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Chocolate Rose
04-20-2003, 01:40 PM
I tried several different recipes for a party yesterday and instead of trying to find all the individual threads about them I am taking the lazy way out and posting in one thread.:D

This was a lunch party for 20 people - both kids and adults. Somehow I ended up with several recipes that used chili powder but it all turned out OK. And, I should say that everyone really liked everything and everything got eaten.

Roasted Chile-Spiced Edamame -
I realized after I got home from grocery shopping that I had forgotten the edamamde so I was going to just skip this recipe. But, Friday night I decided I really wanted to try this so I made the long trek back into town.
We really liked these a lot. I watched them very closely (checking every ten minutes or so) and didn't have the problem that a lot of people did of over cooking. But, I don't know that I will make these again just because they are so darn expensive. I paid $3.30 per bag (2 servings). Hopefully I can find a cheaper source. Now that we've had edamame I'd like to try some more recipes for it. Also, the seasoning stuck to the edamame just fine. I did make sure I dried them pretty well before spraying. And, I used olive oil spray instead of Pam.

Barbecue Pulled Chicken with Marinated Cucumbers -
I trialed this about a week or so ago by making a half recipe and following the instructions as written. But, for Saturday I used 6 pounds of boneless/skinless breasts and 5 large onions and didn't want to do it on the stove. Instead, I grilled the chicken and onions for a few minutes on my George Foreman and then put it all in the crockpot with 1 can of ff chicken broth. I let them cook overnight. In the morning, I took out the chicken and shredded it. Then, I added it back to the crockpot until lunch time.
This worked out really, really well and it may be the way I cook these again (instead of on the stove). The only thing I may do differently is add only 1 cup of broth. The chicken stayed very moist in the crockpot and had great flavor. Everyone really liked the addition of the marinated cucumbers and several went back to add more cucumbers to their sandwiches.

Apple Slaw -
This was also very good. It was a nice change from a green salad or regular coleslaw. I also liked that I could put it all together several hours ahead of time.I used Fuji apples.

Jicama and Cucumber Chili Spears -
This is another one that I will make again. I love jicama and this was a great variation on plain jicama strips for a snack.

Maple-Brown Sugar Angel Cake -
I actually made this about a week and a half ago in 2 loaf pans. I put one of the loaf cakes in the freezer and pulled it out the day before the party. I glazed it Saturday morning and nobody knew it had been in the freezer. As just about everyone who has posted about theis cake has said, this is a great cake!

Margarita Angel Cake -
This was very well liked.:D
I had intended to use an Angel Food cake mix for this since I had the other angel food cake I'd made from scratch and just didn't feel I had the time to put into making another. But, I had an accident with the cake mix batter and ended up with the whole thing going down the drain - literally. So, I had to start over from scratch.

I wasn't able to find my angel food cake pan (it's the kind without the non-stick) but I think it's still in storage somewhere from our move. So, I ended up buying another pan. I called all over locally trying to find one that wasn't non-stick but couldn't. A woman at one of the stores I talked to, said that she uses a non-stick pan without any problems. So, I bought one. It worked GREAT! The cake rose really well. When I took it out of the oven, I turned the pan upside down and let it cool just like I would have with my other pan. I had no problems at all with the pan or cake and it was MUCH easier to clean than my old one.
The only thing I did differently with this is I didn't add the water to the glaze ingredients. I remember reading a post where someone said the glaze was very thin. Even without the water the glaze was thin and there was a lot of it. I kept drizzling it over the top of the cake and poking more holes in the cake so that the glaze would seep in. I glazed it several hours before it was eaten so there was plenty of time for the cake to absorb the glaze. I will definitely make this again and will also leave out the water!! Yum Yum

Thank you to everyone who helped me with recipes for this party!! They were all a hit!!

04-20-2003, 03:08 PM
Glad to hear everything turned out so well! And it sounds like all the guests were happy, which I know was a concern. Bravo. Martha