View Full Version : Rosemary-Chickpea Dip (from June)

06-19-2005, 09:50 PM
Didn't find a review on this, so lemme know if I missed it!

I made a half-batch tonight, as I had all the ingredients on hand and have found these dips an easy way to eat more beans. In short, I say "eh". Before I even started, I had to toss a large clove of garlic into the food processor because...I had to. Also chopped some parsley because, ditto, I couldn't resist. Well, the dip was still a little bland and had an icky, crumbly consistency so I went to work and added:
More chicken broth
More parsley
A bit more rosemary
More lemon juice

...and I think that did it. If I'd had tahini in the house I would have added that. That's when I realized the real "nut" of the idea here was the fresh rosemary. Otherwise it's just a lesser hummous, or any dip you'd throw together. Yes, I'm sure I should have recognized that up front, but I was glad to be able to use some of that pile of scallions and lemons and rosemary I had!