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Thread: Can I freeze cherries without pitting, and then what can I make with them?

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    Can I freeze cherries without pitting, and then what can I make with them?

    One of my all time favorite foods is cherries. So of course I love this time of year. I had about 3 cups today, and I am trying to resist the rest that are in my fridge.

    So, made me think.... should I just freeze some cherries (and would I have to pit them first?), but then what would I do with them? I am not a fan of jam/jelly. Do I simply wash, dry, lay them out on a cookie sheet to freeze, then transfer to bags? And then?

    And, if you have any recipes that use fresh cherries I would love to see them. I just eat, and eat, and eat them straight!!


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    I freeze cherries and then use them in smoothies in the winter when frozen cherries are so expensive. Of course, I pit them first. I think they'd be much harder to pit when frozen. (I know, lots of people don't like smoothies in the winter when it's cold, but I don't like most breakfast foods and will tend to skip breakfast if I can't find anything that interests me.)

    As far as fresh cherries, I have come to the conclusion that I prefer to just eat them by the bowlful, like you, rather than making anything with them. That way I just get that wonderful texture and juicy flavor, unadulterated.

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    You do not need to pit them before freezing, but I always do. You can thaw and then pit them later if you don't want to take the time now.

    Use your frozen cherries as you would any fruit you can freeze: simmer with a little sugar for an ice cream, oatmeal or pancake topping, use as a filling for strudel, chop and mix with walnuts and goat cheese to stuff a pork tenderloin or chicken breast, make chutney or cherry salsa (mmmm cherry chipotle), puree-simmer-reduce with port wine and drizzle over lamb chops . . .

    Having an organic cherry orchard might make me a bit overzealous on this topic!

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