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Thread: Can I Substitute Brown Rice for White?

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    Question Can I Substitute Brown Rice for White?

    I want to make some Spanish Rice this weekend. Have you ever substituted brown rice for the white rice? Is it just a matter of adding more liquid and cooking longer? I'm attempting to eliminate all refined foods from our diet.


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    I don't see why not, except that brown rice has a stronger flavor than white and you might need to amp up the seasoning.
    I like brown rice and use it much of the time but to me it's like ww pasta. it has a more dominant flavor itself and it will affect the taste of the end result. I use both white and brown depending on which I prefer in a particular recipe. It's trial and error to see if you like the flavor. I personally use white rice usually for spanish rice and for asian stir dishes. I have not been a fan of ww pasta as much as I've tried, and DH won't touch it although we are fans of almost all other ww products. just gotta test it and see.
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    Subbing brown for white is generally fine. Only thing is that regular brown rice takes longer to cook than white rice. There are some faster cooking brown rices. My favorite is Dainty Time-Wise Whole Grain Brown Rice.

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    I only use brown rice - don't even buy the white stuff anymore. I have a vague recollection that white rice is a relatively new product (ww2 era?) but this may be an urban myth.

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    My husband makes a great Mexican Rice casserole using brown rice. Basically, he boils the rice in juices from the tomatoes, seasons it. Places the rice in a 13 by 9 pan and makes a saute of onions/garlic/green chilies if he has them, green olives sometimes... adds the tomatoes, seasons (chili powder, mexican oregano)...pours it over the top, puts cheese on top and bakes. Oh and some bacon sometimes. It's wonderful stuff. We only use brown rice anymore. I never thought I would like brown...but onces it's made into something, I can't even tell. It's the toppings and the spices and tomatoes...YUM. A dollop of sour cream on top (at the table) doesn't hurt either. Good luck and good health.

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    I use brown rice all the time, and my Spanish rice comes out fine. Just make sure you get the rice nicely browned with the onions 'n' stuff, use enough liquid, and adjust the cooking time according to which brown rice you're using. Actually, I think the brown rice gives the dish a more robust flavor than white rice does -- even if it's inauthentic.


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    I like to cook white, brown, and wild rice in quantity (slightly undercooking them) and freeze them in amounts suitable for one meal. Other than the difference in original cooking time, I find that brown rice substitutes nicely for white rice in most recipes.


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    Brown Rice is going to take longer to cook and you will def need to put a bit more seasoning. Stick with brown, it is much healthier and tastier that ever dreadful white rice..yuck

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