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Thread: Add egg to stuffing/dressing day before?

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    Add egg to stuffing/dressing day before?

    I am making a stuffing recipe from Sunset magazine that states you can make it the day before and it has an egg in it. Is it really ok to add an egg the day before cooking it, or should I add the egg tomorrow? I thought I read that eggs can be a problem. Thanks!

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    LOL-I think I just finished putting together the same exact stuffing recipe as you-artichoke hearts and sourdough bread from the latest issue? I did add the egg after all the veggies cooled. I think that it should be fine if stored in the refrigerator and cooked thoroughly tomarrow.

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    Yes, it's the same recipe! How funny. My co-worker is making it too. I hope it's good!

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    I'm making that very same recipe.

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