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Thread: Roast Beef - how long will leftovers last?

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    Roast Beef - how long will leftovers last?

    The meat is not sitting in juice, it is just thick slices from a roast cooked to medium well. It was refrigerated right after serving.

    How many days will it keep?


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    3-5 days, I believe is the norm for cooked meats. Personally, I wouldn't go past 3 days, but that's just my opinion.

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    I've done up to 5.

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    Any chance of keeping it in the defatted juices from the recipe, or some other liquid? I would think it'd dry out immediately w/o those juices, & might be like shoe leather a few days later.
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    Great thread! We just decided last week, to stop buying lunch meat-and start making our own! I was thinking of starting with roast beef myself!

    I would really need something to make it 5 days, though. What would you guys suggest for that?
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    ServSafe says 7 days from the time it was cooked as long as it is held at 41F or lower. This is about being safe to eat not about taste/quality.

    My personal choice is that I vac seal cooked sliced roast beef in multiple packages and use for 5 days. My fridge is set to 38F.

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