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Thread: Does 1 can of pumpkin equal 2 cups?

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    Does 1 can of pumpkin equal 2 cups?

    I processed 2 large sugar pumpkins today, and am going to divide it up for my freezer tonight. I want to freeze it in batches that roughly equal a can of pumpkin since that is what a lot of recipes call for. I don't have any cans of pumpkin here, and wondered if 2 cups per bag would get me close.

    Also, should I drain it off a bit, since it is kind of watery?

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    My 15 oz can of Libby's pumpkin says it has 31/2 1/2 cup servings in it.
    So, that's not quite 2 cups, but close enough.
    If you have a scale you could weigh out 15 oz portions and you'd be right on.

    I'd suggest draining it before weighing it to get as much water out as possible. I imagine some cheesecloth lining a strainer would work well as a draining rig.

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    Yes, I would sugguest you drain it also. I use the hanging bag I use for making jelly. You can use cheese cloth. It should be a thick paste when drained.

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