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12-02-2004, 02:50 PM
Hi Everyone,

I thought I'd get us started this month.

Not too much going on here. I'm getting ready for Miss Natalie's birthday party on Saturday. I'm planning to have 3 other moms and babies over for a little party. We're going to have carrot cake, which I will make tomorrow. We have a high-chair and a booster seat, and one other person is bringing their booster seat, so we'll have 4 babies and 3 highchairs. Hopefully it will work out OK.

One question about weaning...I mentioned on November's thread that we weaned a nursing over Thanksgiving (last weekend). Natalie has been taking her cup of EMB now for a week before her afternoon nap.

Today, we were out doing some errands, and it was naptime when we got home. I got her milk ready, and we headed upstairs. We sat down in the rocking chair, and she just freaked out when I tried to give her the cup. She wanted nothing to do with it, and screamed and cried like she used to when we tried to give her a bottle :( I finally just put her in her bed (without the cup) and she did eventually go to sleep about an hour ago.

She kept trying to get herself into a position to nurse. I guess I was just a little surprised by that because she's had her cup of milk that she has taken with out one problem all week, but just totally freaked out today. I put the milk into the fridge, and will give it to her when she gets up. She normally has a meal late in the afternoon, and gets water at that, but I am OK with giving her milk today.

Does anyone have any insight about that, or if this is normal? Is she not ready to wean yet? BTW, we haven't dropped any other nursings, just this mid-day one. She still nurses in the morning and before bed.


12-04-2004, 09:00 PM
Well, I guess I can talk to myself ;)

Natalie has taken her cup of EBM from me the past two days, so I guess Thursday was just a fluke. She must have been really tired and just wanting to take a nap because she slept for about 2 hours that afternoon. I am estimating that we have enough milk in the freezer to last maybe one more week, plus a day or two, if that long.

Today was Natalie's birthday party. :) We had 2 other babies and their moms over for lunch. It lasted just the right amount of time for everyone, I think. They showed up around 11:30 this morning, and everyone went home a little after 1:30. The big hit of the day was her present from Jeff and I, which was a set of Duplos. Of course, Natalie was more interested in the box and spent a lot of time taking the lid off and on, and pushing it around the living room. They have a set of Duplos at daycare, and all the kids just love them, plus they are a toy that everyone can play with. DH has had fun today reliving his childhood love of Legos. I'm not sure who we bought them for. :p

Her actual birthday is tomorrow (12/5). I have been thinking a lot this week about where we were and what we were doing a year ago, the whole crazy trip to the hospital and me wondering if we were going to make it in time, etc. I am just amazed when I look at her and see this baby who could not hold her head up when we brought her home from the hospital, taking her first steps this week, eating her birthday cake, sleeping through the night :D. She is less like a baby every day, and more like a little girl.

Here is a picture of her cake:


Here is us giving her cake to her:


and here is Natalie eating her cake:


Luv to Cook
12-05-2004, 11:34 AM
Gosh, I haven't been here in so long! Too busy chasing after Asha I guess. I just wanted to say Lara, your pics are great! What a cutie Natalie is and looks like she really enjoyed her cake. Enjoy reflecting on the past year...it is amazing how fast the time goes. Happy Birtday Natalie!


12-05-2004, 01:33 PM
Happy Birthday Natalie!! :D

12-05-2004, 06:46 PM
Happy Birthday Natalie! Lara - thanks for posting the pictures. She's so cute, and looks like she had a great time at her party. Isn't it funny how kids are always drawn to boxes? Sam's had the best time lately playing with the boxes that the UPS man brings.

We are getting geared up for the holidays. Yesterday we took the girls to breakfast with Santa. Sammy cried when we put her on his lap. She's going to be so much fun this Christmas. We have lots of relatives coming in from out of town, so I am really looking forward to seeing everyone, especially since they haven't seen her for a few months.

My good friend had a baby this past week and I visited them on Thursday. Her little girl was 7 pounds and she seemed SO tiny! It is hard to believe they start out that small. Samantha was only a little over 5 pounds, so she was even smaller, yet it's hard to remember her being that little.

12-05-2004, 08:07 PM
happy birthday Natalie! sorry i didn't answer sooner Lara. i was going to tell you i thought the one day was just a fluke or a minor setback but Natalie beat me to it! isn't it amazing how much they change in 1 yr? i remember abby's party in july the same way - i am just so amazed at how much more of a little girl and not a baby she is. it almost seems like a million years ago that she was 4 lbs! i hold 8 or 10 lb newborns today and they seem so so small!

i took abby with the inlaws to a baby jesus bday party at the pauline sisters' bookstore on King st yesterday. they put her in a little angel outfit and took a picture of her looking at the manger with the baby jesus doll. of course no way would she wear the halo! we aren't doing santa pics this year because i know she would freak. she generally cries at any formal picture taking event so i decided not to pick that battle - maybe when she's a little older.so the baby jesus pic is my xmas pic this year. we also took some more dressy xmas pics at a photo studio (yes she cried most of them weren't very good).

still waiting for her to walk and talk at 16.5 months...

12-06-2004, 02:17 PM
Hello to all the Wobbler Moms, and happy birthday Natalie! What great photos.

I havenít posted in a while: Brian started back in daycare on November 1, and my headís been spinning ever since. The actual separations in the morning have been absolutely brutal, and arenít getting any better. Plus heís gotten sick 3 times since he started, and the small strides we had been making in the sleep department have gone right out the window. Iíve been battling major guilt, even though I know that I work because I have to so we can eat and have a roof over our heads. But that doesnít make it any easier. I just envy other working moms I know who say they love their daycare, and how their kids love it, and how great it is for them, etc. I canít imagine myself ever feeling that way, because I want so badly to be at home with him, spending all that precious time with himÖ..

OK, off the pity pot now! SueK, I know what you mean. I was at a friendís house over the weekend, sheís due in 2 weeks. She was showing me the babyís room, and I couldnít get over how teeny-tiny the diapers are! Especially since Iím used to looking at size 5s! Iíve been contemplating taking Brian to see Santa, but I have a feeling heíll burst into tears.

Angela, Iím still waiting for Brian to talk too. He had his 15-month appointment last week, and the dr. suggested getting a hearing/speech evaluation done. I thought that seemed a little extreme at this age, but thatís what he recommends. I think weíll have it done, but Iím not really worried about the delayed speech because Brian can understand tons of words, he can identify photos of family members and pictures in books, and he can follow directions (go get your bear, etc). Guess he just doesnít have anything he wants to say yet!

12-06-2004, 05:13 PM
Happy (belated) birthday, Natalie!

12-07-2004, 08:40 AM
I just wanted to pop in and say a Happy Belated Birthday to Natalie. Glad to hear the party went well and it looks like Natalie very much enjoyed her cake.
Anita- it is good to see you again. How is Asha doing?

Well I think I ahve made the jump to the toddlers thread for good. If you can believe it I think we are starting to get into some potty training issues. But I will certainly still check in here from time to time.