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Thread: Jack & Jill party ideas

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    Jack & Jill party ideas

    Hi everyone. I'm running low on ideas and thought I'd tap into the wisdom of the board. I'm throwing a bachelor/ette party for my friend and her fiance in a few weeks. They aren't really into the typical trashy stuff one might expect at one of these parties, but I'd still like to do some fun things to go along with our drinking/eating festivities.
    My first thought was to put up a couple sheets of paper and have the guests help them with their vows since they're having so much trouble. But, aside from butcher paper and some markers, I am at a loss for fun games/activities. Do you have any ideas or experiences?

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    These aren't necessarily for shower-type parties, and I don't know how well some would translate, but

    a. If you can get everyone to email you a photo ahead of time of them as a baby/kid, you can do Guess the Cutie.

    b. Have everyone send you one fact about themselves that's not widely known. Everyone has to match the weird facts to the right person.

    c. Have everyone list 3 not-commonly-known things about themselves, one of which is a lie. Pick the lie.

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    Thanks Gilgamesh!

    I just wanted to bump this up and see if you guys have a few more ideas. It turns out that the majority of our attendees are male friends of the bride. None of the grooms friends are coming. So far I've bought 'Dirty Minds: The Game of Naughty Clues' and a couple of adult Mad LIbs. I was also thinking of doing Wedding Vow Mad Libs, but am not sure I'm quite creative enough to pull it off.

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