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Thread: Pioneer Woman's Tasty Kitchen

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    Pioneer Woman's Tasty Kitchen

    SO, who all participates on this site? I know one member had PW feature a recipe on her blog, but can't remember details! If yer on TK, who are you when you're there?

    I'm not on there yet ... may ... dunno.
    The Blog is open again!

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    I registered over there as Angelsfan just like here. I rarely visit that site though, for some reason my school filters the site.

    Finally blogging again at Updated 1/4/12

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    I love PW and visit TK, but haven't registered yet. Other than being able to post and rate recipes, what are the benefits to registering?

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    I registered and even have some friends but I haven't done anything over there yet as far as surfing or posting recipes.
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