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Thread: What to do for St. Patty's Day?

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    What to do for St. Patty's Day?

    Of course, I will have corned beef cooking all day in the crockpot. I have cabbage and potatoes but would like some idea of something new to do with them as side dishes...Anybody have anything interesting for the holiday?


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    Well, I went traditional today. We had our corned beef with veggies in the crockpot. I cut up some red skinned potato, a rutabaga, a carrot, half a yellow onion, one rib celery. I filled a cheesecloth bag with some pickling spices, nestled it amongst the veggies, and placed the corned beef on top of the veggies. I added about 2 cups veg broth and a heavy grinding of pepper. About an hour before dinner time, I added some coarsely chopped Chinese cabbage. (I know, not a traditional cabbage, but I had some on hand so I wasn't going to buy a head of regular green cabbage.)
    I used a mildly seasoned corned beef and it wasn't as salty as some of the more heavily seasoned corned beef I've bought in the past.

    Tomorrow I'm making some Reuben style Pitas for dinner.

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    You could make Irish traditional Colcannon with your potatoes and cabbage.

    We love this stuff:


    And then make this soup with the leftover corned beef!
    Another blog:
    Good food, fine wine... what a beautiful day!

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    I thought about making Colcannon, but I'm afraid that my kids wouldn't eat it - They both love steamed cabbage and will both eat potatoes, but not necessarily combined! Any other ideas for a side cabbage dish?

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    I'm 100% Irish but don't care for either steamed or boiled cabbage so I sauté it with bacon and a bit of cider vinegar and dry white wine. I prefer it to still have a bit of crunch when eating it and this way it doesn't stink up the house for days!
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    I made the Colcannon from Jane Brody that Bob posted. It was fabulous. I used irish chedder. I made it early in the day and baked it till it was bubbly on top.
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    Lats year, I made Diane's Colcannon, and the ratio of cabbage to the rest of the ingredients made it barely discernible ... all the better for those eating that don't like cabbage. Planning on making it again tonight, along with corned beef, and if I can get my act together... some dessert.
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    St. Paddy's Day

    Happy St. Paddy's Day! We celebrated ourSt. Paddy's dinner yesterday. We had glazed corn beef from Cuisine at home, Colcannon with pots, green cabbage, onions and bacon( from Allrecipes). This AM we had the Irish soda bread muffins from I didn't have raisins or currants so I used dried cherries!) ...Steph

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