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Thread: Mini Dessert Shot Glasses

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    Mini Dessert Shot Glasses

    I've come across htis site while getting inspiration for my upcoming engagement party! Instead of having one big cake we're having a dessert bar with heaps if mini cakes/desserts! I've seen these gorgeous little square shot glasses and can't seem to find them ANYWHERE in Australia wondering if anyone knows where I can get them? Even if online I'll ship them over

    Thanks in advance.

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    Libbey Square Shot Glasses, not sure of their shipping to Aus though.

    Better Price and ships free in US

    Even better price though shipping is about $25.
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    You could also do something like this and have them personalized for a special event. Then you have a keepsake -- and you know which friends snarfed all the desserts when you see that they have a matched set of glasses.

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