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Thread: shower curtain rod advice

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    shower curtain rod advice

    I just moved into a new townhome and I need to buy a shower curtain rod for the bathroom. I'm renting, so I have to get a tension rod. Does anyone have a strong shower curtain rod that they could recommend? Some of the ones I've seen at the store look so flimsy. The whole shower/tub area is tile (ceramic, I think) so whatever I buy needs to work with tile.
    I wan't something that won't fall down as I'm showering!
    Thanks for any advice!

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    I just grabbed whatever they had at Home Depot, works fine. Just be sure to get a tension SHOWER curtain rod, not a tension curtain rod. At HD, they are with the bathroom fixtures, not the window treatments. If what you've seen looks flimsy, it may be you were looking at regular curtain rods.
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    Yes, I was looking at the shower curtain rods. (Although I do need to get a tension curtain rod, too. It's weird the things this townhome is lacking. No window coverings in the master bedroom? Come on!!)

    Funniegrrl, do you remember if the one you grabbed was in the $10 range or was it in the $30 range? Do you use it every day?

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    The biggest key I've found in making sure a shower curtain rod stays up is to make sure it's extended absolutely as far as possible for your space. I've only ever bought the cheapies from Target/Walmart.

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    I've only used inexpensive tension rods also, although we've bought the curved type that have screw in mounts for the boys bathrooms and only have them as far as out of the package so far. The tension ones work well - just do tighten them as far as possible (generally by twisting -- they have a spring inside that gets compressed to push stronger as the pole is extended and tightened).

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    I'm reassured that everyone's had good luck with the inexpensive ones. I'll be sure to extend them as far as possible as suggested.

    Thanks everyone!

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    Just in case some future user is looking for advice about shower curtain rods, I went with a Zenith brand shower curtain rod that seems pretty stable so far.

    I also picked up an Umbra Bianca shower curtain rod. It didn't seem as stable as the Zenith rod so I'm using it as a window curtain rod on a smaller window in my house.

    Thanks for all the help from everyone!

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