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Thread: Grated vs shredded parmesan?

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    Grated vs shredded parmesan?

    As day has unfolded I've decided to do CL mostaccioli-spinach bake for dinner. Recipe calls for 1 1/4 C shredded parmesan [1/4 C melted into cheese sauce; 1 C tossed with rest of pasta; 2 T on top of casserole]. Can I sub grated parm for shredded? [not sure if you can sub equal amount?] I also have shredded mozarella...

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    To me, grated and shredded parmesan are the same thing. I wouldn't use mozzarella - that would be something entirely different. Hard cheeses turn out pretty much the same whether you grate or shred them. And since most of it will melt in anyway, I would never even have noticed the terminology to be honest with you (if I were making that dish) and I would just use any grated/shredded parmesan that I had.

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    I agree with Grace - don't sub the cheese. The cheese is going to be melted anyway, so how it is grated/shredded should not matter. I hardly ever measure parm cheese.

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    While I agree that they are essentially interchangeable, I find that some brands of grated Parmesan are very odd in texture and don't melt very well - they are kind of hard and needle-like and just don't seem to melt. Just depends on the brand. I tend to by grated Parmesan (although I usually just shred or grate my own) when I want something that melts better.

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