I pick it up tomorrow. I know there are other BB Prius owners, or soon to be, out there, so I wanted to sign up here as a "club member"
I got it with the package #4. It will be nice to have a direct connection for the MP3 and bluetooth (yes, I am one of those Bad, Bad, people who talks on the phone while driving It will be nice to have the bluetooth out of my ear and I'll just talk to the car) The other feature I like is the back-up camera.

But, oh my, those sly, pesky finance guys. Geeze, what they try and talk you into at $$$$$ dollars. Ex: offer for extended warranty went from 1995.00 to 1,000.00 after I said, "Nah, I've purchased it before through the internet at 1/2 your price, so if I want it, I'll do that again." All of a sudden, it was 1/2 price...

This car means a big change for me-until tomorrow I'm driving a loaded (2000)Maxima!