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Thread: Can you freeze a baked pumpkin pie?

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    Can you freeze a baked pumpkin pie?

    I did a posting on my blog about the Costco pumpkin pie on sale and someone asked if you can freeze it?

    Is that worthwhile to do?



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    I freezepumpkin pie every year

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    yes, you can absolutely freeze baked pumpkin pies... wrap them double if you can.
    my sister froze hers every year, about a month or more ahead.

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    Sara Lee and Mrs Smith's and countless folks who've never made one from scratch count on it. Should freeze just fine, but I would try to wrap it tight and/or put it in a freezer ziploc bag for protection.

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    I often freeze it as it is DS1's favorite pie. It does weep some during defrosting. I would freeze individual pieces wrapped well and put in his lunchbox periodically. It may defrost better in the fridge.

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    I would like to thank everyone for their input.

    All the input was very helpful.

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