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Thread: Quiche - bake ahead of time or the day of brunch?

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    Quiche - bake ahead of time or the day of brunch?

    We are planning to make 5-6 quiches for a brunch next week. I'm trying to do as many things the day before as possible - but wonder about reheating the quiches. I do have a double oven, so doing that simultaneously is fine. I 'm concerned about drying them out if we bake them the day before and reheat the morning of.

    Any experience with this, anyone? Thanks!

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    I used to make quiche at the restaurants where I worked during college. The problem with making ahead isn't drying out -- it's that the crust gets soft. If you don't mind a crust that's not crackling crisp, making ahead works.

    Important to all quiche recipes is to FULLY pre-bake the crust before adding the filling. (A lot of recipes don't have you pre-bake or they say to only partially pre-bake.) Then, fill the baked crust with your custard mixture and bake as directed. You'll want to cover the exposed edges of the crust with foil to keep them from getting overbrown.

    One thing that might help with the crust issue is to brush the crusts with egg white before baking. That might create a wee barrier between the crust and the custard and provide some protection.

    After the finished quiche is cool, wrap and refrigerate. You can let them come to room temp on their own, or if you want them warm, gently warm in the oven. (The French serve quiche room temp, but Americans don't usually like that.)
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    I had a lunchtime baby shower for a friend and served room temp quiche. I baked them first thing--made the crusts the night before and stored in fridge in quiche pans well wrapped, made filling as much as I could night before (sauteed mushrooms, shredded cheese, etc.). Morning of I put the two parts together and baked them. By afternoon they were room temp and still really good. Crisp crust, too

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    I would make ahead, but not bake ahead. You can premake and bake the crust and premix the filling, but I would bake it all the day of. I think you can tell when a quiche is not fresh.
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    i would bake 'em NOW and freeze them, then reheat. they frezze wonderfully.
    and extra sprinkle of cheese on top right before reheating makes them look very fresh-baked.

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