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  1. CDC says at least 19 E.coli infections linked to Costco chicken salad

    Nov 24 (Reuters) - At least 19 people in seven states may have been infected by E.coli after eating rotisserie chicken salad sold at Costco Wholesale Corp's stores, the U.S. Centers for Disease...
  2. I saw a part of Trumps interview with Bill...

    I saw a part of Trumps interview with Bill O'Reilly (a friend of Trumps by the way). O'Reilly brought up a retweet that Trump did (which OReilly said had totally incorrect info about murders...
  3. Valerie226, Thanks for your feedback. I have...


    Thanks for your feedback. I have a mini sized food processor too, and like you, I use it often to chop nuts etc, but mine doesn't have the other features that you mentioned.

  4. Ben Carson 'Doesn't Stand Behind' His Own Remarks About American Muslims Cheering on

    This crap just keeps on going. Trump saying he saw video of thousands and thousands of cheering in Jersey City after the Twin Towers fell. As he said, you know where there is a large Arab...
  5. Trump on protester: ‘Maybe he should have been roughed up’

    So IMO, having billions doesn't ensure class or decorum.

    Donald Trump suggested Sunday the half-dozen attendees at his campaign rally on Saturday may have reacted appropriately when they shoved,...
  6. Looks like some good deals on food processors, but is this too small? Or ....

    I've been thinking of replacing my old food processor for awhile (lid cracked, don't think I want to get a replacement since so old, plus not BPA free), but never really got around to...
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    No Bake Pumpkin Cheesecake Cups!

    I thought this sounded good if someone wanted to make an easy, no oven required, and liked pumpkin. I don't know if it is good or not, simply posting.
  8. Love to run, Oh that's right, Parmalat. I...

    Love to run,

    Oh that's right, Parmalat. I used to see that in the stores, but again, maybe I just haven't noticed it recently. Thanks for mentioning.
  9. I'm going to buy a box. Like many said, it...

    I'm going to buy a box. Like many said, it certainly would be convenient to have on hand.

    mcgee - I've never tried almond, or soy milk for that matter before, but I want to try it out.
  10. Stovetop Whipped Sweet Potatoes with Maple Pecan Drizzle

    I thought this sounded good (but I would want a drizzle not a flood of the maple pecan mixture!) because then I would likely find it much too sweet.
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    Apple Hand Pies

    I saw this on I thought it looked like a fun dessert especially if you don't want to have lots of leftovers (and says you can easily freeze them too), or you might want part...
  12. Does anyone buy the tetra/aseptic shelf stable milk?

    I was wondering if anyone buys the tetra/shelf stable milk. I've seen them sold (often in multipacks) by Organic Valley etc.

    I sometimes like to make an iced coffee at home (drinking one right...
  13. Ben Carson Compares Some Refugees To Rabid Dogs

    I can barely even formulate the words after watching the news, from what is going on in this world, to what people say.

    A link to the article. ...
  14. Thanks Charley for the info. I've never heard of...

    Thanks Charley for the info. I've never heard of that company. They are really nice looking, just what I had in mind. Bookmarked and I added myself to their email list. What color do you have?
  15. Thanks BarbaraL. I still haven't bought...

    Thanks BarbaraL.

    I still haven't bought towels. I looked at a few places and I wasn't too impressed (and they were in a range of price points) in how they looked/felt or I didn't like the color...
  16. Anna Jones' Raw Thai Citrus Crunch Salad

    The was on I thought it sounded great.

    Here's a blurb from their site: ...
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    Caramelized Onion and Tomato Focaccia

    This sounded good. Such a coincidence, it is the second recipe today that I looked at that had caramelized onions.
  18. Kale and caramelized onion stuffing/smittenkitchen

    For you stuffing lovers out there, a recipe from I did like the take of caramelizing the onions. And since it has the healthy, and oh so popular nowadays kale, can you then...
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    Thanks peachesncream and RiverFarm2. After...

    Thanks peachesncream and RiverFarm2. After reading your posts, I went ahead and froze some of the turkey. I don't think I would have been able to go thru all of it, unless I made some pretty...
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    Can you freeze Boars Head Deli Turkey?

    Or should I write, should I?

    I bought too much deli turkey -- didn't realize that the deli counter gave me more than I wanted. Can I freeze some? Or for quality sake, should I just have some...
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    Mcgee, I also had it with a salad. I think I...


    I also had it with a salad. I think I roasted sweet potatoes, don't recall if I had anything else. If you try it, hope you both enjoy it.
  22. Pumpkin Ginger Cake with Salted Maple Glaze

    I was looking for a different recipe on her site, and then noticed this cake.

    I'm not a pumpkin fan, and skip right past anything pumpkin but the words "salted maple glaze" caught my eye.
  23. Thanks everyone. Well I turned out returning the...

    Thanks everyone. Well I turned out returning the hand towels, not because of the washing instructions, but because I didn't think they looked good. I have a cloth shower curtain that is kind of a...
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    Balsamic Chicken and Pears

    I thought this was really good. Thanks to Hammster posting it back in 2009 (on the Sunday Game of the Week). I made a few small changes, but nothing real significant.

    Balsamic Chicken and...
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    Roasted Shrimp Cocktail/Ina Garten

    One of my favorite Ina Garten recipes. I made this again over the weekend and it was great. Roasting really brings out the flavor of the shrimp.

    Roasted Shrimp Cocktail

    2008, Barefoot...
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    Apple Cider Sangria

    I don't think I've ever posted a drink on the BB before, but this one sounded good. I love apple cider but I hate (yes!) when it is served warm with spices etc. Blech IMO. :) So this recipe...
  27. What temperature do you wash/dry your towels?

    I bought a few new hand towels to spruce up my bathroom since my old hand towels, looking well, old. I bought 100% cotton, colors: I picked up both beige and white just to see which I like better,...
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    7 Best Simple Chocolate Cakes

    I saw this on -- I had to read on since it had the words best, simple and chocolate in the title.

    Here's a...
  29. Orange-Cranberry Scones with Turbinado Sugar

    I just saw this recipe and thought they looked good. My mom loves this flavor combo so I copied down the recipe since I know she would love getting a batch of these scones
  30. Sautéed Pears with Bacon and Mustard Dressing/Bon Appetit

    I was just on the Bon Appetit website, and just looking around....this recipe stood out as something a bit different.

    Here's a link. ...
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