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Thread: Help! Substitute for a broiler pan?

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    Help! Substitute for a broiler pan?

    I am making a CL recipe, "Apricot Stuffed Spice Rubbed Pork Loin", and I just realized it calls for a broiler pan. I don't have one but I do have a roasting pan (no rack) and a jelly roll (cookie sheet). Will either of these work as a substitute??
    Thanks so much, Novice Roaster

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    A substitute for a broiler pan would really need a rack. The only thing I could think of, if you don't have a rack to put on the roasting pan or jelly roll pan, would be to improvise one out of crumpled tin foil.

    You need something to let the juices flow away from the pork loin so it's not sitting in the juices and stewing instead of broiling and browning.

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    Hi "Novice Roaster"

    Do you mean that you don't have the special rack that goes with the roaster?? Or you have NO racks of any kind? There are many things you can use to elevate the meat. You can improvise a cake rack, burner diffuser, trivet, ceramic tile, racks from pressure cookers....wrapped in foil and placed in a foil lined cookie sheet (one with sides) and place meat on top.

    Having said that, in my experience well trimmed Pork loin is a lean cut and it normally doesn't sit in a pool of fat. I've never felt the need to elevate pork loins. I place meatloaves, whole chickens (sometimes), beef (except tenderloins) on racks but not pork loins (I do trim it quite clean)...and I'm a little anal about saturated fats.


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    I have used the "crumpled tin foil" approach before. You just tear off a very long piece of tin foil. Roll it up like a very long snake. Then coil it around on the bottom of the roasting pan. Place your pork loin on top of the coiled foil snake. The pork loin will stay elevated above any drippings. It makes for very easy clean-up -- one less thing to wash b/c you just toss the coiled foil snake when you're done -- you don't have to wash a broiler pan or a rack.

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    How about a grill pan?

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