View Full Version : Thoughts? Chocolate & Raspberry Brandy “Goop”

05-25-2006, 12:44 PM
Does anybody have a TnT chocolate & liqueur dipping recipe/method that works?

Picture this. I had chocolate-dipped strawberries on the menu as part of dessert. I wanted to make them special--White & Semi-Sweet Chocolate Raspberry Liqueur-Dipped Strawberries – semi-sweet chocolate base with white chocolate drizzle.

The chocolate dipping part I nailed – 6 oz Nestle’s morsels to 1 T veg oil, nuked according to package directions. No problems there; but, to make the basic recipe “pop”, I added 1 T. Hiram Walker Raspberry flavored Brandy to the mixture. I stirred the brandy in and the melted chocolate became grainy and/or seized (stiffened). I started completely over from scratch at least 3X trying to get it right. I added more veg. oil, played with the amount of added liqueur (from 1 tspn to 2 T) and also re-heated the mixture.

I even tried chocolate dipping the strawberries first in plain melted chocolate; then injecting the Brandy directly into the strawberry with a syringe. That technique was fun, but the result was strawberries overwhelmed by the taste of alcohol. :(

With company coming I couldn’t play anymore and I was using up all the chocolate and my best strawberries.

I still don't understand why adding the liqueur (I know it can be done) didn't work. The raspberry brandy melted chocolate “goop” was delicious. I could have eaten it by the spoonfuls. Unfortunately, the strawberries I dipped into it were too ugly to serve to guests.

What did I do wrong that adding the liqueur made the chocolate undippable? Was the chocolate not of high enough quality. Should I have used Chambord? Should I have added the liqueur to the hot chocolate in smaller amounts instead of all at once? Maybe the proportions are off? Okay, now I’m making myself nuts. :confused:

Thoughts/Suggestions appreciated.