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Thread: sulphured vs. unsulphured dried fruit?

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    sulphured vs. unsulphured dried fruit?

    I bought dried apricots at the supermarket. They had two brands but both had sulphured fruit. Does it matter if the fruit is sulphured or unsulphured? Another bag of dried fruit I saw had "unsulphured" fruit in its ingredients.

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    I try not to buy sulpherated dried fruits as I just don't want any additives. I just want the fruit!!! Note: the perservative (sulfer in this case) does change the color and appearance of the fruit. For example, the apricots I get are a not-so-attractive brown color instead of the usual bright orange that you might be accustomed to. But they are DELICIOUS. Also, if you ever dry your own fruits you know that they tend to brown more, etc.

    Also, a random aside, my mother just recently found out that she has an allergy to sulfides. They are common in dried fruits (and also vitamins) among other things.


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    I second buying unsulphured dried fruits!

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    I try to buy unsulphered fruit (and also nonsorbate prunes at TJ's) as much as I can. Like Jessica, I prefer fewer additives of any kind. With dried apricots especially, I happen to think the unsulphered ones taste better, although they're a little more dry and chewy.
    Some people do have serious reactions to sulfites of any kind. My mom is one. She can't even have a salad in a restaurant because of the preservatives, or a sip of wine, which naturally contains sulfites.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jessicacoy View Post

    Also, a random aside, my mother just recently found out that she has an allergy to sulfides. They are common in dried fruits (and also vitamins) among other things.


    I'm also allergic to sulfides. One glass of red wine and I"m in bed the next day. Talk about a hangover! I know some foods have sulphur in them, I didn't realize dried fruit does. I'll be checking labels more detailed now!
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    Funny you should mention this about sulfites

    I am very allergic to sulphites and have to read labels very carefully . If you read lables you will find out just how many things contain sulphites. Thousands of food product , even some teas.

    I can remember a time when they used to put sulphites on lettuces and vegetables in a salad bar or just in salad ingredients.
    I would come home and be very sick .
    Not knowing what was causung the problem.
    In 1986 the Food and Drug Administration prohibited their use on fresh fruits and vegetables intended to be sold or served raw to consumers. .
    Now it is the law to have the wording contains sulphites ( or similar verbage)on the labels of food that contain sulfites. In the U.S and Canada.
    I have a hard time finding Apricots that do not have sulphites in them and I avoid anything with dried fruit in it , unless of course it is marked as containing or not containing sulphites.
    This can be a very dangerous additive or perservative to people who are allergic to sulfites.

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    I discovered as a kid eating wonderful Hadley dried fruits at grandparents in S. Ca I am very very allergic to the sulpher. Instant asthma. I bought sulphered apricots at TJs just a week ago for a recipe and ate one. 40 years later-same reaction. Oh well
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    Does anyone know how to un-sulpher, sulphered dried apples for a recipe that soaks the apples in Brandy? Thanks CW

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