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Thread: Salads: First Course or With Meal?

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    Salads: First Course or With Meal?

    This is a no-brainer when it's just me and DH---salad is with the meal. But what do y'all do when you have company? Do you serve the salad first, separately, or with the meal? Probably no right or wrong answer; just wondering what most people do. The meal that we will probably be serving would be pasta or risotto, with some sort of fish.
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    Same with us, if just the 2 of us, it is served with dinner. When company comes I serve it as a seperate course. Growing up, my father liked it after, as it is done in Italy.

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    I always prefer salad after, so that's what DBF and I do.
    When entertaining, before, since more people seem to eat that way.
    Never with.
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    With the meal when it's a casual dinner, beforehand for company.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gigicancook View Post
    Same with us, if just the 2 of us, it is served with dinner. When company comes I serve it as a seperate course. Growing up, my father liked it after, as it is done in Italy.
    That's how I like mine as well.
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    I serve it with the meal at all times. I eat it before, because I want to fill up on that so that I eat less at the meal.
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    I serve it at the meal when entertaining (and usually don't eat it when it is just us as neither DH or I are real salad fans....) I just put it on the table with the rest of the meal, but I usually eat it prior to eating anything else.


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    I'm not comfortable jumping up and down, serving separate courses, so I put it on the table with the rest of the meal...except the dessert, of course. Just feels more, um, friendly.

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    At home with just us 2 or with us 2 and the boys the salad is eaten with the meal as many times the salad is the vegetable side dish. We love salads and they make a darn easy side dish with no cooking.
    We usually do a very structured dinner for our supper club. Appetizers, salad, main and dessert.
    Eating out for dinner, whatever the restaurant does. Which is usually bring the salad first. Although once in a blue moon the salad barely gets out there before the dinner shows up. LOL.

    Anyway, that's what we do.

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    Unless I'm doing a buffet dinner, we always eat our salad first, and usually in big pasta/salad plates, that we eat our dinner out of-- for company, I put out salad bowls/plates AND dinner plates. My friends are so used to getting that salad first, they would cry if they didn't see the pottery out. I love eating from hand-painted Italian pasta bowls, and it particularly suits my whole foods cuisine.
    However casual, we just like the separation, and we eat a large salad-- a head of romaine or more between the 2 of us!

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    For just family I usually try and serve salad shortly before dinner - that way we eat more salad/veges and less main course and starch. With company it depends on when they arrive and when the main dinner is ready. Since we try and have an hour or two for conversation before dinner the salad, appies, and beverages come out first and dinner about an hour or two later. When its a teenage crowd - lots of food and fast, order unimportant.
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