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Thread: Unable to open CL BB

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    Unhappy Unable to open CL BB

    Hi Maelynn:

    I'm unable to access the bb using myMacBook Pro laptop. I was able to access the board priviously on the laptop but have been unsuccessful for the last few weeks.

    I click on the link to on the Community page and nothing happens. I use Safari as my browser. I have no problems when I use Safari on my other computer (old iMac). Can you help me trouble-shoot? I miss easy access to the boards. Thanks!
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    Help Food BB

    Hi........I'm having the same problem with my imac and my apple laptop. This has been for the last 2-3weeks. I just cannot access the bb.....I can get into the cooking light and the supper club community and was beginning to think that I was have a mental crisis. Right now I am using an old emachine. Help I need to find out how to access. Please email me at my email address or post here but I not sure I will be able to find this site again...............HELP>>>>>>>>>>

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