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Thread: How long can I keep fresh mozzarella (its in liquid)?

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    How long can I keep fresh mozzarella (its in liquid)?

    I bought some great fresh mozzarella and I was wondering how many days I can keep it in the frig (it came in a container with liquid). Not sure if its just water.

    I often find that fresh mozz has little taste to me, but this is great stuff. So if somehow I don't polish it off by tomorrow ..... how many days can it keep?


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    According to this:

    How long does the little fresh mozzarella cheese balls stay fresh in the fridge after buying them from the deli?
    This semi-soft cheese can be refrigerated two to three weeks.

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    Well them the few mozzarella pieces that I have left will be fine until the weekend. If I don't finish it before that. If I had some good bread around, no way would it last until Saturday.

    Thanks for the info.

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    Thanks for asking that question. I wondered the same thing.

    I bought some mozzarella a couple of weeks ago and thought we would have some leftover. We didn't. But, it's good to have this information in the old knowledge bank.

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    I bought some fresh mozzarella recently, and it had an expiration date of 2 weeks from that date.

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    I believe that this was asked before but I will answer again for those who didn't see it. I replace the water at least every other day so that the cheese will keep longer and not get sour. The cheese should last about 2 weeks maybe 3 but I never had it sitting more than 2 weeks.

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    I do the same as Mamasue - replace the liquid (it is water) with fresh every day or two.

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    Thanks again for the info on how long it will typically keep. And,I've never heard of changing the water, will certainly do that next time. But I see a definite problem with that..... I can so see myself changing the water and grabbing a taste, and another taste, and another...

    So I polished off the last of the fresh mozzarella so didn't even get to a week, let alone two.

    Thanks for the input.

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    Actually, it's a brine not plain water. But I don't know the water/salt ratio expect to say I once overdid it on the salt and...ewwwww.
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    I buy my feta in a brine too and the owner told me not to change, I don't. And just use it for salads, etc. within a couple of weeks.

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