So my neighbor thinks my gutters are the cause of flooding in her basement. I'm not sure if the water is coming in around her windows or a crack in her foundation or what. Now, my gutters drain DOWN slope from her house by a couple feet (the extension is really long and buried so that it comes out behind our homes. Her response? There must be either be a blockage or a hole in the gutters. Ok....then why does tons of water come out of them still?

Now this woman's house sits BELOW mine. She's just at a low spot for the street. Every rain storm she gets a lake in her backyard. I'm sure my gutters are responsible for that too.

So her last suggestion was for me to reroute my one gutter into my flower bed. Basically let all the water drain right into my foundation. Uh-huh... I politely told her that we were getting all new gutters and I was sure they'd be installed properly.

So yesterday before I even went out to talk with the crew she came over and started in on them about are they putting in gutters and the current ones are causing her basement to flood and yadda yadda yadda. The crew leader was like, um...what's up with your neighbor?

Can you believe she started demanding things from a construction crew at MY house??? :mad: The crew couldn't. My question is what do I tell this woman when the new gutters are installed in the same place? The crew agrees with me that the current configuration is the best one for my house. I cannot help that her house sits below mine. I just can't. I know she's going to come over and be mad and demand that I redo it. How do I politely tell her it isn't my problem?