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Thread: Profiteroles? Can I freeze this?

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    Profiteroles? Can I freeze this?

    Freezing is the theme for the evening I guess.
    I made Ina Garten's Profiteroles recipe from her recent show. Very easy! I had always heard pat a choux (is that how you spell it?) was very tricky to make, but her recipe was a breeze. The only problem was my piping tip was smaller than hers so instead of 20ish big puffs I have about 36 medium puffs. Can I freeze a bunch? What do you think about thawing? Can I thaw without them turning to mush? Any other uses other than how she served them, with ice cream and warm chocolate sauce? Excellent recipe for the extremely yummy Vanilla ice cream.

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    yes, you can freeze and thaw them with no problem... they freeze great.



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    I love Ina's profiterole recipe.

    I have successfully frozen and thawed the puffs. If you want a crispier puff, you can slice them open and crisp them up in a warm oven (350 degrees) for 5-10 minutes.

    Ice cream is delicious in the puffs, but my favorite is pastry cream. I do a vanilla bean cooked pudding and fill the puffs with that. Then I dip them in the chocolate. You can do this before freezing.

    Trader Joes sells the filled puffs in the frozen section. I don't get these often because Rob and I will just eat all them. They're even good still frozen.
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