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Thread: Decaf Coffee with the least amount of Caffeine

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    Decaf Coffee with the least amount of Caffeine

    I'm looking for a decaf coffee with the least amount of caffeine in it. Does anyone know of a coffee with the lowest amount of caf in it?

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    I did a google search and found all kinds of info, but nobody seems to know for sure which brand has the least caffeine. The studies seem to have been done on restaurant and coffee bar coffees rather than the ones you'd brew at home. I thought this post was interesting:

    Here is a quote from a recent study, "University of Nebraska-Omaha chemistry professor Dana Richter-Egger tested the samples. He found that Bruegger's decaf had the least caffeine of the five brands tested at 0.9 milligrams. Next was Crane Coffee at 2.4 milligrams per 12 ounces. Third place was Scooters at 3.8 milligrams. McDonald's came in fourth at 4.4 milligrams. Starbucks decaf has the most caffeine of those tested at 9.5 milligrams per 12 ounces. Even with a margin of error at plus or minus two milligrams, Starbucks slightly exceeds the decaf minimum."

    Maybe a little more google research would yield the answers you want?

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