

Looks like everyone had a good time at the wedding!


08-26-2002, 09:17 AM
Good morning! Happy that the BB is finally working again, I tried Thursday but couldn't get on. Well, slight movement in the house department. Apparently there is one couple that wants to make an offer, but they have a house to sell and our realtor told them that we can't take a contingency. But...at least we know they're out there, and hopefully something will happen with their house. Not likely, though, until they take the hot tub out of their dining room. :eek: :rolleyes: Then, Jay and I started having second thoughts about one of the houses we saw last weekend. It was on the low end of our price range, and the things we didn't like about it were mostly cosmetic - ie NASTY kitchen, partially (half-a**ed) finished basement, ugly tile in the foyer - all stuff we could afford to change b/c the house price is so low. So, he's going to try to get in to see it again this week and drag my parents along for their opinion. So, we'll see! We have another showing today at 11:30, so I'm taking an early lunch to go home and clean up.

The weekend was good, it was so nice (as usual) to see Jay. We went to a friend's 40th b-day party Saturday night while my dad babysat. That was fun, until the entertainment portion of the evening began...the birthday boy's brother owns a karaoke business. :rolleyes: Needless to say, we made a hasty departure after we'd had our fill of food and beer.

Marisa, Erin got the same kind of report from her dr. so it was a relief to hear you say that about Amanda's speech! Erin's not saying much - "mama" and "dada", "hello" which is actually her name for the phone, "yes" and "no", "duh" for dog, and she just learned "hi" this weekend (which is accompanied by a big, wrinkly-nosed grin). Occasionally I'll pick out other words too, but I have to be listening really closely because otherwise they just sound like babble. So, I wouldn't worry too much about it. Amanda's probably saying more than you think she is. I'd just work with her on things, repeating words a lot, and she'll develop at her own pace.

Susan, Erin had to have the lead test at her 12M checkup too. I had to take her to Children's Hospital to have it done, and I sure hope I never have to go there again! And how are you supposed to take a urine sample, might I ask? Squeeze the diaper into a cup?

Anna, sorry to hear about your week! I agree, I would feel somehow "unfulfilled" knowing that I'd had an entire week of free babysitting and was unable to take advantage of it. Glad to hear Todd's feeling better, though! I have to admit, I'm a little disappointed that you have no sister stories. :p And in answer to your question...it depends on who's helping. I don't mind my mom, because I got my pickiness from her, and she knows how I like things. Otherwise, yes, I'd prefer that my guests just stay put and let me work b/c I can get it done faster by myself.

Shelley, the wedding looked beautiful! Glad to hear it was a success. Erin isn't really attached to anything yet - and fingers crossed it stays that way. We keep a stuffed dog in her crib, as well as a blanket that I rotate w/others so that she doesn't develop an attachment to any one in particular. When she's sleeping, she bunches the blanket up for a pillow, and uses the dog as a footrest.

Leigh, hooray for a good weekend with the in-laws! And double-hooray for the shopping success!

Val, I wish I could help you on the tongue thing. I just checked mine and it's way back there. I'm guessing Erin's is too because she can roll her tongue and stick it way out.

Erin, how was your date night?

Well, have a good day everyone!

08-26-2002, 10:44 AM
Sounds like everybody had a good weekend. Mine was great, too. I think I held DD for all of 15 minutes while my parents were here. Date night was nice, although a little short. We ended up staying in for dinner because DH had to work until 5. Then he had to come home, get cleaned up, change the packing in my incision, etc. There is only one really nice restaurant on the way to the theater and we didn't have reservations. So, we planned on getting dessert and coffee afterwards. Nothing was open! This particular theater is in the financial district, so the neighborhood pretty much shuts down by 7pm Friday night. Oh well. It was still nice. I don't know that I would really recommend Aida to anybody. It was good, but I think I would have preferred something a little more traditional Broadway. Just my opinion.

I had the tongue thing as a baby, and all they did was snip the connecting piece with scissors right at the doctors office. I keep meaning to check DDs tongue, but I forget when she's awake.

Oh, the house isn't looking so good. :rolleyes: I only want the cleaning service to come every 2 weeks, but that will still require work on our part!:D Well, I suppose I should go get busy.


08-26-2002, 11:52 AM
well, it sounds like everyone had a nice weekend!

erin, don't worry about the cleaning. you will get into more a schedule soon enough. of course, i should be mopping the floor right now while amanda naps, but.... :rolleyes:

susanD, interesting news on the house-hunting/house-selling. good idea not to accept a contingency. you can't wait around for other people. we sort of did that with our house, and the woman just flaked out. meanwhile, we had our hopes sort of set on her, at least as a backup. but those are the wonderful things you deal w/ when you do it on your own. the house w/ cosmetic needs is a good idea, although you need to make sure it's do-able for you with a baby around. we first looked at the house 2 doors down from where we bought, and it needed some serious cosmetic work (everything was yellow. i mean, the walls, yellow shag carpet, etc etc). the people who bought it wanted the one we got, but were too slow. they have spent a lot of time and money getting it to the way they want it, and i think there is still a ways to go. on the other hand, most people get turned off when they see homes that need work, so you can often get it for a great price without much competition. just make sure you're not settling! Oh, and sounds like you had a nice weekend...awww, come on, you don't like karaoke? ;)

shelley, loved the pics from the wedding. you need to put captions in so we know who everyone is. i think i picked out the bride and groom though :rolleyes: :p nice deal with the bottle too. how did tru like it? ;)

leigh, sounds like you had a fun weekend. you will enjoy your wusthof knife. DH got me a set last year for my bday, and they've been the greatest thing ever. i hope mariel gets her blanket back soon. good thing ginger has one she can borrow!

val, glad i was able to help. more glad that julia doesn't seem to be affected by this. and i laughed when you said your DH had this condition as a child too! it's funny the things you find out about your spouse that you never think to ask :D

anna, sounds like you could use a vacation this week! i'm also a tad disappointed that there are no SIL stories to share :p although maybe you guys are sad that i didn't have any real FIL stories either. oh well. i guess august is just a tame month. i hope todd is feeling better. sometimes, there's nothing more annoying than being ready to go out and have a good time...and your DH is sick or tired or has to work or something. argh! :(

susanR, i'm also curious as to how they're goign to get a urine sample from casey. i was thinking that from the first time you posted. i guess susanD was thinking the same thing! let us know how everything turned out. i'm sure casey will be just fine.

amanda's appointment is set for thursday, but i might have to cancel it and push it off until september. we just got some new insurance bc DH changed jobs, and i haven't yet heard if amanda has been "accepted". meanwhile, the insurance co already cashed the check for the premium, so i dont' want to shell out extra $ if i don't have to. we'll see what he says about her talking, also. i feel like maybe i talk "for" her too much. i can always guess what she wants. she does a few signs too. a few times, i think she said "duck" we have ducks in the lake and she has several rubber duckies...

ok, this is long enough. gotta go!
marisa :)

08-26-2002, 11:59 AM
I hate to say this, but the only way I've heard of to get a urine sample from a toddler is with a catheter. We went through it with DD#1 (we thought she had been exposed to croup). It wasn't a pleasant experience, but not as bad as I envisioned.

Mallory didn't have a lovey when she was little (under age 3), but has become attached to a bunny that my mom brought for her when they came this summer to help me with the baby. She drags it around with her everywhere.

I think Ellie is going to be the one that has a lovey from the start. She is a big cuddler and loves to suck on anything she can get in her mouth (Mallory spit out everything you put in her mouth except a bottle).

Shoyski do you have a personal website where you post your pictures? I'm still trying to get something set up where you don't have to enter a password to view pictures. Do you think if I pay the fee for the site at Ofoto or MyFamily.com I will be able to set up a direct link instead of having to use a password? This is all so new to me.

Have a good Monday ladies!

08-26-2002, 12:01 PM
that's the only thing i could think of too. but i liked susanD's idea of squeezing a diaper :D

marisa :)

ps where's anne?

08-26-2002, 01:49 PM
Originally posted by BosunsWife
I hate to say this, but the only way I've heard of to get a urine sample from a toddler is with a catheter. We went through it with DD#1 (we thought she had been exposed to croup). It wasn't a pleasant experience, but not as bad as I envisioned.

Shoyski do you have a personal website where you post your pictures? I'm still trying to get something set up where you don't have to enter a password to view pictures. Do you think if I pay the fee for the site at Ofoto or MyFamily.com I will be able to set up a direct link instead of having to use a password? This is all so new to me.

Mariel was sick at 7 1/2 weeks, boy that was fun. Anyways, they had to get a urine sample with a cathater. She cried, but hopefully with Casey being bigger that won't be so bad. IF they do a catater.

I stole Anna's trick of posting photos at http://photos.yahoo.com. You have to have a yahoo id (I already had one), then you create an album, put the pictures in it, then make it public. It was easy once I got the hang of it. There's this 'helper application' that allows you to select and upload all your pictures at once. Makes the whole process go much faster, and it was relatively easy to learn

WOW, I used my knife last night!!! That old Chicago Cutlery thing was like cutting with a spoon by comparisson. Then again, I did use that for about 10 years so it was really worn out.


08-26-2002, 02:10 PM
I'm baaack. Did ya' miss me? :D

We got home on Saturday, but our computer died so DH spent the whole day yesterday, and late into the night fixing it. I've finally caught up to all the posts on this thread, although I should be dealing with my work stuff. Oh, well, there's nothing wrong with easing back in, is there?

Well, the big news is that Jared took his first steps on the 22nd in Big Sur. He'll take about 3, and then resort to crawling. It's still his preferred method of travel. He got really attached to my dad, and would fuss everytime my dad left the room. My dad called yesterday to whine that he was missing his playmate.

All in all, I had a great vacation, although the week leading up to the wedding wasn't all that relaxing. Here is a link to some pictures, if you're nosy. :) They were taken by my 13 y.o. cousin, so there are a lot of repeats, but some are cute. The little girls are my cousins daughters. There aren't any Jared pictures. http://picturecenter.kodak.com/share?invite=oEFr46Pc5k7id77o0kfQ Don't go to the slideshow, or you'll have to sift through all the duplicates.

The Big Sur Lodge doesn't have televisions, phones, clocks, or radios, so we spent a lot of time hiking, swimming, napping and playing cards. We also went to the Moterey Bay Aquarium, which was fun. Jared liked to look at the fish, but was startled if one swam right up to the glass. We all thought that was hilarious, poor guy.

I'm taking Jared for his 12 month check up today. He really only says mama, da, and baba, but it's pretty indiscrimate. He babbles a lot, but I wouldn't say that he is talking. I'm interested in what the dr will have to say about that.

SusanR, I hope that everything works out well with Casey. I was also wondering how you were supposed to get a urine sample. I hope you are successful and don't have to put a catheter in.

SusanD, I'm sending happy house thoughts your way.

Erin, I'm so jealous. I want a housekeeper! I would be in the same position you are, though. I'd want to clean before she came, then wouldn't pick up in the meantime and my house would always look trashed. :rolleyes: Sorry that your date night didn't work out as you had hoped.

Anna, I'm glad that you are recovering from you MIL visit. Tell us about Emma's parties! I couldn't check the pictures- hopefully on my computer at home I can. My mom's was too slow and the site is blocked here at work.

Shelley, I'm glad you had fun at your brother's wedding. It looks like it was a much more laid back affair than my brother's wedding. I wish I could have been there instead of caught up in all the drama of a big wedding day. It was fun, but I'm sure you know what I mean.

Ack-boss alert. More later.

08-26-2002, 02:21 PM
Have to make this quick, I have a baby on my shoulder and one in her crib just lying there. She wanted to lie down, but she's not sleeping. Weird. Anyway, they gave me this thing to get a urine sample. It's like a little bag and you actually attach it to that area. I guess it's tape or something. The instructions are inside and I can't open it because it's sterile. I think I'll try to do it on Friday when I can hopefully get my mom to come help me. No catheter! I think we'd pass on the urine sample if that were the case. There's Casey now- gotta go!


08-27-2002, 07:20 AM
Hi! I just had to let you all know that Erin was 16 months old yesterday! I got my dates all screwed up and kept thinking it was today. I can't believe how fast my little girl is growing up! I was thinking about that last night when I went in to check on her in bed...that big girl sprawled out in her crib is the same little tiny baby that I carried around in my belly. Made me a bit sad...but I guess that means we'll just have to start working on #2 after we move! :D

Hey Krista, good to hear from you! Sounds like you had a fun trip! I couldn't get in to see your pictures due to our lovely web-blocker (you know how that goes). And hooray for Jared!!!

Marisa, I am pretty excited about the house. It was one of those things where it didn't knock our socks off right away but the more we thought about it the more we liked it. It's in a nice neighborhood, has a great yard and a really nice, big family room. The dining room has wallpaper which actually isn't that bad - other than it doesn't really match the style of our furniture, I could live with it until I felt inclined to take it down. Plus, the idea of being able to do a kitchen the way I want it is really kind of exciting. And seeing as we haven't had too much action on our current house, we may be able to get the work done before we move in...which would help a lot. We'll see, DH & my parents are going to try to go through it again this week - hopefully things are as we remembered them.

Leigh, aren't Wustof knives the best? I love mine.

Erin, glad that you had a fun (but too short) date night. Hey, now that you know where Anna & I lived, where exactly are you???

Well, time to get to work. Today's casual day because we're having our company picnic...yippee! :D

08-27-2002, 07:50 AM
Hi guys! I have been lurking a lot lately, because I have been working on re-doing a bathroom in our house, and of course the only time I have time to do any of it is when Mason is sleeping. I finally got all the wallpaper down, now I just have to figure out when I am going to have time to paint it.

No way I have time to catch up on everything and everybody - so I am just going to say a few things:

SusanD - that sounds great on the house! That is how Clint and I felt about this house: when we first saw it, we weren't blown away, partly because the lady who lived here before had horrible decorating taste. But then we realized that we really liked the house. And now that we live here, we love it. The downside is that between me getting pg right after we moved in and the loss of my job, we haven't been able to do nearly as much to the house as we planned. :rolleyes: But its still a nice house.

Marisa - Happy Birthday! I have heard so many stories about babies learning to talk much later, so I wouldn't worry about Amanda's talking.

Shelley - glad the wedding was fun, loved the pictures

Krista - glad the wedding was fun, loved the pictures. :D Big Sur sounds really neat.

SusanR - glad that they don't have to use a catheter to get that urine sample.

Erin - congrats on managing to do a date night so quickly! I think you have managed that earlier than the rest of us.

Anna - glad that you made it through Emma's birthday week festivites. Maybe next year you should give her a whole month.

There is really nothing exciting going on here. Mason has started eating finger foods, and loves Cheerios and crackers. I haven't tried toast yet, maybe I will give him some at lunch today. I have been taking him to story time at the library every Wednesday morning, and I am afraid they are going to report me for child abuse, since every time we go he has a new bruise on his face. :rolleyes: He somehow manages to hit his face on everything. And most of the time it is a pretty small looking fall or bump, but suddenly a bruise shows up. And this week he has a little bruise on his forehead, and a little scratch above his eye. Ack - Clint just brought him in here for me, and he just hit his mouth on the chair! Poor guy. Well, I better go!

08-27-2002, 10:52 AM

08-27-2002, 12:13 PM
Hey, happy birthday Marisa! I didn't realize it was your birthday. Guess I need to read the posts a little more thoroughly! So how old are you...or don't you want to say (although, I suspect you're one of the younger ones in our little group! :p ).

Hope you have a fantastic day! :D :D

08-27-2002, 12:35 PM
hello all! thanks for the birthday wishes! they made me feel all warm & fuzzy :p :D

susanD, i would like to know what makes you think i'm one of "the younger ones in our little group"! :D am i really that immature?!?!? just kidding! ok, i'll spill the beans. today, at 4:11pm, i turn 26 years old. :rolleyes: i feel like i am 56 though. you should have seen me trying to roll out of bed this morning. every bone in my body ached and creaked. try to keep that in mind when your kids tell you they want to go to gymnastics ;)

oh, and when you said you got your dates all screwed up, i'm hoping you meant that you didn't realize yesterday was the 26th. not that her birthday was on the 26th... hmmm. i guess maybe you are one of "the older ones in our little group" :D just kidding! have fun at your company picnic today!

anne, i can't believe you neglected us for wallpaper! oh well, i guess sometimes "real life" and our homes have to come first. i actually spent some time cleaning up this morning, and it really made a world of difference around here. i think i just need to quit complaining about cleaning and do it! dont' worry about mason's bumps and bruises. you have to do a lot worse to get social services to take him away!!! :eek: amanda is always getting bruises too. one day she had a little goose-egg on her forehead! poor girl!

susanR, great insight on the urine collection. gee, sometimes i find out just a little bit more information than i bargained for around here!

krista, GO JARED! on taking his first steps. and in big sur, no less (btw, that lodge sounds awesome and very relaxing!). did you get it on film? i bet within the month he will be running. lucky you! ;) what were his stats at the doctor yesterday? i'm always curious!

ok, i'd better go; this is long enough. tonight, evan and i are going out to dinner, while my mom (and the rest of the amanda-entourage consisting of my dad and grandma) come over to babysit amanda. i'm meeting evan early (before 5pm) because the place we picked is close to his work. we'll have an early dinner and be home before amanda goes to bed. after a ton of agonizing over a restaurant, i ended up choosing the cheesecake factory, an old standby for us. :o but we will bring home some good dessert to share with everyone! next year, maybe i'll be more adventurous!

marisa :)

08-27-2002, 12:43 PM
I don't have much time to post right now -- but real quick. Have fun at The Cheesecake Factory, Marisa. I've heard their portion sizes are really, really small though so you may need to order 2 entrees each.

Also, I know what you mean about feeling old at 26. For some reason, I felt really, really old when I hit that number. I think it has something to do with now you're officially closer to 30. If it's any consolation, 27 and 28 are easy. 29 really sucks, but 30 is actually pretty good. Once you get over the mortification that you've turned 30, it's like turning 20 again. Now I'm 31 and I feel about the same as when I was, oh, 21. It's all relative.

My theory is that 36 will be bad, 39 will be icky, but 40 will be great. Then 46 will be bad, 49 will be icky and 50 will be like being a kid again.

08-27-2002, 12:47 PM
Happy Birthday Marisa! Oh, to be 26 again - well, maybe not, my 20's weren't really anything to write home about LOL. Life didn't get really interesting until I turned 28 (when I met my DH).

I have a question for you ladies. How do you wean your baby from sleeping swaddled? I never had the problem with Mallory because we never swaddled her - could be part of the reason we couldn't get her to sleep on her back either! We put Ellie in her own room this weekend and I would like to get her used to sleeping just in PJ's because it really is too warm in her room to be in PJ's and wrapped up like a little papoose. Right now I've resorted to a onesie and the wrapping. Also, I think she would sleep better if she wasn't wrapped up because she is a restless sleeper and ends up unwrapping herself and then waking herself up. I've tried putting her down just in a sleeper, but she wakes up about a 1/2 hour after I put her down crying.

Last night was a living nightmare. We've been putting Ellie down around 8:30 - 9:00 pm and she will sleep until 2-3am and wake for a bottle and then sleep again until 6-7am and unfortunately I've gotten used to it. Last night she kept waking up and I finally got her to sleep around midnight - mom is not a happy person today because I'm working off roughly 4 1/2 hours of sleep and I think Mallory is feeding off of it. I hope I don't strangle her before her dad gets home tonight LOL.

08-27-2002, 01:00 PM
Originally posted by claire797
Have fun at The Cheesecake Factory, Marisa. I've heard their portion sizes are really, really small though so you may need to order 2 entrees each.

yeah, usually we need to order 3 entrees, plus an appetizer EACH and a slice of cheesecake EACH just to fill us up. :p ;) :D

barbara, don't know what to tell you about the swaddling. amanda just sort of grew out of it. when she started kicking the blanket off, we just figured she didn't need it anymore. sorry to hear you had a tough night. i think that's yet another one of those things you forget about after a while.... it sounds like you have a relatively great sleeper on your hands, if that's any consolation!

marisa :)

08-27-2002, 01:04 PM
Duh - Krista, I forgot to say GO JARED! What a big boy!

08-27-2002, 01:22 PM
Originally posted by SusanD
Leigh, aren't Wustof knives the best? I love mine.

Yes they are! I got several paring knives from my mom year ago, and still use them all the time. Most of my knives are Wustof or the German Henkels with a few japanese or chicago cutlery thingies that came with DH.

SusanD, good luck with the house. Looking and selling. I hope you find something soon so you can be a whole family again.

SusanR, I have the most amusing picture in my head of you (or your mom) running around trying to keep that thing ON Casey long enough to get a sample. Good luck! Ok, maybe it's not so amusing after all.

OH, I got some 2T & 24M clothes for Mariel last weekend. Tried them on her last night. I think they swallowed her whole! I had to roll the jeans up 3 times, but they fit fine in the waist both of which were expected. Sleeves on the shirts are too long as well, but you know if I buy 18M I'll be shopping again in a month. Weird thing is I got some Carters jammies in a 24M. Well, she's currently wearing 24M carters jammies that fit great....the sleeves in the new jammies are twice the length of her arms. What's up with that!? I know she's small, but she's not THAT small!


08-27-2002, 01:24 PM
Marisa, happy birthday old lady :D!! Enjoy your dinner out. That's nice. I'd like dinner out. It's been rough around here with DH working all this overtime. I have to take care of the house and the kids and try to get some sleep. I was almost asleep twice today. The phone rang twice, waking me up. Each time, it only rang once and then nothing. I found out later it was DH trying to call me. His cell phone battery was dying. Grrrrr. He's going to try to be home before Casey goes to bed - and she's been going to bed at 8:00. She'll look at the door and say "dada??" before bedtime. It's very sad. Of course, at this very moment, my fussy boy decided to calm down and go into a deep sleep. I have to go get Casey in half an hour.

Barbara, I can relate to 4 1/2 hours of sleep. I feel your pain. Somehow I still managed to go for a long walk yesterday. It's something the three of us can do together and it's sort of calming. At least, when it's not too hot out. We hardly ever swaddle Brenden, but he does need it sometimes. It was so hot these past couple of months that we just lie him down and throw a blanket over him, which he eventually kicks off or grabs and places over his face (which wakes him up). Last night, he was up at 11:00, then 3:30, then 4:30 and then he fussed on and off until 6:00. No nap for mom today, I had to go grocery shopping. We have to let the little guy sleep on his stomach or he'd only sleep for 20 minutes at a time. Sometimes we get lucky and he'll sleep for a while on his back. He likes to change positions, though, so we have to get up and move him around.

I still have to clean out this computer room! I got a little bit of a start on it. DH says we can move the computer desk into our bedroom maybe this weekend. I still don't know how we're going to move Casey out of her crib into a toddler bed. We just don't want 2 cribs. The joys of having two kids so close together. This birth control shot better work- I don't want another baby right now!!

Leigh, I think the most fun thing about the urine sample is that they told me I can't seal the bag. Yes, just fold it over. Okay, and then drive 20 minutes to the doctor's office with a stick shift? Maybe I'll have my mom drive and I'll have to balance the urine bag? I'm sure Casey will try to rip the thing off as soon as I attach it to her. It's hard enough to get her to sit still while changing her diaper.

08-27-2002, 02:27 PM
Barbara, Ellie goes to bed by 9 and sleeps until 2??? I am SO jealous! A GOOD night for Hanne is asleep by 11:30 up at 2:30 and again and 6. I'm thrilled when she does that. Then again Ellie is 3-4 weeks older than Hanne...

SusanD, I live in Dearborn Park, just south of the loop. I spent my first year in Chicago in a studio in Lakeview. When I got married, we bought a condo in Printers Row. When we got fed up with living in a one bedroom (DH worked out of home, so he got really claustrophobic), we moved a few blocks south to Dearborn Park.

Yea, Jared! How old is he?

Happy Birthday, Marisa!

Ack, I'm off to claim a crying baby.

08-27-2002, 04:04 PM
Originally posted by MrsReber
Leigh, I think the most fun thing about the urine sample is that they told me I can't seal the bag. Yes, just fold it over. Okay, and then drive 20 minutes to the doctor's office with a stick shift? Maybe I'll have my mom drive and I'll have to balance the urine bag?

Susan, I'm sitting here amusing myself with possible urine bag transportation scenarios. I can't stop laughing at the mental image. Maybe you could put the bag in a Big Gulp cup in your cupholder and hope it doesn't spill. I can just see you walking into the dr's office with a Big Gulp cup full of pee :D

Erin, Jared turned one on August 2nd. Hang in there with Hanne. It will get better. I promise! :)

Marisa, enjoy your birthday dinner. Send me a piece of cheesecake, okay? Jared's stats were: Weight- 25 lb 11 oz (90%) and Height- 31 in (75%). I was releived that his dr doesn't have a problem with him still using a bottle. He told me if I needed to take a sippy cup break and try again in a few months, that was fine with him. He also wasn't concerned about the language development, or lack thereof.

Leigh, did you see any jammies that weren't long sleeved when you were at Carter's? I'm planning on going during my lunch break this week, but don't want to waste my trip if they only have "winter" jammies. Sorry that you are having such a hard time finding clothes to fit Mariel.

Barbara, I don't remember having a swaddling problem with Jared. It's funny how you forget things so quickly after you have a baby.

Back to work. Take care,

08-27-2002, 06:15 PM
Originally posted by KristaMB
Susan, I'm sitting here amusing myself with possible urine bag transportation scenarios. I can't stop laughing at the mental image. Maybe you could put the bag in a Big Gulp cup in your cupholder and hope it doesn't spill. I can just see you walking into the dr's office with a Big Gulp cup full of pee :D

ROTFLAMO That's hilarious!!! DH thinks I'm strange now...

Krista, we were at the outlet malls, but yes they did have short sleeve jammies. I have some that are fine for now, but I need some for winter. We just switched Mariel to size 4 diapers so she's getting bigger, but her legs are not getting longer!

Gotta go, I'm supposed to be sending a message about our supper club menu....


08-28-2002, 05:49 AM
Well, Krista and Leigh, I'm glad I gave you a chuckle! I'm sure the real story will be much more interesting!

Wow, Jared is 25lbs? Casey is also 31 inches, but she's stalled at 18lbs. Makes it easier on my back. Brenden is in size 2 diapers and Casey is in size 3!! It's crazy. Pretty soon, they'll both weigh the same. We go for Brenden's 2 month appointment on Sept. 10th. More shots. Why me?? DH never goes with me. He has no idea how hard it is on me to put my babies through all that. Today is particulary stressful for some reason. Casey is crabby with her teeth, I get about 4-5 hours of sleep a night, and DH is working many hours. He was at least home at 6:30 last night, but he's exhausted, too. It's got to get better sometime, right? I have to go. Casey is asking me to pick her up.

08-28-2002, 06:12 AM
Originally posted by MrsReber
Wow, Jared is 25lbs?

Holy cow! If I'm lucky Mariel weighs 25lbs and she's almost 21M. What a tiny little girl I have. I would almost bet that she's back off the bottom of the chart again already! She's supposed to have a 2 year checkup then it's just yearly checkups with Dr, and now that she's 18M not shots until she's 5.


08-28-2002, 06:49 AM
Originally posted by lhall

Holy cow! If I'm lucky Mariel weighs 25lbs and she's almost 21M. What a tiny little girl I have. I would almost bet that she's back off the bottom of the chart again already! She's supposed to have a 2 year checkup then it's just yearly checkups with Dr, and now that she's 18M not shots until she's 5.


Emma just had her one year well check. Looks like she's going to be tall and skinny. She weights 19 1/2 pounds and is about 30 inches.

08-28-2002, 07:36 AM
Originally posted by mb
susanD, i would like to know what makes you think i'm one of "the younger ones in our little group"! :D am i really that immature?!?!?

oh, and when you said you got your dates all screwed up, i'm hoping you meant that you didn't realize yesterday was the 26th. not that her birthday was on the 26th... hmmm. i guess maybe you are one of "the older ones in our little group" :D

Oh no, Marisa! I just remember you saying something once about being out of college for 5 years and I started feeling rather old since I've been out of college for 10 (has it really been that long? :eek: ). Fortunately I didn't forget Erin's birthday...I do suffer from CRS on occasion but that is one thing that would never slip my mind. But for some reason I came in to work yesterday thinking it was the 26th until I turned on my computer. I even put 8/26 on her chart at daycare.

By the way, how was dinner last night? Did you save enough cheesecake for the rest of us? ;)

Wow, Krista...it sounds like Jared is going to be a football player! That's one big boy! :D At her 15M checkup Erin was exactly 20 lbs and 30 inches. My little peanut.

Susan, I'm sitting here laughing out loud at the idea of Casey running around with a bag attached to her, and then the Big Gulp full of piddle. EEEWWW! You must share the story with us once you do actually complete this little project. :p

Barbara, Erin slept in her car seat until she was 4 months old. I was concerned about how we were going to get her out of it, then one day she just decided she didn't want to be in it anymore. If Ellie seems to like being wrapped up, maybe try wrapping her loosely till she falls asleep and then open up the blankets. She'll probably let you know when she doesn't want to be wrapped anymore at all.

Leigh, thanks for the kind thoughts! It is tough, but I just keep telling myself that it won't last forever. Jay & I decided yesterday that I will only continue working until the end of September regardless of what happens with the house. It will tighten up our income, but will be much easier on me.

I can sympathize with your clothing situation, Erin's kind of in-between sizes right now. She's in 18-24M for shirts and pj's, but still in 12-18M for shorts. We're going up to the cottage this weekend and I need to go buy her some jeans b/c it gets chilly in the evening, but I'm not sure what size to get. The problem isn't the length, it's the waist - I bought her some 18-24M shorts and they slid right off of her. So, if I buy jeans that fit her in the waist they'll probably be too short - but if I get the right length she'll need a belt to hold them up!

Anna, DH's boss just turned 39 and she said it was awful. But she's looking forward to 40 because she knows there will be a big party!

Well, time to start working I suppose. Blech.
Have a great day everyone!!

08-28-2002, 09:10 AM
what a morning! amanda decided to give me a "present" today.... those of faint heart and stomach, skip the next paragraph!

when i went in to get her this morning, it was EXTREMELY apparent that she had a "poopie party" during the night. yeah, and lucky me, she was wearing a nightgown instead of a snap-up jammie. so you guessed it, she pulled her diaper off, played w/ the contents, throwing it out of her crib, wiping it all over the sheets and rails... ugh :eek: :( :mad: i was completely disgusted! i tossed her into a bath, which was a rude-wakeup for her (but i guess i had a rude wakeup too, so we're even :D ) she did cooperate by sitting quietly in her high chair eating cheerios while i cleaned up though. i made sure to take a few seconds of video and nicely explained how she should really thank me one day ;) just one of the pleasures of parenthood, i suppose. i guess it's my fault anyhow for continuing to put her in a nightgown. it's a gown from when she was born, but it still fits her great and she seems so comfortable. after last night, she won't be wearing it anymore!!!!!!

dinner went well. we got drinks, avocado eggrolls, and an entree each (half of which we each took home) - shrimp scampi and spicy cashew chicken. everything was really outstanding. we took home 2 pieces of cheesecake to share with "the babysitters". 2 small pieces and 5 people (6 if you count amanda) and there is still some left in the fridge. i was disappointed in the size of the cake for the price they charge, but it is very rich. amanda behaved well while we were gone, despite the fact that she didn't want to let go of me when i was leaving.

now she is napping and i can breathe easy (literally!) for a while...

susanD, you DO have a little peanut on your hands! gosh, it sounds like you are having problems with the clothing sizes too. all of amanda's stuff is 12-18 months right now, but she still wears some 6-12 month stuff, including a 9 month pair of shorts. all the sizing depends on the brand, anyhow. that can be annoying, but also if one 12-18 month doesn't fit, another brand might.

susanR, after all this big-gulp talk, etc. etc. i'm wondering if you're thinking that a catheter would have been easier after all. in theory, this new method of urine collection sounds easier, but when you factor in all the real-life things....i don't know. it doesn't sound much easier anymore!!! things will get better with kyle working so much. it is sad when the kids miss dad, though. it can get very frustrating for you, the mom/wife/housekeeper too! trust me, i've been there (and still am a lot of times!) hang in there, and we're here for you!

krista, i'm glad your dr was ok with jared still using the bottle. i know that makes you feel a lot better. he will do a cup in no time, i'm sure. it took a lot of practice with amanda, but she is a pro now. how's his walking coming along? you will notice great changes very quickly.

erin, amanda would wake every 3-4 hours for a very long time... it WILL get better and you will get a full night's sleep soon. i promise!

anna, i hope things went well at emma's wellcheck. and btw, i liked your theory on the bdays. i think i was bummed yesterday because 25 just SOUNDS so much younger than 26 to me. i guess it's because i'm closer to 30 now. oh well.

ok, this is very long already, and i know i'm forgetting things, but i guess i'll just have to come back later! have a nice day everyone!

marisa :)

08-28-2002, 09:53 AM
So, if I buy jeans that fit her in the waist they'll probably be too short - but if I get the right length she'll need a belt to hold them up!

I'm pretty sure that's why God invented overalls...

Hanne is being a doll this morning. I've had breakfast, gotten dressed, washed my face, brushed my teeth and did my hair and it isn't even 11:00 :D . Now we're going for a walk.

08-28-2002, 10:15 AM
Just doing my mid-morning lurk...but I had to respond to Marisa's story. I am laughing hysterically right now! Sorry to be so insensitive...really I do feel bad for you having to clean that up...but it just sounds so darn funny! Hopefully your day will get better. :o

Erin, good idea. I'm going over to Old Navy on my lunch hour to see what they've got!

08-28-2002, 10:40 AM
Originally posted by SusanD
Just doing my mid-morning lurk...but I had to respond to Marisa's story. I am laughing hysterically right now! Sorry to be so insensitive...really I do feel bad for you having to clean that up...but it just sounds so darn funny! Hopefully your day will get better. :o

Ginger didn't do this until she was over 2, and she only did it once. Fortunately, it wasn't that bad either. I remember my little brother doing it as well.

On a related note, Mariel is currently banned (by mommy) from wearing dresses w/o bloomers to daycare. Not because the daycare said anything...but one day last week they had to change her clothes because she kept taking her diaper off. I figured it was better to reduce the temptation for a little while so we both wouldn't have a huge problem on our hands.

Now everyone in her class is working on learning how to open the child safety locks on the cabinets.


08-28-2002, 11:30 AM
Wow, lots of crazy stories! I'm glad I'm the one reading them and not experiencing them. :D ;)

Marisa, glad to hear your b-day was fun. I only had time to log on and post a quick greeting since I was at work. I'm jealous that the rest of you can post from work. I've never been to the Cheesecake Factory. I've heard good things but couldn't even tell you where the closest one is. Are the portion sized really that small? It sounded like you were joking but I"m not sure.

Krista, it looks like Tru is coming up close to Jared as far as weight. Truman weighed almost 22 lbs when he was 10-1/2 months old. He doesn't look all that big to me but I guess I don't have another baby to compare him to. No football, though. Dave and I've already decided we're going to head for soccer and golf. :)

Erin and Barbara, I hope your nights get a bit easier. I still remember how hard it was! We were told if you can make it through the first six weeks, things really start to flow a lot better after that.

Oops, Tru is getting a bit antsy. Quick question....have you guys tried to stick to the books and recommendations regarding allergens (sp?) in food and waiting until your child is one before digging in?

08-28-2002, 12:20 PM
Sorry I just have a minute. But Shelley, I wanted to answer your food question. I gave Jared egg whites before he was a year old, and I think all or most of the fruits and veggies. I asked the dr about pb on monday, and he said that one year was fine. He said that he contacted the allergist for Children's Hospital to ask, since he had received so many questions about it lately. He also told me that his line of thinking is that if they are going to develop allergies, they will get them no matter when you start introducing the foods.

Marisa, sorry your morning was so terrible.

Back to the grind,

08-28-2002, 01:17 PM
It's raining out. No walk today. Casey is tormenting her brother again. I'm sure she thinks she's just playing, but so far, she's put a piece of a styrofoam peanut in her mouth, clothes on his head, rocked him violently in his chair, and nearly choked him with an emery board. Ahhhh! We need the rain, but I would like to take Trouble for a walk to the park. I was thinking maybe we'll go to Walmart. That should take up lots of time. I have a huge pack of size 1 diapers that I need to exchange since my big boy can't fit into them.

I gave Casey peanut butter and eggs just before she was one year. We have no food allergies in our families so I'm pretty sure we had much less risk. She still likes both of those.

Marisa, cheesecake sounds wonderful!! And I think 26 sounds more sophisticated than 25. Enjoy it now. 26 is long gone for me :(.

Susan, I agree with Erin on the overalls. That's mostly what Casey wears. She has the same problem as Erin. Pants just fall right off her. When the waist finally fits, the pants are too short. My neice has that problem, too, so my SIL buys her capri pants.

Oh, Casey likes to take her shirts off now. Another good reason to dress her in overalls. Today she was playing in the livingroom while I was getting lunch ready. She comes into the kitchen with her shirt off. She's got her arms in it, but the rest of it is behind her neck, if you can picture that. She got stuck in her shirt the other night because she kept doing that. DH and I were hysterical, but Casey didn't find it too amusing.

08-28-2002, 02:02 PM
Originally posted by MrsReber
She comes into the kitchen with her shirt off. She's got her arms in it, but the rest of it is behind her neck, if you can picture that. She got stuck in her shirt the other night because she kept doing that. DH and I were hysterical, but Casey didn't find it too amusing.

amanda does the same thing and i think it's hilarious when she gets stuck! (i know, mean mommy!) and i said to evan the other day that i was worried about her figuring out how to take her nightgown off in the night.... but i guess figuring out how to take the diaper off was a much more serious and impending problem than i thought!!!!!!!

my day got a lot better. we went up to evan's new office for lunch (leftovers from last night). shelley, the portions are gargantuan. ;)

amanda is napping again. she has her dr appt at 8am tomorrow.

shelley, i was sort of adamant about following the "rules" for introducing foods. with the exception of raspberries & eggs (i think), we waited until 1 year for citrus, berries, peanut butter, and milk (and whatever else you're supposed to wait for). we have no history of food allergies, but i just wanted to be sure. our dr told us that a lot of babies form allergies when their bodies aren't ready to process certain foods. i told him the old "my mother fed me everything at 1 month and i turned out ok" line... and he said, "yeah, and that's why all your friends ended up with allergies". then i think back to growing up and lots of friends had food allergies. hmmm.

oh, and i realized i haven't had a problem with the length of amanda's pants because.... it's too hot here to wear pants! i have a few pairs of 12-18 month size tucked in her drawer for our fall trip and when it gets cooler here. now i'm worried they will be too short! :eek:

leigh, i must have misunderstood you.... the whole class is learning how to open child safety locks? on their own, or is the teacher showing them????? uhhhhh.... :confused:

marisa :)

08-28-2002, 02:29 PM
Originally posted by mb
leigh, i must have misunderstood you.... the whole class is learning how to open child safety locks? on their own, or is the teacher showing them????? uhhhhh.... :confused:

Nope, you didn't misunderstand me. The whole class (I think 8) toddlers ages 15M - 24M are teaching themselves how to open child safety locks! But, I can see how it's confusing. NO, the teachers do not want them to learn this.

I peeked in on Mariel yesterday cause I usually get Ginger first. She was pulling the cabinet as far open as she could and sticking her hand where the little press down latch is located. The youngest child in the class almost has it figured out. I guess they'll be installing the magnetic safety locks in there soon!

My problem with Mariel's pants in the opposite. If the length is ok the waist is too small. Poor thing. She's got such a round little belly and such short little legs!


08-28-2002, 06:22 PM
I guess they'll be installing the magnetic safety locks in there soon!

I'll tell Dave his five hours plus of installing our magnetic locks is going to be worth it! ;) :p

08-28-2002, 06:48 PM
Originally posted by shoyski
I'll tell Dave his five hours plus of installing our magnetic locks is going to be worth it! ;) :p

Shelley, so I see you went with the magnetic ones, too. :) How many did Dave install? We still need to buy more- Jared's getting into things I never even thought of...

08-28-2002, 07:13 PM
Krista, 13 so far. We still have four more doors to "lock up" but I don't want to be a nag. :) How many did you guys put in?

08-29-2002, 07:18 AM
Hi! Well, we had success in the jeans department. I bought 2 pair at Old Navy yesterday - 12-18M and 18-24M. The 12-18M ones fit perfectly, they were even a smidge too long. The only overalls they had were bell-bottoms with these 70's-looking embroidered designs all over them - and I just feel that is way too inappropriate for a toddler. But...mission accomplished, Erin will not freeze this weekend!

So far, Erin hasn't shown much interest in trying to figure out the locks on the cabinets. I could only put the press-down latch kind on the cabinets below the sinks (which I suppose is the most important), but for some reason the wood on all the other cabinets is thinner, and wouldn't hold the latch. So I just have the loopy-thing that holds the handles together - and Erin has discovered that they rattle and make lots of noise. Ack! I think when we move I'm going to get those magnetic locks. Shelley and Krista - where did you buy them, how much are they, and how hard are they to install?

Susan and Marisa, Erin does the same thing with her shirts! It's such a riot to watch, especially because she gets so mad.

Shelley, on the food thing, I did try to be somewhat careful because my family has a history of allergies. I followed my dr's advice on what it was OK to give her and just watched closely when she ate it. The only thing Erin hasn't had yet is peanut butter, my dr recommended that I wait until she's 18M for that. But she did have eggs, cheese and yogurt before she was a year old.

Well, wish me luck, we have 2 showings on our house today.
Have a great Labor Day weekend everyone!!!

08-29-2002, 07:27 AM
Originally posted by SusanD
Well, wish me luck, we have 2 showings on our house today.

Good Luck!!!!!

:D :D

08-29-2002, 08:11 AM
susanD, good luck with the house, and congratulations on finding jeans that fit erin. i like the old navy stuff for amanda, but sometimes it's a little crazy. i think the flared pants/bell bottoms are cute on her, but some of their designs are a bit too much IMO.

well, the update on the doctor's appointment: she weighed in at 21lbs 8oz and was 31". actually, first they measured her at 32" and i thought that was pretty long. but she had been squirming around, so we re-measured and got a more-accurate 31". the doctor did comment on amanda not saying words, but he wasn't overly concerned. if she were in daycare or around a lot more kids, then she'd be saying more, he said. he suggested that when we read books, just pick out one thing on each page and name it, instead of reading dialogue. he wants her to be able to say 3 words at the 18 month checkup. anyhow, she ended up with 3 shots, but she did quite well, only crying for a second. when we got home, she was playing like her normal self. i gave her tylenol just in case.

but of course, in what is becoming true amanda fashion, i was in for another surprise! between the time she was on the scale and i picked her up to bring her over to the exam table.... she peed all over me.:eek: and a white t-shirt too!:eek: :eek: oh well, at least we were planning on going straight home afterwards!

anyone have exciting labor day weekend plans? susan, sounds like you've got some fun stuff on the calendar. we are staying home. but next weekend, we are going away for the jewish holiday. we didn't want to go to temple this year, and figured we needed a little family retreat together to start the jewish new year off in a relaxing way (evan's been working a lot). i got a great rate on a resort near naples on priceline (i found a website where there is a list of the hotels that people tend to get from priceline, so i knew which hotel i was bidding on. sneaky, i know :D )

have a great day everyone!
marisa :)

08-29-2002, 08:37 AM
Originally posted by SusanD
Shelley and Krista - where did you buy them, how much are they, and how hard are they to install?

Susan, we bought our locks at The Home Depot. They are relatively expensive, compared to the other types of locks. They are called the Safety 1st TotLok. Here's a link to them from Babies R Us:
http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/B000056OVO/qid%3D1030630875/sr%3D11-1/ref%3Dsr%5F11%5F1/102-2883463-5008914 They are actaully cheaper here than they are at The Home Depot. While they do take a while to install, Damon found them easier to install than the traditional latches. We've only installed five so far, so we have a ways to go. I really like the fact that you can disengage the latches, too.

Also, good luck with your house today!

Marisa, sorry you got peed on! :eek: Yikes! That's a good idea about the book reading. Maybe I'll try that to see if Jared will start saying words. Your "retreat" sounds great!

SusanR, I hope that the rain has let up so you can get out today.

Have a good day!

08-29-2002, 08:41 AM
Well, tomorrow we're going camping for the weekend.

We're going to the Little White House (http://www.ganet.org/dnr/parks/fdr/index.htm) with my Dad, then grocery shopping...fun. Friday - Sunday we'll be spending time at Callaway Gardens (http://www.callawaygardens.com) They have a hot air balloon festival. Friday night is a brass band & balloon glow. Saturday & Sunday will involve: swimming, face painting, kite making, balloon rides, butterfly house, vegetable garden, train rides, paddle boats, biking...and other fun things. I guess we'll come home after lunch on Monday.

I have to cook one supper. I think I'm going to grill the baked herb salmon fillet from 9/02. I'm not sure what sides. I'm not up to risotto in a camper!

Mariel's teacher was telling me how her vocabulary is just exploding and it still surprises her because she's so little you think she's younger than she is. This morning as we went it Mariel was holding Ginger's blanket and she said "Ginger's Blanket" I was impressed she knew it wasn't her purple blanket.

And on the temperature issue....I purchased a Vicks ear thermometer to leave at the daycare since underarm temps on Mariel are wrong. They have agreed to keep it locked up and only use it on her.


08-29-2002, 09:15 AM
SusanD--good luck with the house!!!

Everybody else--have a great weekend! We don't have much on our schedule. Hanne and I are looking forward to spending time with DH. He's been working 6 days a week since the week after DD was born, and doing some additional consulting in the evenings. So, three whole days with him is really exciting. We've talked about doing some car shopping and we've got a family picnic on Sunday. That's all. Oh, I did tell him that we need to finish thank you notes this weekend, and I'd like to finally do announcements. We're terrible. DD will be 7 weeks on Saturday and we haven't sent announcements out yet.


08-29-2002, 12:19 PM
erin, we never sent any announcements out at all. and in fact, we never got around to putting her announcement in the paper either. i meant to do it for her 1 year bday (they put pics in the paper), but i forgot that too. :o and i know what it's like to have a DH that works a lot. i'm glad we'll be able to spend 3 days with evan as well.

marisa :)

08-29-2002, 01:21 PM
Erin, we didn't do announcements or use the newspaper....everyone we know was informed via email or a phone call. The "modern" way, I suppose. I'm just to miserly to pay good money on something people will pitch within minutes of receiving. What an Oscar, eh? :o

Susan, we purchased the locks at BRU. Time consuming...yes. According to Dave, five hours for 13 locks. (I wasn't home). Hard, no. Lots of screws per each lock is what takes so long. I think it's worth it and Dave didn't really complain. The fact that even Dave and I can't get in without the "key" makes me feel good. And like Krista pointed out, you have the option of making them stay unlocked while you're putzing around. To each his own...will you be the one installing them? :p Congrats on finding clothes. What an accomplishment for you!

Leigh, your trip sounds fun. Lots of stuff to do. Your menu sounds ambitious, even without risotto!

Marisa, you are the vacation queen! As you know, my parents stay in Naples half the year and it's beautiful there. Sounds like you'll be missing all the traffic as well so that's a bonus for waiting. I laughed when I read your peeing story at the Dr. Sounds like Amanda's checkup turned out fine, though. :)

We are heading up to my cousin's home on a lake in Michigan and will be taking off mid-afternoon tomorrow, returning late afternoon on Monday. It's a family reunion that's been on-going for 12 years. We missed it last year since I was so close to my due date. Susan, I also had to scramble to find some warm clothes for this weekend. I found two pairs of pants, two jackets and one long sleeved shirt tucked away in a drawer so hopefully that will suffice. It's supposed to be warm during the day but I've found in years past that the "warm" time lasts from about noon until the sun goes down. So fall clothes are a must for the mornings.

At lunch today Dave and I met with someone to discuss a 529 for Truman. There doesn't seem to be any disadvantages so we're doing it. Planning for the future is comforting. :)

08-29-2002, 01:32 PM
Originally posted by shoyski
At lunch today Dave and I met with someone to discuss a 529 for Truman. There doesn't seem to be any disadvantages so we're doing it. Planning for the future is comforting. :)

We do this for Ginger & Mariel. We have the $$ come straight out of our checking account each month. We still have an Education IRA, which we started for Ginger she was born. The 529 plan is better so the Education IRA is not being funded and it's 'under' the 529.

My whole take is we can't afford NOT to do it now. College takes so much money and history showss the earlier you begin investing the less actual $$ it takes.


08-29-2002, 02:22 PM
Okay, I've got a question. Whats a 529?

We have an Education IRA for both girls - yes, we already started Ellie's her first deposit was made in July. We also have a trust savings account for Mallory and I'm going to open Ellie's this week with money she has gotten from some of my relatives.

We are putting away as much money as we can on one income, but aren't going to bankrupt ourselves (or jeopardize our retirement) to do so. They will probably have to work and get funding to completely put themselves through college. I always joke with DH that maybe they'll get entrance to the Coast Guard Academy and we won't have to pay for their school (military members children have a higher priority than civilian children). He just shakes his head and says he doesn't want his girls anywhere near the military life (after he retires). I told him he just doesn't want to have to salute them as officers LOL!

08-29-2002, 03:40 PM
delurking for just a minute

The way I understand it, a 529 plan is sort of like a Roth IRA except for education. You put away post tax $$ and do not pay tax on it when it is withdrawn for college.

It can only be used for college, so if your child does not go, you can't just take $$ out without paying some kind of penalty on it.

back to lurking :o

08-29-2002, 03:53 PM
Originally posted by LaraW
It can only be used for college, so if your child does not go, you can't just take $$ out without paying some kind of penalty on it.

But you can transfer it to another child in the same family to use, if the child it was created for decides not to attend college. I believe that it is also good for vocational schools, etc. I don't have the paperwork in front of me to reference, but I seem to remember that much.

I don't know the difference between an education IRA and a 529, but our financial guy has said that a 529 is the way to go.

I'm off work now! Wahoo!

Have a great long weekend, everyone.

08-29-2002, 03:56 PM
Originally posted by LaraW
delurking for just a minute
The way I understand it, a 529 plan is sort of like a Roth IRA except for education. You put away post tax $$ and do not pay tax on it when it is withdrawn for college.

It can only be used for college, so if your child does not go, you can't just take $$ out without paying some kind of penalty on it.

back to lurking :o

Yes, all that is right.

But, there are some signifigant differences between an Education IRA and a 529. The biggest one being taht at age 18 the child takes control of the Education IRA, but the 529 stays in the control of the parents. Meaning, a child COULD (with penalties) buy a car with their college fund because it's their money. This can't happen with a 529 because the parents/owners retain control.

Also, a 529 can be used for other people. If Ginger & Mariel don't use all of theirs it can be used to fund the college education of any of our neices or nephews with no penalties.

I don't think 529 plans are available in all states yet. In 1998 GA didn't have one, we could only do the Education IRA. 529's weren't available here until 2000.

I'd suggest you talk to a broker who can give you all the details and differences.


08-29-2002, 03:59 PM
Leigh, do you know if the 529's are only good in your state, in other words would your kids have to go to a school in GA to be able to use the $$?

08-29-2002, 04:29 PM
Lara, it's actually me, shoyski, here. The answer is no, your child can go to school in any state.

08-29-2002, 04:31 PM
I wonder if you can roll Education IRA's into a 529, and if you can, if penalties would be incurred? Gee, I'm going to have to email our advisor and see what is up with this. Problem is, we don't even know where we are going to be living next summer much less when the girls are college age.

08-29-2002, 04:37 PM
Barbara, the beauty of it is that the girls can go to college wherever they want with the 529. It doesn't limit your child to the state you currently live in.

Adding to say that I pulled out my booklet and here are the highlights of a 529:
~COntributions are free from federal tax, but they are not tax deductible
~There are no income limits on contributing
~You can contribute until your account reaches $250,000
~Parents maintain control of the assets
~You can contribute up to $22,000/ year (for married couples) without gift tax consequences

The beneficiary can be changed to include any member of the previous beneficiaries family (children, grandchildren, neices, nephews, siblings, spouses, aunts, cousins, unclesm in-laws)

With the 529, you can only use it for higher education- college or grad school, or technical training.

The money can go to tuition, room, board, books and supplies.

They also list a comparison with the Coverdell Savings Accounts (formerly known as the Education IRA):
~Earnings and qualified withdrawls are free from federal tax
~You can invest $ 2,000 annually
~You can use the assets to pay for school expenses from private K- high school, as well as college and grad school

Hope that helps!


08-29-2002, 09:48 PM
Originally posted by KristaMB
They also list a comparison with the Coverdell Savings Accounts (formerly known as the Education IRA):
~You can invest $ 2,000 annually

We were told that we could only contribute a maximum of $500 to the Education IRA per year, and contributions MUST be made that calendar year. With a regular IRA you have until April 15th to make a contribution, with the Education IRA you have until Dec 31st.

All this may have changed since we opened ours, and like I said earlier we are not funding anymore.

No, there is not a restriction on where they can attend college.

You'd really need to talk to a broker. There are some odd things about whether or not you can contribute to a 529 plan in your state.