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Don't know if I missed someone posting this before, but thought some might be interested. HERES (http://www.boston.com/ae/food/articles/2005/10/19/50_flavorful_affordable_wines/) the link to this, and some related, articles.

50 flavorful, affordable wines
By Stephen Meuse, Globe Correspondent | October 19, 2005

Here are all the $10-and-under wines tasted, with notes for the whites and reds that made the tasters' lists and others the group thought interesting. Countries of origin are included in parentheses, followed by the shop the wines came from (check your local store for availability).


2004 Alamos Mendoza Valley Viognier(Argentina) Wollaston, $10. Clean, fresh, lively, bright, and juicy; some modest varietal character.

2004 Belisario "Terre di Valbona" Verdicchio di Matelica(Italy) Vintages, $9. Savory and earthy with a ton of character and wonderful freshness.

2004 Bodegas Campante "Vina Reboreda" Ribeiro(Spain) Curtis, $10. Fresh and fullish; a whiff of sea breeze; some minerality.

2004 Ca'ntele Chardonnay Salento IGT (Italy) Vintages, $10.

2004 Caldora Trebbiano d'Abruzzo (Italy) Shubies, $10.

2004 Cantina di Custoza Lugana (Italy) Vintages, $10. Bright, juicy little lemon-drop of a wine.

2004 Casa de Vila Verde Vinho Verde (Portugal) Shubies, $9.

2003 Castel del Remei Blanc Planell Costers del Segre (Spain) Vintages, $10.

2004 Cave de Saumur, Saumur "Les Pouches" (France) Wollaston, $10. Lovely rosemary aromatics; beautifully balanced, clean, fresh, and delicious.

2004 Chateau Le Payral Bergerac Sec (France) Federal, $9. Brisk, bright sauvignon fruit and a nice stony-flinty-smoky edge.

2004 Colombelle Vin de Pays de Cotes de Gascogne (France) Wollaston, $7. Distinctly grapefruity; refreshing, uncomplicated.

2004 Colosi Bianco Sicilia IGT (Italy) Vintages, $9. Clove/banana aroma profile; a lime note; crisp and poised.

2004 Domaine de la Pepiere Muscadet Sevre et Maine sur Lie (France) Curtis, $10. Fine Muscadet character here; lip-smacking acidity; brisk, yeasty.

2004 Dr. Loosen Mosel-Saar-Ruwer Riesling (Germany) Curtis, $10. Modest but distinctive reisling character; nice balance of residual sugar and acidity.

2004 Flagstone Western Cape "Noon Gun" (South Africa) Wollaston, $10.

2004 Henri Bourgeois "Petit Bourgeois" Sauvignon Blanc (France) Curtis, $10.

2004 Indaba Western Cape Chenin Blanc (South Africa) Shubies, $7.

2004 Ironstone Vineyards "Obsession" (California) Wollaston, $7.

2003 Kanu Chenin Blanc Stellenbosch (South Africa) Federa, $10.

2004 La Noble Chardonnay Vin de Pays d'Oc (France) Federal, $9. Some flesh and weight; unoaked style; lemon-lime keynote.

2003 La Vigne d'Argent Bordeaux Blanc (France) Federal, $9. Nicely balanced; a little resiny; appealing zesty sauvignon fruit.

2003 "Les Vignes Retrouvees" Cotes de Saint-Mont (France) Curtis, $10. Fruity, but crisp and dry; some nice mineral elements; versatile.

2004 Quinta da Romeira Bucelas (Portugal) Shubies, $10. Super fresh and grapey; some citrus notes; great zip.

2004 Terra Antiga Vinho Verde (Portugal) Federal, $7.

2004 Yalumba Unwooded South Australia Chardonnay (Australia) Shubies, $10. Some smoky aromas; lots of earth and soil flavors; appealing unoaked style.


2003 Alamos Mendoza Valley Pinot Noir (Argentina) Shubies, $10.

2004 Alamos Mendoza Valley Malbec (Argentina) Wollaston, $7.

2004 Andre Brunel Vin de Pays de Vaucluse Grenache (France) Federal, $10. Lightish but refreshingly fruity; that big snootful of dirt is a bonus.

2003 Bodegas Fernandez "La Legua" Cigales (Spain) Curtis, $10.

2002 Bodegas Salentein "Finca El Portillo" Mendoza Valley Malbec (Argentina) Shubies, $8. Sturdy, compact wine with good density and an emphatic earthiness; softish but with good length.

2004 Bodegas Tikalo "Alba Liza" (Spain) Vintages, $9. Marvelous balance of fruit, earth, and acidity; enough weight for richer dishes; a gem.

2002 Casa Viva Casablanca Valley Pinot Noir (Chile) Federal, $8.

2001 Castas de Santar Dao (Portugal) Shubies, $10.

2001 Columbia Crest Grand Estates Syrah (Washington State) Wollaston, $10. A boatload of ripe, New World fruit; spicy oak and big, mouth-filling sweetness; a bit rotund; commercial style.

2004 Cusumano Nero d'Avola Sicilia IGT (Italy) Vintages, $9. Big, flavorful hunk; loaded with ripe fruits; good length.

2003 Domaine de L'Ameillaud Cotes du Rhone (France) Wollaston, $10. Modest, even-tempered little red with some structure and a nice bit of zip.

2004 Excelsior Cabernet Sauvignon (South Africa) Federal, $10. Big ripe style; powerful smoky bacon-y profile; some chewy textures.

2003 Georges Duboeuf Shiraz Reserve Vin de Pays d'Oc (France) Wollaston, $8.

2004 Ken Forrester "Petit Pinotage" Stellenbosch (South Africa) Curtis, $10.

2003 Las Rocas de San Alejandro Garnacha (Spain) Federal, $8. Lush ripe fruit, cushy texture, and a cup o' coffee to boot; tasty.

2003 Marco Real Navarra Garnacha (Spain) Vintages, $10. Red raspberry keynote; a nice juicy bundle.

2003 Mas de la Garrrigue Cotes du Roussillon Villages (France) Vintages, $10. What you want in a sturdy, French country red; an everyday workhorse.

2003 Memo Montepulciano d'Abruzzo (Italy) Curtis, $10. Unusual concentration; good acidity; prince of a pizza wine.

2003 Molissimo Terre Degli Osci IGT (Italy) Federal, $10. Some lovely sweet black cherry fruit, plenty of flavor, and a little complexity. A find.

2004 Panarroz Jumilla (Spain) Shubies, $10.

2002 Red Diamond Winery Red Diamond Shiraz (Washington State) Shubies, $10.

2004 Renzo Masi Sangiovese di Toscana IGT (Italy) Wollaston, $10.

2003 San Fereolo Dolcetto di Dogliani "Valdiba" (Italy) Vintages, $9. Amazing aromas of fresh hay and sweet grass; fine zip; a juicy, satisfying red.

2003 Verget du Sud Vin de Pays de Vaucluse (France) Curtis, $10. Intriguing tarry aromas; lovely sour cherry fruit and lots of southern French character.

2003 Vinha da Palestra Douro (Portugal) Curtis, $10. Flavorful and balanced; some appealing smoky-spicy notes.

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Thank you so much! What a great resource...


Goin' Coastal
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Thanks - I printed it and will take it to the wine shop to see if I can find some of them!

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Thanks for the list! That was nice of you to type it all in.

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Thanks for sharing the list. I'm printing it out now!! :)


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Thanks for the list! That was nice of you to type it all in.

Cindy, I would give up after 3 wines if I typed it in, with my hunt and peck method of typing! I copied it from the Globe site :)

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Have to echo the thanks...I printed this off to keep in my car so I'll have it around if I'm out shopping!

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Oops, and also want to add that we can personally vouch for these:

2001 Columbia Crest Grand Estates Syrah

2004 Yalumba Unwooded South Australia Chardonnay

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Thanks for this great resource, I welcome it to help me choose some great tasting new inexpensive wines for gifts and holiday drinking and celebrations! Much appreciated! :)

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For those of you who live in Canada, Natalie MacLean's newsletter is another great resource. You can sign up at:


It's probably useful for those of you who live in the States, too, since she does review wine from all over. She writes in a really great no-nonesense kind of way about wines.

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I've also had the Ironstone Obession. It's a lightly sweet but still fairly crisp white that make a nice sipping wine or appertif. The sweetness might balance really spicy foods too.