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Thread: Question About Freezing Meatballs

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    Question About Freezing Meatballs

    Is it better to freeze meatballs when they are still raw, or should I cook them first and then freeze?? DD has been asking for meatballs all day, even though she has never eaten meatballs (she's 4). So, I made a recipe for meatballs and I'm going to have too much. So, do I cook first and freeze or just go ahead and freeze to cook later??

    Thanks a lot for any tips!

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    I cook mine first. Then I put them on a baking sheet, covered, in the freezer until firm. Then put them in a zip-lock bag and take them out as needed. It works really well for me.

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    I usually cook mine and freeze any that I have leftover. I've never had any problems thawing them out and reheating. I put them in a quart size freezer ziploc bag. LOVE meatballs!!

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    Meatballs are one of the best things to freeze. I make about 200 Swedish meatballs every year for Christmas. Refrigerate and then freeze them one cookie sheet at a time until they are all awaiting the holidays. Might as well make a big batch as it really messes up the kitchen. They have to be kept in motion to maintain their nice, round shape and it splatters
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    Thanks, everyone. I cooked up the last of the meatballs while we were eating. They are cooling and will then go into the freezer. I've only made meatballs one other time and it was for a dinner party, so they were all eaten. So, I appreciate the help and quick responses!

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