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Thread: Sending an apple pie in the mail...?

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    Sending an apple pie in the mail...?

    My Dad has (jokingly) requested a home-made apple pie in the mail, he's in FL, I'm in New England...I'd love to surprise him with one, I know he'd love it. BUT, can I do it, send a pie in the mail?? I was thinking if it was frozen and I sent it over night with instructions to bake, it might work...any suggestions/ideas?? If I can make it work, he'd love it.

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    I've never done it, but I think you could freeze it and then ship it in dry ice.
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    Here's what says about their shipping:

    Step 1 Place your order on the website.
    Step 2 The website then sends your order to our fulfillment center
    Step 3 Our customer service representatives confirm the order information
    Step 4 Our shipping department then picks the products to be shipped and packs them in a re-usable cooler box
    Step 5 The appropriate amount of Dry-Ice is then added to the shipment.
    Step 6 The gift message is added in prior to the box being sealed.
    Step 7 Shipments are then consigned to the appropriate shipping company

    They also say that pies are sent so they won't sit in a warehouse over a weekend.

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    Does it have to be your homemade apple pie? Or could you find a bakery or personal chef near him willing to deliver it hot from the oven?

    I'm not brave enough to go to the effort of making and sending a fragile pie... no matter how well it is packed! But if you are... bravo!
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    I have shipped highly perishable fresh figs to my MIL (TX to MA in July). You will need: a Hard frozen pie (days @ below zero), strong box -line with styrofoam and a couple of large "blue ice' packs. I use the 'ice' packs that come with my stepmother's mail order perishable eye medicine. FEDEX for sure. Take it to the FEDEX near the airport or the large central warehouse in your city close to the last pickup of the day. I would not mess with dry ice - could cause your shipment to be stopped if something happens to it. a plane ticket and surprise him with it in your hand - it might be cheaper - or just bring the fresh-pickled fall apples in your carryon and make it there.

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    Not apple pie, but I know a guy in Indiana who ships apple dumplings across the U.S. He's spent several years perfecting the packaging of them, after he was on Food Finds on the Food Network. The dumplings are so tasty, all homemade, no yucky stuff. You could also email him to see if he could ship his pies. They're almost as good as the dumplings.

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    I would give it a try. Bake your pie and freeze it. Wrap in plastic wrap and put that inside a zip-loc bag. Package that firmly with bubble wrap and send it overnight delivery. (It might not be completely thawed on arrival).
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    alright! I think i'm going for it!!! wish me (and the pie!) luck! thanks for all your advice...will freeze for several days in advance, wrap and bubble wrap, bring to FedEx and see how it goes...after all, it's the thought that counts, right?

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