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Thread: Can apple juice be substituted for cider?

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    Can apple juice be substituted for cider?

    I am making Gourmet's Cider Glazed Turkey this year. I was only able to find unfiltered apple juice can I substitute that for the cider? Should I add a little cider vinegar for zing?


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    5,366 says: "Apple juice and apple cider are very similar, except that all of the apple pulp is filtered out of the juice, while some remains in the cider. Substitutes: apple juice."

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    I reported that completely nonsensical post.

    cloudysmom: I was quite enamored of that recipe so I know which you are talking about. My honest opinion is that cider has something special to it--for a weeknight meal I would not hesitate to substitute, but for your Thanksgiving turkey I would find real cider. However if you totally cannot find it, go for it--just make sure the apple juice has no added sugar. I wonder if you could boil it down a tad to concentrate it more?

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    ljt2r, thanks for your reply. I have a jar of TJ's unfiltered Gravenstein apple juice. The only ingredient is apples. So I'll think I'll just go with that.

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    I find that cider is more flavourful than juice; if you can't find cider I'm sure you could use the juice, but I'd suggest adding some dried apples (preferably the brown, unsulfured ones) and boil them up for a minute, then let cool and drain. That should add a little more flavour (and apple solids, perhaps) to your juice and you can add the apples to something - cake, muffins, biscotti, turkey stuffing, etc. I find that oxidized (brown) dried apples tend to mimic the flavour of cider to some extent - that's why I suggest adding them.
    Cheers! Andy

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