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Thread: TOP CHEF Oct 28

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    TOP CHEF Oct 28

    I dont usually start this thread but

    MIKE I IS GONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Everytime he made an arrogant comment last night DH poked me - he knows how much I hate it - and I LOVE that the judges table said he was arrogant!

    Im really glad they are recognizing the inherent talent in Jennifer tnad they she is slipping in the stress. It wont save her for long, as it shouldnt, but Im glad she will still be there.

    Ok, Ive about had it with the brothers. Brian's (or is it Michael) anger and Kevin's win because the dish was too easy - ya know what it TASTED good and they thought it met the criteria for a vegetarian MAIN DISH which the rest had trouble with!

    Ok - I feel better now

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    I, too, was glad to see the (SPOILER ALERT) Mike gone. He was so sure that he would stay! Jerk! It is Michael that was mad that Kevin won... he seems to be a little more 'outspoken' than Brian.... you are right, good is good. I wonder if he would have been so nasty if it was his brother who made the dish?

    Poor Jennifer... she is falling apart, isn't she? Hands shaking enough to spill on the judges.. not good. I do hope that she can pull it together and make it to the end.... now, Robin and Ira (?) can go home... both are a bit annoying at time.

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    Mike I was a punk and soooo stuck on himself, I am glad to see him go too. But, Robin needs the boot too, I don't think she cooks that great.

    I also like Jen, but she best shape up or she'll be gone too.

    IMHO, Kevin will probably take it or it will come down to him and Brian. Michael's mouth might get him in trouble.

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    Okay - there are 2 TC threads going this week....don't know where to post! AAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!

    I liked this episode. I thought this was one twist that was good - they all planned meat and had to cook meatless - it's a real-life twist that made them think on their feet. I was disappointed in the dishes though. I, like others, kept thinking I could make an amazing vegetarian dish that would be appropriate to serve in a steakhouse that was better than what we saw.

    Did anyone else CRACK up at the "little ***** on your tongue" followed by the "it gets bigger in your mouth" comments? I almost wet my pants I was laughing so hard!!! That was great that it made the episode.

    I think any of the bottom 3 could have justifiably gone home. I sort of wanted Robin to go since I just don't like her, but was fine with the result. But of those remaining Robin's been in the bottom the most and Bryan's the only one who has NEVER been in the bottom and Kevin's won the most challenges.

    I like this chart that wikipedia does on each season -
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