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Thread: Has SLBB closed?

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    Has SLBB closed?

    I usually check CL and SL and I noticed this morning that SL has nothing except some numbers, 'invalid', 'warning' and that kind of stuff. Has it closed down completely or are they doing maintenance? I don't think their moderators tell them what's going on!

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    It was fine yesterday though they don't get much traffic anymore. The switch to https knocked out quite a few of the regulars, PMs came back (that function was disabled a couple of years ago because of a certain member who raised all kinds of he!! over there) but nobody noticed.

    Usually all Time Warner sites are maintained on the same schedule but the Moderators/Administrators over at SL tend to ignore member questions and there is no Tech Support on that Board.
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    sneezles, the traffic has actually picked up in the last week or so from what I saw. It was mostly due to a section they call the Sunporch or Sunroom. I think many of the members split of into another board, don't know the name, but one of the members came back to SL and said nothing was going on there.
    Although there is usually no moderator around (at least when I lurk there) one did post that maintenance would happen at a given time. This time there was apparently no warning.
    Its a pity because there are lots of nice people there and some tell some hilarious stories.
    Thanks for the response!

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