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Thread: Does my homemade yogurt have probiotics/active cultures in it?

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    Does my homemade yogurt have probiotics/active cultures in it?

    I just made my first batch of yogurt. I used 2 T. of Fage 2% yogurt as my starter, along with my 1% milk. I'm wondering if my new batch now has its own active cultures (are probiotics something else? ) - just 'cuz, or do I have to add something in there? It's really good - I poured off the whey that had separated and it's nice and thick. I had it with some fresh, seasonal local honey this morning and am delighted. But is it really doing anything "good" for me other than I know what's in it and I'm getting a serving of dairy?

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    Well, you know it has live, active cultures in it, or it wouldn't have turned into yogurt.

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    It'll have whatever bacteria were in your starter.
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