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Thread: Help! Highlights today left my hair too light. Anything I can do?

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    Help! Highlights today left my hair too light. Anything I can do?

    I'm not very experienced with hair color, so I don't know what my next move should be. I got my hair highlighted today, and it is very, very light. Too light. It washes out my face. Is there anything I can do? Will washing it right away help tone it down? Any other suggestions?

    I'm so disappointed. I was hoping to get a brighter look for spring, but I ended up with electric hair. I guess I'll have to pull out my hat collection if all else fails.

    TIA for any and all advice to get me out of this mess!

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    Washing it will do nothing since highlights actually bleach the color out of your hair. I'd call your stylist and ask if they will do a rinse of some sort (which adds color) to help tone it down a bit.

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    Go back to the stylist as they can fix it -- either lowlights or by redoing the color in some way.

    There is really nothing you can do at home that will improve the situation short of dying it -- but I don't recommend messing around with color fixes.
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    Yikes. If it's bad enough to warrant searching for hats, I'd definitely call the stylist back. Quickly. Just tell him/her that it isn't what you expected, and they should be willing to help.

    Good luck!

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    I used to get used get very blonde highlights and I wanted to tone it down in the winter so my stylist used a very pretty temporary color that would last about 6 weeks. It was a medium blonde with reddish undertones I really liked it. Your stylist should be able to do this

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    Thanks, everyone! I'll run and give her a call and see if she can get me in tomorrow. Thank goodness there's something I can do (a temporary rinse) that won't ruin my hair. At this point, I don't care if my hair goes back to medium brown. I've had enough of this bright blonde look to last a lifetime . . . even though it's only been a matter of hours.

    Thanks again!

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    are you absolutely SURE you don't like it and it washes you out? Could it possibly be that you just aren't used to it????

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    CALL YOUR STYLIST! It can be toned down in a couple minutes. It will blend beautifully. If a product like Shades EQ is used, it will be shiny and damage free. Don't do it your self.... This is my professional advice and this method is used in our salon with great success.

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    The same thing happened to me last time she highlighted it! Once it was dry and we both looked in the mirror, it was YICKS! She put an ash rinse on mine to tone it down, BUT, I grew to love the lighter color and when I went back this month for my color touch up and told her to give the highlights a rest for a bit, I found that I really did love the lighter color..... so next time, GIVE ME HIGHLIGHTS! Just can't be satisified

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    Do call your hairstylist. She(or he) can fix it. I had highlights done with a toner and this time I asked for permanent color She did lowlights and then after drying my hair decided to lighten some few strands to "brighten". I like it.
    Long time ago (another beauty parlor) they messed my hair and I went pretty upset to another place and they toned it down I guess with lowlights.

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