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Thread: How long do homemade pickles keep?

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    How long do homemade pickles keep?

    Do different varieties keep longer than others? Also, will they actually go bad (as in, lookswise or smelly) or is it more of a bacterial thing? Thanks in advance for any insight!!

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    I can tell you that they can go very soft making them not very good but I've not had any go bad. I mostly make bread and butter pickles but have made dill. HTH.
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    I used to make pickles every summer. I would make enough to
    last until the next summer.I never had any spoil but it can happen.

    I used the Ball book for canning or followed the USDA guidelines.

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    Thank you both for your insight. Soft pickles don't sound too appetizing! I didn't metion it but maybe I should have - these are just refrigerator pickles that I don't can. Would that make a difference?

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    Rebel, refrigerator pickles will keep for a long while, but I do think that over time they simply lose quality. I know ones I've made just become mushy, so then I dump them. I don't think you need to worry about bacteria, because usually their is enough vinegar or other acids to keep those away.
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    Thank you for all your help!!

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    My mom and grandmother always made the sweet pickles that are sliced and treated with pickling lime for crispness. They would keep for a few years but turned dark after the first year. I always threw them away after that, but my granny would use them anyway.

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