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Thread: Individual cake slices

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    Smile Individual cake slices

    I had a homemade cake booth at a local spring festival this year. I intended to sell only whole cakes but by demand I also sold slices. In a pinch we had to use Glad Wrap and a small plate. The wrap didnt hold very well, and I was wondering if anyone had any ideas for wrapping individual slices, or if anyone knew of any companies that may sell bags for this kind of product.

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    I don't know prices, but the small cardboard boxes used in doughnut and pastry shops would work out well because they are sturdy. You could print lables and stick them to the boxes to advertise while people are walking about the festival holding their boxes of cake.

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    We had a bake sale last month and earlier I had heard the key to selling your goods are all in how you package them, so I went to Micheals and got these clear treat bags from Wilton and used those to put the slices of cake in. I did have a bundt cake that was firm so it was easy to fit them in the bags. This is not really a good picture but you get the idea:

    My experience with saran wrap is that it never sticks to a sticks to styrafoam plates so you might want to use a plastic plate, can get them at Party city, or just have tape secure the bottom of it, not the least attractive but it works....
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    Isn't it amazing that you can put men/women on the space station, but someone can't make a decent plastic wrap?

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    I like the idea of the cake boxes. They do come in small sizes. I used to buy them in bulk when I sold baked goods as a teen. My local party store sold them, but since I used so many, I got a case of them at the restaurant supply store. I think you can get a good deal on them online now. I'd put the slices on small disposable plates so you can pop the piece someone wants right into the box.

    I also like the idea of printing labels. You should also have a pretty colored napkin and fork to stick with the cake. The only thing missing is a glass of milk!

    You are also a wise woman to sell individual pieces. I adore german chocolate cake, and Rob doesn't. Since there's only two of us, I'd never buy a whole cake that only I liked because I wouldn't eat it all. (nor do I need to) I might buy a pound cake that I could freeze part of for later, but I think I'd smile and walk by your booth if I didn't feel like dealing with a whole cake.
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    Just by curiosity, what kind of cake are you selling?

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    Can i join in?

    My question is kinda related to the poseters'

    If i want to give away cupcakes, how should i package/wrap them individually. A cheaper way is preferred

    I usually to wrap them in cellophane, but it the cupcakes (usually banana muffins) turns moist-weird texture

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    a local paper supply company that carries products for restaurants might have something that you can use. A clear plastic clamshell takeout box would be nice. In my area, a company called Central Paper sells wholesale by the case, but they also have a small retail store at the warehouse where anyone can buy small quantities of many types of take-out containers.

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    Can you get the little plastic boxes like the ones used at salad bars? I've been able to buy a few dozen at a time from one of the grocery store delis.

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