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Thread: ? on Tart Pan/Flan Pan/Quiche pan

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    ? on Tart Pan/Flan Pan/Quiche pan

    I am confused...I want to buy a tart pan and I saw a few pans on sale that were labeled "flan pan" and "quiche pan", that kind of looked liked tart pans to me. Is there a difference in these pans? Should I specifically look for a pan labeled "tart pan", or could I use one of these other ones?


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    The main difference is the tart pan has a removable bottom. Makes for easy removal of the tart.

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    Also, in comparing my quiche and tart pans, the quiche pan is deeper. I got it at Crate and Barrel--less than $10. I got my tart pans--I think--at Sur la Table.

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    Thanks for the replies! I think that the flan pan had a removable bottom, so I may go back to to the store and get that one if the bottom indeed is removable. I will pay attention to the pan depth as well (thanks for pointing out the pan depth issue).

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    That's interesting, Kim, as flan is not generally made in a pan with a removable bottom. I've always seen it made in a pie pan and then inverted.

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    I saw these pans at Marshalls--at a great discount--and they were mixed up and piled up--one on top of the other--so I may not recollect correctly which pan had the removable bottom--although I think it was the flan pan. All I remember distinctly was there was no pan labeled 'tart pan'--so I left the store and did not purchase one until I figured out whether any of these pans will work.

    I doubt that I will use the tart pan often--which is why I do not want to pay a lot for it--and I want to make sure I buy the correct pan for the job--so I will be on the look-out for a removable bottom pan.

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