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Paula H
06-25-2003, 09:37 PM
Have to vent a little stress during one of my study breaks. Sitting a massive exam (for my final year of naturopathy) on Monday, and I'm feeling stressed and like I'm going in circles. This is one of those awful exams that isn't on any one topic, but covers all three years of study.

Oh yeah, and then on Tuesday I turn 30. Which has a whole lot of stress on its own.

If I don't manage to pass the exam, it's not the end of the world, I can resit it in November, but I'd really like to get through it now, so in November I'd just have to stress about my practical exam. Also, if I don't pass, I can imagine I'll just beat myself up for being so stupid, and my confidence will be beaten down a bit too.

I know Sunday night I'm going to be so wound up I won't be able to sleep properly, with lots of things running through my head (oh no! I didn't read up on dermatomes! wait, what's the name of that herb for gout? what do I use goldenseal for again? what are the contraindications for lympathic massage? hmmm, can I remember cell biology?). I'm also stressing because I usually choke during exams and stuff up badly, just because it's an exam. Mind blank......

Any proven techniques for a good night's sleep before an exam? (yes, I should know this kind of exam stress stuff after three years of studying naturopathy, but I've gone blank. mainly I just think "chocolaaaaaaaaaate")

Back to the endocrine system now....

06-25-2003, 10:30 PM
Well, probably the closest experience I've had was sitting for the California bar exam. :)

The advice I was given (and followed) was to study, study, study until a certain time the day before the test that you establish in advance, and then STOP. That's it, no more. Stressing out the night before, trying to cram more info into your head after three years of study just won't help your performance the next day. So, pick a time to stop (like 3 or 4pm for example) the day before, put it all away, and then have a nice relaxing evening planned. A yummy dinner, an early movie to take your mind off the exam, a glass of wine with your meal if you're so inclined, a bath--whatever will relax and distract you and help you sleep better.

The other thing that relaxes me before a big event like that is to have my bag completely packed and ready to go for the next morning, my breakfast all planned out, etc.

Lastly, (and this is just something I do personally) if I have a couple of "trouble areas" I'm worried about, I may review those particular items again if there's time the morning of the exam. It just makes me feel better, and after sleeping, it gets my mind back in gear for the test. On that note, I was advised to do something the morning of a big test to "wake up" my brain--read the newspaper, etc.

Good luck--you will do GREAT!!!

Also, happy early birthday!!!!


06-26-2003, 11:24 AM
Originally posted by naomike
Well, probably the closest experience I've had was sitting for the California bar exam. :)

When did you take it? I'm taking it next month :rolleyes: (okay, caught me procrastinating...)

Good luck Paula - sounds like an interesting subject area.

Now back to BarBri.

06-26-2003, 12:10 PM
Hello Nancy! I took (and happily I passed :) ) the bar in 1995. I studied with BarBri down in LA where my law school and friends were, but took the bar in Oakland (my then-DBF/now DH was already up here working).

So how's it all going? I just don't really know how to get around the stress of studying for that thing!! But I do think BarBri did a good job teaching us what we needed to know . . .

I hope your studying is going smoothly!!!


Paula H
06-29-2003, 07:59 PM
Well, I made it.

Thanks so much for the advice Naomi. In the end I managed to pick up a cold on Friday (I'm guessing the stress didn't help that), so I was forced to rest by my body! But I did some reading on Sunday, then watched TV, then went to bed early. Slept brilliantly - I'm guessing due to the cold tiring me out. I only woke up once thinking "which is the ulna??"

Was a bit disorganised this morning (Monday my time) but did some quick study on things I suddenly panicked about. Then got stuck when a neighbour's van died blocking the driveway! Panic panic. So started the exam a bit late, but finished it with over an hour to spare.

Fairly confident that I would've reached the pass mark - if I miss out, I think it'll be pretty darn close.

Good luck for your exam Nancy!

Now off to bed with a good book (that isn't about anatomy and physiology).

06-29-2003, 10:48 PM
Congratulations Paula! Now enjoy some much-deserved relaxation.

06-30-2003, 01:19 PM
Yay!!! It's over!! Congratulations!! :D And Happy, Happy, Happy Birthday!!! (What day is it now your time--are you reading this on your birthday by any chance??)

So sorry you caught a cold right before your test--I hate it when stuff like that happens! But it sounds like everything came out alright in the end. You must be so happy to have that behind you!

Well, looks like now it's Nancy's turn to get the bar behind her!! Good luck!


Paula H
06-30-2003, 04:46 PM
Thanks Naomi - yes, it is already my birthday in New Zealand, but in the US I'm still 29!

I'm so happy to have it over and done with, and feeling more and more positive that I'll have passed. Probably in a couple of weeks when I'm expecting the results back I'll start stressing again, but right now I'm just looking forward to going away for the weekend with my best friend for our joint birthday celebration.

You go Nancy!

Paula H
07-01-2003, 06:44 PM
Well that was scarily quick! Got my results this morning, and sadly I failed. Oh well. Trying not to get too too down (so far not succeeding in this though), as I can resit in November (when I was originally scheduled to sit it anyway).

Frustrating that I probably would've passed if I hadn't paid attention to the exam instructions (all my diagnoses were correct) - questions said things like "give a brief overview of what physical examination you would perform - do NOT go into detail", and then on the results comments sheet we were told off for NOT going into lengthy details of the physical exam! Grrrrrrrrrrr.

Sigh. Off to hide in bed for the rest of the day now.

07-01-2003, 09:06 PM
Those hypocrites!! :mad: I'm so sorry to hear the news! At least you know your stuff, and it's just a matter of taking the test again (and ignoring the instruction to keep the answers short)! Now that you know what they want (despite what they say they want), passing in November shouldn't be difficult--just another hoop to jump through--right?

I hope you go with your friend and have a wonderful birthday weekend anyway!! Don't let those lame test-graders ruin your good time!!