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Thread: Buttermilk Mystery and the cashier

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    Buttermilk Mystery and the cashier

    I know there have been threads here before about cashiers not recognizing food items so I had to share this one:

    I was in the checkout line and the lady in front of me had buttermilk.
    The cashier asked her why she was buying "spoiled milk" and "what do you do w/ it?"

    The customer said "I use it to make cakes sometimes and other things"

    The cashier said: "wouldn't the cake mix be lumpy and sour? I've never seen a mix here that you add milk too."

    The customer said "ah,no! Buttermilk isn't lumpy and I make the cake from scratch, not from a mix.

    Cashier: "Oh, the old way, huh?"

    The Customer: "sometimes I dip chicken in buttermilk before I fry it, too" (the deep south here!)

    The Cashier said: "You mean you fry chicken at home?! I didn't think people did that any more since you can buy it at the deli! Wouldn't it make the chicken sour?"

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    That is priceless!
    "If you're not chasing after miracles, what's the point?" The movie Saint Ralph

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    I am very impressed with the customer! We must bring her to our boards!

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    What patience the customer had! I don't like to have my groceries analyzed by cashiers. I bought a piece of caramel apple coffee cake the other day at the store and the cashier was going on and on about how good it was and that they have chocolate covered cookies that are delicious, but they gave her a buzz, "Oh, you know, from all that chocolate." I just smiled and handed my money over .

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    That's great. Wonder how she came up with the "spoiled milk" part though?

    I always remember a friend telling me about her kid's slack-jawed friends when she put a pot on the stove and proceeded to make...popcorn. They were astounded.
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    Oh that's funny! I had some neighbor girls over to make cookies and they wondered where the box was. I said I'll make it from scratch and they had no idea what I was talking about.

    Letting my inner Deb Morgan out.

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